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Choose your path in Mass Effect Andromeda from the very beginning!

Picking a Class never felt so good.

Some of the most crucial time spent in any roleplaying game is the first hour (or three- no judgment) that’s used in character customization. Here is where you can form the character of your dreams, make them a virtual reality, and guide them along the story to doing incredible things. Mass Effect Andromeda is no stranger to this- with an added bonus. Not only do you get to customize two characters but, you also get to decide on a course of training. The training that you choose this early on in the game seems like it may not be that big of a deal, right? Wrong. Let’s break down the very reason why choosing a training specialty that’s best suited to the Ryder you plan to play is so important.



Perfect for players who are looking to base their gameplay more on weapon usage than ability strength, the Security class gives you early access to Concussive Shot and extra weapon slots. Having those extra weapon slots allows you to be able to wield all the amazing weapons your big ol’ Soldier heart desires. 

LinkSecurity/Soldier Profile

Starting ability: 

  • Concussive Shot: A high-powered round of heated ammunition honed in on enemy targets

Unlocked abilities:

  • Turbocharge:
    • Increases rate of fire
    • Increases damage
  • Combat Fitness: Passive Ability
    • Increase health
    • Increase shield
    • Increases weapon holsters
    • REMEMBER- The more weapons you carry, the more weight they will cause making ability recharge time longer

Pick Security as your starting training if:

  • You want that those extra weapon slots earlier in-game from Combat Fitness
  • Feeling a bit of homage to the original trilogy with the sheer brute force of a soldier class in Andromeda



This class plays homage to the pistol-wielding biotic users from the original trilogy. While you’re not shackled with only a pistol for a weapon this time around, keeping a Carnifex in your inventory may be best when playing with this class that relies on how quickly you can get your abilities out to get Biotic Combos. This is also one of the only classes that gives you access to Biotic Combos from the very beginning. Barrier also comes as a passive ability with this class while it was a skill you had to spend points in past games.

Link: Biotic/Adept Profile

Starting ability: 

  • Throw: Launches enemies away from you with a heavy thrust of biotic energy

Unlocked abilities:

  • Singularity: A powerful ball of mass effect energy that lifts enemies and causes damage over time
  • Barrier: Passive Ability
    • Increased shields
    • Increased damage resistance

Pick Biotic as your starting training if:

  • You’re looking to become a biotic combo fiend early in-game
  • You’re ready to rip through organic enemies like tissue paper



The Technician class never looked as good as it does in this game. Of course, we get Overload unlocked from the get-go but, we also get a new Mass Effect Andromeda tech ability called Invasion. This new ability comes in clutch when dealing with the Vaults and all the Remnant that follow. Also, Team Support is the passive ability that came with this class that we weren’t expecting but, appreciate in tight spots nonetheless.

Link: Technician/Engineer Profile

Starting ability: 

  • Overload: Deals electrostatic energy that is most effective against synthetic enemies and shields. This ability can also be chain-reactive and charging the ability up increases the damage output even early on. 

Unlocked abilities:

  •  Invasion:Use your superior engineering skills to implant a virus into enemy armor and weapons to weaken defenses and can even infect other enemies nearby.
  • Team Support: Passive Ability
    • Help boost your team's ability to live to see another fight.

Pick Technician as your starting training if:

  •  You want early access to that new Invasion ability
  •  You’re looking to see how many Remnant you can get chained with Overload



The Leader class gives the idea that it’s going to give you access to at least two of the classes at one time. It does just that by giving you access to the tech ability Energy Drain and the biotic ability Annihilation. Having early access to what the Leader class offers gives you a bit more flexibility in the first steps of the game when you’re really trying to figure out what you may or may not want on your ability wheel. 

Link: Leader/Sentinel Profile

Starting ability: 

  • Energy drain:Drains enemy shields and uses that energy to replenish your own shields. This is highly effective against synthetic enemies.

Unlocked abilities:

  • Annihilation: Mass effect energy tailored to dealing damage over time to nearby enemies
  • Team Support: Passive Ability
    • Help boost your team’s survivability.

Pick Leader as your starting training if:

  •  You can’t decide between Tech or Biotic- pick the class that’s the best of both worlds
  •  Early access to two abilities that deal a good deal of damage to both organics and synthetic enemies



At a first glance, the Scrapper class seems to come up a bit short on what it may offer you in the beginning. The name of the class lives up to the hype though if you're wanting a class that can get you into the thick of things quickly and deal damage on the way in. Charge is both your starting ability and an unlocked ability. This is an advantage for you though because that just means you have more punch behind- well, your punch!

Link: Scrapper/Vanguard Profile

Starting ability:

  • Charge: Shoot through the space between you and your enemy that will not only close the gap between you and them but, replenish your shield on impact.

Unlocked abilities:

  • Combat Fitness: Passive ability
    • Increase health
    • Increase shield
    • Increases weapon holsters
    • REMEMBER- The more weapons you carry, the more weight they will cause making ability recharge time longer
  • Charge: You see that right- double the BOOM power with this class!

Pick Scrapper as your starting training if:

  • You’re looking to start off the game right as a charging, chaotic force with the power combo of Charge and a really good shotgun



Imagine this: You’re trying to sneak up on a Kett base with patrolling Chosen stalking around. All you have with you is a sniper rifle geared to go and Tactical Cloak ready to be deployed. Imagine their shock when their defenses start to get taken out left and right from a hidden sniper- gives me chills just thinking about it! Playing to the advantages of the extra damage done while using Tactical Cloak makes this a great class to feel comfortable getting the drop on enemies. 

Link: Operative/Infiltrator Profile

Starting ability:

  • Tactical Cloak: Go invisible (you read that right- invisible!) for a short time to allow you to get into a more adventitious position before attacking. Damage dealt to an enemy as your coming out of Tactical Cloak is also increased.

Unlocked abilities:

  •  Combat Fitness: Passive ability
    • Increase health
    • Increase shield
    • Increases weapon holsters
    • REMEMBER- The more weapons you carry, the more weight they will cause making ability recharge time longer
  •  Tactical Cloak: 
    • Double the opportunity to make this ability something the enemies of Andromeda will talk about for the ages

Pick Operative as your starting training if:

  • If you’re wanting to be the ultimate sniper guru because-
  • Tactical Cloak and sniper rifles are like gravy and mashed potatoes- the synergy between them is unparalleled.

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