Metro Exodus Best Ways To Kill All Bosses

I don’t remember this episode of Winnie The Pooh...

What the hell is going on, guys? Today I'm going to discuss bosses in Metro Exodus, including HOW to approach them, what to avoid, and what weapons to have equipped. There are not a lot of bosses in Metro Exodus but every single one of them is spectacular and fighting them will make you feel like a complete badass.

Now that we know what we’re gonna discuss, let’s start with our first pick!

Tsar Fish

ayy lmao

Tsar Fish is an extremely hostile water creature that will gladly swallow you whole if you feel too comfortable swimming by a boat or by simply walking too close to the shoreline. We don’t know what’s this thing's problem but it’s HUNGRYYYYYYY…

Boss behavior and fight mechanics:

  • When you’re in Volga, you need to get to the terminal first
  • Get to the section with the lever and bait(be careful, the bad fish won’t let you get there without a scratch)
  • When you are in the room, cut down a rope that holding a corpse(to use it as bait)
  • After the bait is deployed, wait for the Tsar Fish to come near the bait and activate the lever, which will drop a massive amount of debris
  • After a short cutscene, you’re gonna kill the Tsar Fish. Taa daa!

Boss scene: 

Heavy Troopers

Heavy weapons guy.

These guys get encountered more than once throughout the game in different chapters. They are heavily armored, every single body part is armored with thick metal sheets. They are also armed with Gatling guns, which are quite powerful.

Boss behavior and fight mechanics:

  • Once encountered, try to ambush him with a first shot to the head - that could blow his helmet right off and leave him vulnerable for your next attacks.
  • Try to avoid fighting them in tight environments(aka closed areas, buildings, etc)
  • He’s overall slow, so changing locations is more than recommended
  • Molotovs are highly effective against heavy troopers
  • Headshots. That’s obvious really but some people might get the idea to shoot him in the chest

Boss scene: 


Hello MTV, and welcome to my crib!

These monsters most likely sprang from bats, despite the fact that they also exhibit certain strange human traits. They can fly because to their two enormous wings and big, pointed ears. These guys won't invite you in for a cup of tea, as you might have suspected, but they'll be happy to grab you and throw you from a good 10 meters away. Really rude!

Boss behavior and fight mechanics:

  • The Demon usually spends spare time in its nest and will scout the area for any threats.
  • Once you engage him, wait for him to fly steadily enough, and then take a shot
  • Pay attention to your surroundings - the Demon can grab you and drop you from a long distance!
  • The Demon will eventually not be able to fly and result to walking on the ground, that’s when you unload everything into him and take his head as a trophy!

Boss scene: 


Winnie The Pooh PTSD edition

No sane person would want to face this beast, with the exception of Artyom, of course. You run into the BEAR a few times; sometimes he'll be chasing off wolves, and other times he'll be mauling a human or two. For our amusement, this man will circle around while attempting to avoid being sliced in two or disemboweled by the crack-addicted Winnie The Pooh while simultaneously shooting the beast. Typical Russian!

Boss behavior and fight mechanics:

  • In the first fight, the bear will piss off after receiving too much damage.
  • Use molotovs and your guns, shooting it with The Bastard or some other peashooters will just piss it off
  • Or you could just walk over to the ladder, the beast will lose interest and abandon you
  • In the second fight, you just simply have to lure him to the cliff, when he attacks you, a cutscene is going to trigger in which the bear falls to its death, after getting stabbed in the eye.

Boss scene: 

The Blind One

Bad Monke.

The Blind Ones are mutant, muscular, fur-covered, gorillas with long, sharp claws and as their name implies, they lack sight. Nevertheless, they locate you using their other senses (smell, hearing), and they’d like to rip out your spinal cord. At the end of the game, they can be seen walking around the institute in Dead City.

Boss behavior and fight mechanics:

  • The Blind Ones are territorial and they’ll fight you if you get too close
  • They will also fight you if you’re too loud
  • Do NOT start running
  • Throw decoys to distract them
  • In dire situations, result to using molotovs - they are quite effective against these baboons
  • You can also use the Helsing with explosive bolts

Boss scene: 

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