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Post-Apocalyptic Movies
For this article, I AM THE LAW on what Post-Apocalyptic movies are worth a watch!

24. Edge of Tomorrow

An alien race knowns as Mimics have invaded Earth and taken over continental Europe. In Britain Major Cage (Fom Cruise) is tasked with an invasion of France. When he arrives however he dies covered in the blood of a Mimic, He wakes however and realizes that time has reset itself and it is the previous day. Using this ability Cage attempts to find a way to destroy the mimics once and for all.

Soldiers fight against a hostile alien invasion and humanity is on the brink of defeat

23. These Final Hours

After a meteor crashes into the North Atlantic, a massive firestorm is engulfing the Earth and will reach Perth, Australia in 12 hours. The main character James, after being separated from his girlfriend decides to help a girl named Rose find her family so they can spend their last moments together.

With the end of the world coming James leads Rose to be with her family

22. The Road

A simple story of survival following an unexplained cataclysm, the road follows a boy and his father as they traverse a stretch of road in the hopes of finding a more hospitable land by the beach. The two must survive by any means they can but still have room in their hearts to give what help they can to others.

Based on the book of the same name, The Road tells a story of survival in a post-collapse United States

21. Interstellar

A massive drought is threatening to wipe out humanity who, by the start of the film is already living on the brink of collapse. NASA has continued to operate in secret and sends a team of Astronauts to explore several planets and deem if they are habitable or not. The film manages to blend both a more realistic take on science fiction with a heavy focus on emotional moments between characters

Astronauts sent to find a new home for mankind is humanity’s only hope

20. 10 Cloverfield Lane

Following an argument with her Fiancé, a woman named Michelle drives through the countryside of Louisiana. However over the radio she hears reports of an apocalyptic event possibly alien invasion. She makes her way to a man named Howard’s house where he has a large bunker deep underground. She meets another man named Emmet and the three seemingly get along until paranoia over whether or not the apocalypse is real and Howard’s own insanity forces Michelle and Emmet to remain in the bunker.

10 Cloverfield Lane pits 3 characters against the perceived apocalypse and each other

19. Shaun of the Dead

Shaun’s boring, repetitive, and dull life is flipped on its head when he and a group of friends must fight off a zombie apocalypse in their favorite pub. One by one their friends are killed by the horde in this horror/comedy. Acting as both an excellent satire of the George Romero Zombie films and as a zombie movie in its own right, it brings just the right balance of the serious and silly

Shaun of the Dead provides a comedic twist on the zombie movie genre

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