[Top 50] Best Roblox Avatars That Look Freakin' Awesome (Ranked Fun To Most Fun)

Need inspiration for your Roblox avatar outfit? Read on!

Roblox games are absolutely fun to play, and some games can really be addicting. And with the rising pool of talented developers in the platform, the Roblox avatar creation is now better than ever. 

There are more choices in the Roblox character bundle packs, and they have recently released new 3D clothing for avatars. Users also get really creative with their own avatars! Here is our list of 50 awesome Roblox avatars!


50. DJ E-Moison (Roblox Character Bundle)


DJ E-Moison sure makes the best hit songs! DJ has a really nice design, this is also great if you like mech style and theme, because his pieces do look mech or a little robotic. Speakers on the shoulders and knees look futuristic too.

Check DJ on Roblox and you’ll see the helmet really looks nice and cool. He also comes with a very unique and cute face with whiskers


49. CaptainEjSmith1919’s Roblox avatar

The player is an avid Titanic roleplayer, and did a great job with this Captain Edward John Smith cosplay avatar. The silver hair with mustache and beard is perfect and glad he found the historical uniform.


48. Avatar of user/developer Primeheide

Developer of Shootout, one of the best shooter games on the platform, Primeheide’s Roblox avatar looks as cool as his username sounds.  An elegant outfit with an edgy twist.

Great color theme of the outfit, and the cane could secretly be a concealed weapon. Hise game Shootout is a really fun shooter game to play too. Go check it!


47. Developer Simoon68’s Roblox avatar

For the OG Roblox players, the limited Dominus accessories are the most valuable Roblox accessories. True enough, the Dominus hoods are indeed a treasure. 

We love how developer Simoon styled his avatar, the  galaxy skin matches his Dominus Astra. And also the two swords. This is a cool Dominus avatar!


46. Aidene092007’s Roblox Avatar

There are many historical  military games on Roblox, and most definitely, you will come across some dedicated people who are WWI and WWII aficionados. 

When you join these games, expect to see some war roleplay and the reenactments are intense, keeping history alive in Roblox. This avatar is very well done with the flag and historically accurate uniform.


45. Knights of Redcliff: Paladin (Roblox Character Bundle)

This pack looks really cool. A whole knight gear in a perfect character bundle. Look at the great details on the armor and belt. 

The best thing is that this Paladin Knight is free! It’s one of the free packs in the Roblox avatar shop. This knight outfit is great and effortless if you don’t have robux, but still want to look cool.


44. RHfairy’s Roblox avatar

This is one example of the new 3D clothing on the Roblox avatar shop. Real dresses! There are many lovely new dresses, gowns, skirts, and also trendy 3D tops and blouses now available on Roblox. 

The dress and the festival crown, which is free from the official Samsung game event look so ethereal and the outfit turned out really lovely. She is one lovely fairy! 


43. Mermaidsjax’s Roblox Avatar

Good job to Mermaidsjax for getting the perfect accessories to make this nice Miku inspired Roblox avatar. Also love that additional blue aura. And the headset and face are nice too. Great choice of face with blue eyes, really got this looking like Miku!

If you tag along with her, expect to hear some wonderful songs from Miku!


42. Zara Larsson (Roblox Character Bundle)

Zara Larsson already has a number of collaborations with Roblox, including a concert, some avatar accessories, and the widely used lovely faces(faces for avatar). This character pack celebrating her music video for the song Lay All Your Love On me, is pretty and simple.

There is an avatar hack using this pack's legs with the peep toe heels. Equip these legs if you want to to use the 3D Roblox avatar with the real 3D body, the legs really work well with the 3D clothing, dresses and skirts look extra with these legs.


41. Achooshi’s Roblox Avatar

One of those cool and well made avatars we’ve seen. This Roblox avatar is dark and mysterious. Great styling with the dark, witchy accessories. And the school uniform gives that vibe of a spooky Japanese school girl.



40. Luna the Galactic Popstar (Roblox Character Pack) design by bunpunk

Luna the Popstar looks cute! And her hair and really fun dress can also be perfect with other cute and fun outfits you can make.

She might even give you a special private concert!


39. Roblox user Janegameplay1234’s avatar

Jane’s Roblox avatar really looks like a beautiful and divine being. Lovely accessories are used here like the Sparkling Angel Wings, Victorious headdress, Horns of the Abyss and more.

It’s great that even though she is a high goddess, she loves cats!


38. Squad Ghouls: Zoe Saberhagen (Roblox Character Bundle)

Zoe does not fit in very well with other ghouls, but she does look cool. The studded short sleeve leather jacket, net gloves and insane boots are what make the look ghoulishly cute. Using the pieces can look great and also the witch hat is a favorite of many.

If you are thinking of making friends with Zoe, think again or she will put a  spell on you


37. Captain Squid (Roblox Character Bundle)

Arrr! Captain Squid is adorable! Look at the tough but cute eyes and eyebrows! The Jolly Roger on his pirate hat and belt buckle looks cool and cute. Glad they didn’t forget the hook hand, and the ruffled front shirt is a great detail to complete his pirate look. It’s also quite fun to use the Captain’s head to any avatar you make, ahh it’s exciting and really fun to see how players create their unique avatars. The hook hand, torso and legs can be used separately for any pirate-y outfit you like making.

Be careful when you join Captain Squid’s crew, something fishy might happen


36. filipalex8’s Roblox Avatar

It’s none other than our favorite outlaw, Arthur Morgan! Very glad user filipalex found the perfect accessories for Arthur, including the satchel and hat. Many Roblox developers are fans of Red Dead as well, and it’s nice they made Arthur’s iconic hat. The user even added Arthur’s horse and lantern! And that bandolier tells us this player is off to fight off some fellow outlaws or do some huntin’!

Let’s hurry up, Dutch will tell us about his plan for the millionth time!


35. Bounty Hunter D-17 (Roblox Character Bundle)

Another cool outlaw avatar, but this time, it’s a robot one. There are amazing details on the character bundle, the buttons and lights on the robotic body are great. Nice looking poncho and he even has a spur on the boot. The buckle belt and hip gun holster beautifully completes this bot’s cowboy look. 

This is one badass mech cowboy and kind of reminds us of the upcoming game, Evil West, but that’s a human, okay?


34. Skylas, the Skyland Delivery Girl (Roblox Character Bundle) by Leethacksource

Skylas’ head is a favorite of many female players, using the head face for their avatars so if you play Roblox, you’ve seen Skylas’ pretty face before. The outfit is nice and looks like  a great steampunk style. 

The wearable pieces like the hat, wings, and torso can easily be styled with any outfit. But, if you use Skylas, don’t forget to be on time because she has a lot of deliveries to make!


33. Ambra1237’s Roblox Avatar

This is one cool and fierce avatar for girls! The dark wings, and gangsta outfit look badass and tough. Great way of styling the pants with the off shoulder jacket. 

Great choice of dark elements that look cool. The dark wings and horns, 3D knee high boots and the jacket that hangs below the shoulder means that this girl is one tough cookie!


32. Lucky Gatito (Roblox Character Pack) design by roxy123412

A lucky neko! If you are familiar with Japanese anime and pop culture, you will love using the Lucky Gatito character bundle. Great extra details on the eyes and bell choker collar. 

Lucky Gatito’s head is also fun to use as your avatar head. It also works well with the new 3D clothing, so Lucky can be in a dress, skirt or whatever you want it to be!


31. rainbow_dashtricia’s Roblox avatar

This Roblox avatar looks so cute and really fun! Great picks of accessories following the purple theme. Cool hair choice too that match the purple and black four wings and the dreamcatcher top and skirt. The smiling face head accessory is also part of the new Roblox UGC items. They are a favorite now of many Roblox users as they have more options for more and different facial expressions and face makeup.

Also a great choice of a Halloween bat familiar!


30. Alexthemiracules’ Roblox avatar

This avatar outfit is cute and simple. It’s a cosplay of Bloom from Winx Club, and great hair that’s used here. The classic outfits are also on point with the character. You can find a lot of classic outfits inspired by absolutely everything in the Roblox catalog. 

Get ready and join Bloom in Alfea!


29. Bubba Doll (Roblox Character Pack)

Bubba Doll is a fan favorite! Because who can’t resist this cute bunny? Also because you can use any of the body parts in a character pack, and the Bubba Doll’s body when worn with the new 3D clothing really looks great.

Roblox users love to mix and match the Bubba Doll pack, only using the head, or only the ears and it really looks cute! You can be the most adorable bunny in a dress!


28. Roblox user DecematorOrb_4’s avatar

This is a great samurai outfit by Decemator. The katana on the side, and sword halo at the back are great samurai theme pieces, as well as the lantern samurai hat and kitsune mask.

For anime fans, an avatar like this looks truly cool and is much appreciated!


27. Lavinia_2’s Roblox Avatar

We love this elegantly styled avatar. The 3D gown paired with the fur boa is perfect for evening parties and balls. Adorned with a luxurious three strap pearl choker necklace and the two size variations of the pearl headbands, together they look like a pearl tiara.

This outfit sure is fit for a princess or queen!


26. Kara Lye (Roblox Character Pack)

Looking at Kara Lye, one can tell she is one badass lady! No wonder she became the Master of Trinity, Rapier of Fury. 

The Kara Lye pack is truly cool and she really looks like a tough lady. This is a very nice pack, because of all the cool pieces she is wearing, you can choose to use only the wings, sword, or tail. You can create a super cool avatar with her pieces!


25. InsectZoids: Moth General (Roblox Character Bundle)

Just look at the amount of amazing details on this 3D character pack. Amazing and really great job to the modeler, the armor looks brilliant, cool, and filled with details.The oni mask he is wearing is one of the best we’ve seen so far. You can also find a crest on his armor. The dragon or some creature’s feet adds mystery to this unnamed soldier.

As with every Roblox character pack, you can separately use each accessory. 


24. Roblox Avatar of developer: wesc0bar

Now, don’t tell me you didn’t say “woah” in your mind when you saw the photo. User and developer wesc0bar created his super cool avatar using Teutonic Terror accessories set and added more. This avatar truly looks so cool and badass!

If you really find the perfect accessories, hair, and body, you can create something as cool as this!


23. Youtuber NavyXFlame’s Roblox avatar

The growing number of anime inspired games on Roblox is a nice thing, because the new generation is introduced to the OG 90s anime legends like Dragon Ball. This avatar with Goku’s signature style looks great and with added ninja accessories.


22. The Birdcaller (Roblox character bundle) design by Latchie

Latchie is a Roblox UGC too, also known for their cute Roblox avatar accessories. The birdcaller looks amazing. She has branches for wings and the birds love her. The texture of her corset style vest has great details, also the pants and boots.

Using her pieces separately also is nice for mix and matching for creating your own. The Birdcaller is perfect for fairies and elves!


21. Developer RELLsin’s Roblox avatar

One Piece is absolutely one of the best anime/manga ever made and truly captured fans’ hearts. Each character is admirable and lovable in their own way. White Beard, for example, is an incredible character, strong, protective and is a great father figure to his crew. 

Roblox user turned developer RELLsin of RELLgames made this brilliant White Beard Roblox avatar. We love the accurate clothing and accessories, especially that aura effect for his eyes and arms. 

We’ll never forget you, Pops!


20. Roblox user LxdyAsumi’s avatar

This is also one cool Roblox avatar. Great styling. And those unique wings, horns and aura. The face cover is also nice and mysterious. 

The white bustle skirt is a nice touch for the angelic feel. 


19. Red Panda (Roblox Character Bundle) design by Sunnytamos

If you love animals, you must try Red Panda! Just look at that face, absolutely cute and adorable! Great details on the fur and claws. 

Really cute panda avatar, and  you can also use its head for creating your own.


18. Roblox user yuuInwza’s avatar

This is also one of the best avatars we’ve seen. Accessories that perfectly match the theme. The 3D Roblox clothing is one of the best updates ever. Really great styling with the 3D samurai pants and robe, katana, mask, and kitsune pieces. 

The fun mouth Tells us this kitsune samurai is fun to be with!


17. Tenko the Nine-Tailed Fox (Roblox Character Bundle) design by Leethacksource

Tenko the kitsune looks so cool! This pack really has nice details. The intricate design on his vest and sleeves. The traditional Japanese slippers also look great.

This character bundle pack is definitely so cool and fun. You can also wear the hair with kitsune ears, tail, and the torso separately. Imagine making your own kitsune outfit with Tenko’s pieces!


16. Roblox user BatangHampasLupa’s avatar

Also a super cool Roblox avatar! This user used the character bundle Ud’zal here but added different accessories like the great sword and rib accessory. Just look at the amazing details and color theme here. And the skull vision on the torso.

He looks like he is ready for battle! Again, one great example of how you can make a cool and fun Roblox avatar. 


15. Ninja Moth Disguise (Roblox Character Bundle) by LLComics

This ninja dude is super cute! But behind the mask lies hidden strength. Great details on the leaf ears and fur under the mask. Designer LLComics is also a Youtuber who recreates Royale High clothes in real life, definitely check her out!

But don’t be too friendly with our Ninja Moth Dude, with the size of that scythe, you could be in trouble!


14. Sheriff Buffington (Roblox Character Bundle)

One of the coolest and laidback sheriffs you will ever meet. Great outfit and hat. Sheriff can also be great for roleplaying.

But, hold your horses, Sheriff Buffington may look like your average sheriff, but people are wondering why he has a bandana. He could also be that most wanted outlaw on the run…


13. Octavia, The Ivory Spider Girl (Roblox Character Pack) by user/developer GrottyPuff

Just what you would expect from horror lover GrottyPuff. Octavia can be your best friend, especially this Halloween! The lovely little black dress adorned with sticky cobwebs can easily be styled with any outfit you make. And the silver hair with a bow looks cute too. 

User and developer GrottyPuff is well known for her amazing and well made horror games. Better check her out!


12. Erisyphia (Roblox Character Pack)

Erisyphia is a sun goddess and she definitely looks the part! Great goddess outfit pieces and knee high sandals look perfect for the theme.  

This character pack is lovely and fun to style too. You can use her white skirt for other fashionable outfits you can create with your avatar. The sun staff also looks amazing and powerful!


11. Developer Candelzoo’s Roblox Avatar

Developer Candelzoo did a great job with his avatar. Cute Halloween accessories mixed with his Dominus hood. The bats and the horn details are one of the coolest. Great color theme too. 

Happy Halloween!


10. Star-Mist Fairy (Roblox Character Pack) by Fragrant_Scintilla

Galaxy theme in a stunning whole outfit! The dress and heels are really nice. Fragant_Scintilla is also the first who brought heels in Roblox.

Misty the fairy is one of the fan favorites too. Especially her face which is the most used, you can see her face in many female players’ avatars. The skirt and legs with heels with cute star details are also a winner, you can use it for other outfits.


9. Bae_Chantal’s avatar

One thing I can say about this avatar, is just wow. This is a great example of mixing and matching cool Roblox accessories. She used multiple horns and crowns, and that Korblox staff with effects is a must have if you are a gamer. 

This avatar is truly fun and badass!


8. Nitr0-Z (Roblox Character Bundle) by Vocaloider

Yes, she does look like a Hatsune Miku inspired, that’s why many Miku fans use her, specially the hair. The cute, futuristic bunny ears and headset can also look great with some outfits. The body suit also looks nice and great for a strong character.

Or you can use the female body if you like mech themes!


7. Roblox Dev/UGC Creator Dev_R0VER’s avatar

Of course, expect that talented Dev Rover’s own avatar will look amazing. The crystal wings and Gemini halo look great together. This is one powerful and cool avatar!

Dev Rover created UGCs with the Zodiac theme, better check them out!


6. Beatrix the Bee Cadet (Roblox Character Bundle) by morscore

A hardworking little bee! Her dress is really cute with that cropped jacket. The wings also have details of a bee hive, and the usual yellow and black bee stripes for her stockings.

The dress, hat and wings are great for mix and matching too.


5. Cookiecatgamer689’s Roblox Avatar

Very cute accessories used here. Kawaii cat that looks like it’s sitting  on a cloud mount. Cute beret with lots of sweets on top is something a kawaii fan must have. 

Really creative avatar styling and just look at that cute face!


4. Krystal North by Roblox designed by user CandyCinderLove

The Krystal North character pack looks really beautiful and cool. Her face is stunning, and the galaxy themed colors fit well with her description. Great design by Roblox user CandyCinderLove! Some will even think this 3D character can be from Fortnite or other games. 

Krystal is in search of her missing essence, and we need to know more about her mysterious past… What planet is she from? And why is her left horn broken? 


3. Roblox UGC Creator Archi_tecture’s avatar

Gorgeous and fashionable! Sporting the Carolina Herrera dress, and a Hermes inspired bag, this avatar looks tres chic! And the beret with plants adds character. 

Great job to Roblox UGC creator Archi_tecture for this lovely avatar!


2. Stellar the Solar Scientist (Roblox Character Bundle) by rastamypasta

Stellar has a really pretty wearable face/head. And also the floating stars and moon are an added cute accessory. Great design and details by rastamypasta. Her astronaut suit looks really amazing and the face makeup also has that galaxy theme which is really gorgeous.

Hurry and travel and discover space with her!


1. Sun Wukong - The Monkey King (Roblox Character Bundle)

Just in time for the upcoming epic game Black Myth: Wukong, the Monkey King inspired Roblox avatar character looks truly amazing! Just look at those incredible details, the armor, horns, and the fur detail on the shoulder. The facial expression also is on point.

 Well done to the Roblox designers of this character pack!


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