[Top 5] Metro Exodus Best Early Weapons (And How To Get Them)

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Finding decent weaponry early on in Metro Exodus might be a little intimidating for less experienced players, but it's crucial if you want to kick ass. Despite the fact that they vary in terms of damage, accuracy, and recoil, these are the greatest weapons you'll come across in the initial chapters.

And that's exactly what this post will cover. Without any more pointless blathering, let's get started!

5. Revolver

The Good, the Bad and the mutated.

You'll receive your first revolver during the sequence with Mirsky at the jamming station in the game's second chapter. A silencer and a 3-shot cylinder will be included. Though not the best pistol, it is still preferable to being defenseless.

Naturally, if you're still not satisfied, you'll have to wait till you reach the Volga and try your luck robbing enemy graves; revolvers are highly popular among bandits, and occasionally they even contain helpful attachments.

Why revolvers are decent in the early game:

  • Huge firepower, capable of 1-shotting most enemies, both humans and mutants
  • They can be accurate at short to medium distances
  • Can be modified into a sniper

Revolver statistics:

  • High damage
  • Low rate of fire
  • Above average accuracy

You can find this weapon here:


4. Ashot

It’s a revolver. I mean, a shotgun..

Matter of fact, it's a combination between a shotgun and a revolver. As you can guess, this thing will absolutely dismember everything that happens to be close to you. Some players might complain about the fire rate of this weapon but the reload speed is relatively fast, plus if your shots are accurate, the fire rate won’t be an issue. You’ll be able to find yourself an Ashot on by looting some of the bandits you’ll encounter.

Why Ashots are decent in the early game:

  • Unbelievable firepower, very deadly at close-quarters
  • Surprisingly useful as a stealth weapon
  • Rewarding if you place your shots carefully

Ashot statistics:

  • High damage
  • Low rate of fire
  • Close-range combat

You can find this weapon here:


3. Bastard

Fitting name.

The bastard has a rapid rate of fire and frequently jams. Although the damage might appear a little ordinary, you'll have a lot of luck with this device if you shoot in short bursts and attempt to aim for the head. It's reasonably priced and dependable, but you should clean it frequently since a filthy Sobaka will kill you more frequently than you may imagine. This weapon will finally be available in the Volga.

Why Bastards are useful in the early game:

  • Medium damage is compensated with a high rate of fire
  • The weapon is pretty common in this game
  • Accurate if shot in short bursts

Bastard statistics:

  • High rate of fire
  • Medium damage
  • Close to medium distances

You can find this weapon here:


2. Kalash

The classic.

This weapon is available in the Moscow chapter. Is it decent? Yes, it has a far higher accuracy and damage rating than the Bastard. It can be extremely pleasant to hear an AK, thus getting headshots with this item will almost certainly make you smile. It may be transformed into a regular rifle, possibly a covert battle weapon, or even a sniper rifle. Nearly my favorite tool!

Why Kalash is useful in the early game:

  • Decent accuracy, performs well at short to medium distances, sometimes OK at longer ranges
  • Deals more damage than the Bastard gun
  • Although the rate of fire is slightly slower than the Bastard gun, it’s still decent for an assault rifle

Stats of Kalash:

  • Above average rate of fire
  • Medium to high damage
  • High accuracy

You can find this weapon here:


1. Tihar


The air-powered weapon known as Tihar. The harm done to people and monsters depends on the air pressure. The damage of the weapon will gradually decrease with each shot, so you must keep the meter red and make every shot count. You don't need to locate any suppressors or other sneaky items because it is stealthy by default.

The earliest you will receive this weapon is in the Volga, where Tokarev will give it to you. 

You can find this weapon here:


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