[Top 5] Palworld Best Ground Mounts (Ranked)

Palworld Best Ground Mounts
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There are over 19 million players exploring the lands of Palworld! What are we all riding on in our grand adventures? Palworld offers a variety of mounts that can provide the best suited ride for every kind adventurer. I want to highlight the beasts that you’re not going to want to miss out on!



What Direhowl doesn’t love a good scratchin’ behind the ears?

Direhowl is a Neutral Element Pal, they have the unique Partner Skill Direhowl Rider, making them move slightly faster than most ground mounts!. They are the best early game ground mount, and not to sound aggressive, but I am commanding you to not even think about riding anything else in your early game. Your best option to progress faster and save time is to wait until you reach Level 8 to craft Direhowls saddle; you want this Pal to be your first mount in the game. While working toward Level 8, I recommend finding a Direhowl with any of the Passive Skills that increase movement speed (Swift 30%, Runner 20%, Nimble 10% are the skills that are easier to obtain). 

How To Get Direhowl

This Pal is relatively easy to come by in the lands that inhabit the lower level Pals. Typically, you will come by them in pairs or packs, so be prepared with a Pal that can assist you. It’s always promising you’ll run into them sooner than later by using the Fast Travel to the Bridge of the Twin Knights! These guys are lower level Pals, so you’ll only need a regular blue Pal Sphere and a buddy to tag along.

Direhowl Stats

  • HP 80
  • Defense 75
  • Crafting Speed 100
  • Melee Attack 110
  • Shot Attack 90
  • Price 1920
  • Stamina 70
  • Support 100
  • Running Speed 800
  • Ride Sprint Speed 1050
  • Slow Walk Speed 90



If I can pet it, I will…

Fengelopes are graceful and speedy, making them an excellent mid game land mount you’ll want to make a priority to find! This magnificent creature is an exhilarating ride, they have the Partner Skill of Wind and Clouds, giving them the ability to double jump. Fenglope’s double jump can get you up some of the more treacherous lands, so you’re able to cover more of the map with ease.  

How To Get Fenglope

Although Fenglope is just a Common Pal, they are trickier to come by. In the wild they can be found in the southern region of the Volcanic Island, and the No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary. There is a Fenglope Boss hidden away behind a waterfall southwest of the Ascetic Falls Fast Travel point. This Pal is Neutral, so having a party of Dark Pals will be the best assists in taking down the Fenglope boss.

The Fenglope boss is Level 25, so you should be able to catch it with a Mega Sphere, but a Giga Sphere would give you a better chance. Keep a watchful eye on Fenglopes health so you don’t accidentally kill it!

Fenglope Stats

  • HP 110
  • Defense 90
  • Crafting Speed 100
  • Melee Attack 110
  • Shot Attack 110
  • Price 2250
  • Stamina 100
  • Support 100
  • Running Speed 750
  • Ride Sprint Speed 1050
  • Slow Walk Speed 85



Kitsun feeling all of the love

Kitsun, Guardian of the Azure Flame, is a rare Fire Elemental Pal with a unique Partner Skill called Clear Mind. With a Kitsun, you can travel anywhere on the map and won’t have to worry about temperature because you will be unaffected by the heat and cold while riding on Kitsuns back. You will encounter elements that can still be brutal even with your heat and cold resistant armor, having a Kitsun as your mount will protect you from all the elements you will encounter in Palworld, regardless of what you’re wearing or not wearing. There are heat and cold resistant underwear, but if you don’t have any on hand, a Kitsun will be your best friend so you can travel anywhere!

How To Get Kitsun

Kitsuns are not only rare, but they can only be found when the moon is up. These fiery nocturnal foxes live on the Frostbound Mountains in the northeastern region of the world map. The quickest way to get there is by using the Sealed Realm of the Swift Fast Travel. 

If you are lucky you could hatch one from a Large Scorching Egg found in the wild. At Level 30 you will unlock Kitsun’s saddle and be ready to explore anywhere and everywhere! 

Kitsun Stats

  • HP 100
  • Defense 100
  • Crafting Speed 100
  • Melee Attack 70
  • Shot Attack 115
  • Price 3170
  • Stamina 100
  • Support 110
  • Running Speed 700
  • Ride Sprint Speed 900
  • Slow Walk Speed 80


Pyrin Noct

A happy Pyrin Noct can melt even the coldest hearts

Pyrin Noct, a dark and mysterious kirin-like creature that has an illuminating   purple fiery mane and tail. They radiate a dark energy, riders are warned to be careful not to stride down the dark path Pyrin Noct could potentially lead you to. If you are bold enough to gallop with a Pyrin Noct, you will be rewarded with their  Partner Skill  Black Hare, this applies Dark damage to the player's attacks while mounted. If you do decide to go to the dark side, you’ll be on one of the fastest land mounts Palworld has to offer.

How To Get Pyrin Noct

Pyrin Noct are the nocturnal fusion of the Pyrin, only adventuring into the night. Pyrin and Pyrin Noct both roam Mount Obsidian, the volcanic island southwest of the world map. These lands are hot, so you will need to be prepared with appropriate attire, or your Kitsun! They are fairly easy to come by, as long as you are out with the moon.

Pyrin Stats

  • HP 100
  • Defense 90
  • Crafting Speed100
  • Melee Attack 110
  • Shot Attack 95
  • Price 7270
  • Stamina 100
  • Support 100
  • Running Speed 850
  • Sprinting Speed 1300
  • Slow Walk Speed 100



When hubby gets Necromus before you do...he has to show it off

Necromus is one of the four species of the Legendary Pals in Palworld, making him one of the most powerful and rare Pals. They are knightley steeds who resemble a knight mixed with a centaur, who possess the Legendary Passive Skill, giving them +20% to Attack and Defense, and 15% increase to Movement Speed. He may not be a knight in shining armor, more like a Lord of the Underworld; this Passive Skill increases Dark attack damage by 20%.

If you’re seeking the best land mount in Palworld, this is your guy! You can double jump and speed your way across the map in no time!

How To Get Necromus

You are looking at a Level 50 legendary boss, I hope you are expecting a challenge because Necromus will put up a good fight. When you’re ready to encounter Necromus, be prepared to face two knightley centaurs- Necromus will be accompanied by Paladius. It won’t be a walk in a park, more like a trek up Mount Everest so be prepared with extra spheres and your strongest Pals. 

These two Legendary beasts can be found at the very tippity top of the northeastern desert. You’ll come across a body of water, they will be waiting for you just around that. 

Necromus Stats

  • HP 130
  • Defense 120
  • Crafting Speed 100
  • Melee Attack 100
  • Shot Attack 145
  • Price 8930
  • Stamina 100
  • Support
  • 100
  • Running Speed 900
  • Ride Sprint Speed 1600
  • Slow Walk Speed 100


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