[Top 15] Until Dawn Best Scenes

The start of the end.

15. The Demise of the Sisters 

The beginning scene of Until Dawn introduces the characters in the middle of a prank. The prank, plotted by Jessica, consisted of getting Hannah to be “alone” with Mike (her crush) and embarrassing her by filming the whole thing and having the entire group of people present in the room. Hannah was distraught and ran outside into the woods. This was the beginning of the end. 

Her sister, Beth, having watched Hannah run away, followed her out and tried to find her and bring her back to safety, but she didn't know that there was no turning back anymore. Once Beth finds Hannah, they both notice they are being chased by the unknown, leading them to a cliff with no way out but down. And that's just what happened. 

Having this scene be the game's introduction has to have been an excellent decision; not only does it intrigue the players about what will happen next, but it also leaves them wondering what happened.  


14. Arrival of Sam 

This scene is concise, and for many, it may have passed unperceived, but it is crucial. It only shows Sam arriving at Blackwood Mountain. 

I consider this scene to be one of the top moments of Until Dawn because it happened just after the audience had to experience the “death” of Beth and Hannah while also exposing to us that nobody has found their bodies. The mystery continues by showing us again a stranger with a machete, the same stranger that the characters assumed to have killed Hannah and Beth. 


13. Therapy Talk 

There is more than one scene with Dr.Hill that is not considered necessary. Dr. Hill's main job is to guide the players and influence their decisions, or at least that's what we believed at the beginning of the game. 

Later, it is revealed that Dr. Hill is the psychiatrist for Josh and that when he was talking to us, the players, we were actually inside the head of Josh as every scene that involves Dr. Hill was Josh's imagination. 


12. Josh is dead

This scene consists of Josh and Ashley trapped inside a warehouse. Their hands are tied and held back against a wall. Chris is pressured to decide whether to save Ashley or Josh, but Chris's choice does not matter, as Josh will be the only one who dies no matter what. 

Of course, we will know why later in the story, but this scene is still the turning point of the story and where everything starts to go wrong. The supposed death of Josh was the point where everything got even more confusing. Who was the murderer? Why was he targeting this group of kids? Why Josh and Ashley? And mainly, what was happening?   


11. Walk to the cabin 

The journey to the cabin of love with Mike and Jessica consists mainly of their journey through the woods. But, ever since we started the journey, we started seeing things that shouldn't be there. Everything starts with finding police tape still in the woods. Of course, it makes the mood sour, and Mike keeps finding weird stuff all around. It also shows a jumpscare where the stranger is behind Mike through a window, and then it gets weirder. Jessica says that she saw somebody in the cabin while nobody was in it. 

After that, they get spooked by a deer jumping and running away from something and later on find it dying with a gush across its neck. Everything in this scene screams that everything is going wrong and that Mike and Jessica should not be out in the woods. There is something that is not right, and the player and the characters, know this. 


10. The search for Sam 

The search for Sam consists of Ashley and Chris walking around the lodge trying to find evidence that the supposed “Hannah” or “Beth” told them to find while playing the Oija. This scene is the game trying to reach towards more of a supernatural scare that makes the characters and the players even more confused about what is going on in the story. 

It makes it even more impactful as we remember that this scene happens right after Ashley and Chris witness Josh's death. Everything is getting worse for them and the player. 


9. Sam reads Josh's papers 

Sam escapes the psycho and enters a room where she finds multiple pieces of evidence about the psycho and his true character. Having Sam find these papers makes her start getting suspicious of Josh as she finds papers about Josh's journey with his degrading mental health and all the medication that he has gone through. Not only that, but she finds a recorder where we can hear the psycho voice but later on turns it into Josh's voice. Right at this moment, we can pretty much confirm that Josh is the psycho. 


8. Josh is the “Murderer”

Josh is the psycho. It is that simple: Josh reveals that he is behind everything and that everything was a prank. However, what is impactful about this scene is his reason and how Josh starts crumbling down right in front of his friend's eyes. 

His reasoning is still not correct, but you can understand why he did it, and after finishing all of those papers, it shows that Josh is not right mentally and that he needs proper help. But what's most messed up is that it is also revealed that he is not the only antagonist out there on that stormy night. There is a more significant threat that it's thirsty for blood. 


7. The Radio Tower

The radio tower scene has to be one of the most tense scenes throughout the game. It consists of Emily and Matt trying to reach out for help after finding out that a psycho killed Josh. 

Having Emily try to contact for help and for the rangers not hearing her distressed calls correctly while also saying that they can only come and help them until dawn (Roll credits) gets stressful. Still, it gets even worse when the strings supporting the radio tower get cut by someone, and the whole structure starts falling into the mines. 


6. Jessica gets snatched 

Finally, being at the cabin with Jessica and Mike gives us a false feeling of protection, but still, with a feeling that something dangerous is outside, waiting to attack. 

This is confirmed as Jessica's phone gets thrown through the window, spooking Mike and Jessica. Jessica decides to warn the “person” who wants to mess with them and goes outside to start complaining and screaming. After she goes back inside and closes the door, Mike moves a millisecond, and Jessica is snatched through the door window by something that is undoubtedly NOT human. Everything gets even worse from now. 


5. Mike's second Sanatorium

Mikes's second journey through the Sanatorium has a different feeling after the player and Mike himself learn about the true antagonist, the Wendigo. Mike starts learning more about the backstory of the Wendigo and who the Wendigo that is running around was in the past. 

It's a tense scene as we, as the payer, try to keep Mike and the wolf alive while also trying to learn the true story as much as possible. 


4. Emily’s Chase

Emily's journey through the mines after what happened in the radio tower is nerve-wracking. Emily is going into the unknown, and it does not make it better that we can hear sounds that sound not human. Later and deeper through the mines, where the player is challenged with multiple QTEs, it is revealed to us that the true antagonist in this story is not even human. It is the Wendigo. 


3. Hannah's Diary

In this scene, Mike and Sam find Hannah's diary while going through the mines to find Josh. In the diary, Hannah writes about her survival from the fall at the beginning of the game. She explained that her foot was broken and that, for the moment, nobody had found her or Beth. She also writes that her sister Beth did not survive the fall; therefore, she is the only one trapped in those caves. Everything gets worse when it is revealed that Hannah dug up Beth's body and ate her sister. 

And by what the stranger explained to the characters before this scene, resorting to cannibalism can turn you into a Wendigo in Blackwood Mountain, and turning the next page, we can see how she stooped, complaining from the pain and starts writing scrambles, implying that Hannah was now a Wendigo. 


2. Hannah, The Wendigo 

After finding Hannah's diary with Sam and Mike, they find Josh, and next, they try to find an exit where they can escape. Josh and Mike decide to go through a different way than Sam, as Josh is too injured to climb a wall. Josh and Mike dive into the waters of the mines and start going to the nearest exit, but something stops them. 

Mike is dragged under the waters, and from it, Wendigo surges and grabs Josh. Josh, with all of his mind twists, thinks that the creator is just a product of his imagination, but then he looks at a tattoo that the Wendigo has on its arm, and it matches the tattoo of his sister, Hannah. He is now being trapped in the mines by his sister Hannah, turned into a Wendigo. The twists in this story keep turning. 


1. The Final Scene 

In the final scene of the game, most of the characters find themselves running away from the Wendigo inside "the lodge, which is considered a safe space. While running from two Wendigos, Sam gets stopped by another Wendigo in the main room. This time, it was  Hannah who was hanging from the chandelier. 

The final confrontation between the wendigos in this scene is tense. In whatever perspective that you would want to see it in, we can perceive that Hannah may have tried to save her friends as we can see that every time another Wendigo tries to get close to Sam, she immediately fights the Wendigo and kills him, and since she was “recently” turned, she was considered to be the stronger of them all. 

As I said, in whatever light you might see this, nobody can deny it has to be the best scene from the game. 

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