[Top 20] Upcoming City Building Games 2023 And Beyond

Upcoming City Building Games
From creating modern cities, surviving harsh weather, and to medieval settings.

Which is the best upcoming city building game right now?

If you enjoy building cities, empires, or even towns, city-building simulation games are a popular genre. There are numerous upcoming city-building games with unique twists and challenges.

As a result, we've compiled a list of the best ones to look out for this year and beyond.

20. Post-Apo Builder - February 2023 (PC)

The post-apocalyptic setting works well with city-building and resource management gameplay, which is why Post-Apo Builder's release is anticipated.

Players must scavenge and fight for resources while ensuring the survival of their survivors. You can scavenge and build machines like cars, as well as fortify settlements to defend against animals and deadly bandits.

Post-Apo Builder

Scavenging for resources in post-apocalyptic settings will be the core importance in this game

19. Builders of Egypt - TBD (PC)

The next three games on the list are from the "Builders of" game series. This means that in this list, these three are interchangeable.

The title Builders of Egypt refers to the process of establishing civilization in Egypt, which takes place in the Nile Valley. Create your own city and design it however you want while attempting to improve the city's economy and income.

Diplomacy, religion, trade, and even war against foreign enemies will be among the many aspects of city management that players must deal with. If left unattended, each aspect has its own consequences, such as civil war or famine.

Builders of Egypt

Build a sphinx, the mythical creature of ancient Egypt

18. Builders of China - TBD (PC)

A city-building simulation based on ancient China is something that many people would enjoy, and as such, players will undoubtedly have high expectations for the upcoming Builders of China game.

Every region in the game in which you will build your city will present you with unique challenges ranging from unpredictable weather to poor soil. Trade and diplomacy are essential for obtaining resources and utilizing trading partners to your advantage.

Internal politics are also important in this game because multiple cultures, customs, and religions will be present and may influence how you manage your city. Of course, as part of a larger empire, you will see edicts and orders from the emperor, and it is your responsibility to follow them.

Builders of China

Finally, a city-building game based on ancient China!

17. Builders of Greece - Q3 2023 (PC)

Builders of Greece is a game similar to the others in the Builders series, but it focuses on the culture of ancient Greeks prior to the Roman conquests.

Develop your populace and meet the needs of your citizens while improving your city. Defend your city and supply it by establishing trades with other cities, while politics and diplomacy are also important in building a stable city.

Builders of Greece

Build amazing and magnificent Greek architectures!

16. Manor Lords - 2023 (PC)

Manor Lords is yet another city-builder with an RTS twist, as medieval warfare is one of the game's focal points. Did I mention that this game is being created by a single person?

You can train skilled warriors to fight alongside your territories' levies to stop bandits or crush rebellions. Diplomacy will be an important feature because you will be able to interact and communicate with neighboring lords, which can lead to war or peace.

The core gameplay would still be about building your medieval towns and villages, creating roads to connect them, and gathering resources to supply your territory.

Manor Lords

Become the greatest lord and build the greatest medieval town under your territory.

15. Pixelshire - 2023 (PC)

Pixelshire is not your typical city-builder game because it combines adventure, life simulation, farming simulation, and city-building elements.

It is an RPG sandbox with great pixel art visuals where you can terraform everything and design your own town where other residents will live as you encounter them while exploring the world.

Gather resources, solicit assistance from your neighbors, and construct your own farm are just a few of the things you can do in Pixelshire while planning your ideal town.


Create your own pixel-art town, and terraform everything!

14. Gord - 2023 (PC)

Gord, like the other games on this list, is not your typical city-builder because it combines adventure, strategy, and city-building with a Slavic folklore setting.

Grow your settlement and build formidable fortresses to repel monsters and enemy tribes, all while leading your people on adventures, completing quests, and taking on multiple quests to uncover the game's secrets. Of course, you must ensure their safety and sanity, as they may flee your settlement if left unattended.

The game promises customization and custom scenarios, so each start will be unique, and it can be quite challenging depending on your preferences.


Discover and hunt Slavic folklore monsters during your adventures!

13. Laysara: Summit Kingdom - Q1 2023 (PC)

Laysara: Summit Kingdom is a solid upcoming city-building game with a clear goal in mind: build a city in the mountains.

There are various mountains that you will face while building a city, each with its own set of challenges and hardships that you must overcome. To begin with, one of the major challenges will be moving goods from one location to another in a mountain. 

Another is avalanches, which can completely destroy your city if you do not try to avoid them. To save your city, you can try to construct artificial barriers to divert the avalanche to an unpopulated area.

Laysara: Summit Kingdom

Build your city in the sides of the mountain can be a very challenging and fulfilling task

12. Diluvian Winds - April 2023 (PC, Nintendo Switch)

At first glance, Diluvian Winds appears to be a relaxing game in which players keep the light in the lighthouse lit while maintaining positive relationships with the unusual travelers. You can build communities near a lighthouse and manage tired travelers by fulfilling their requests, among other things.

However, it is more than that because there are challenges that will impede your production, such as bad weather, tsunamis, or submarine eruptions, which can significantly slow down your work.

Diluvian Winds

Treat the weary travelers well and fulfill their needs!

11. Scorchlands - February 8, 2023 (PC)

Scorchlands is a hex grid-based city-building game about establishing a colony on a moon where magic and science coexist. Manage your colony by constructing various structures that will extract resources, which you can then use to build an amazing self-sustaining colony.

Do expeditions to expand your colony, terraform to change the biomes on the procedurally generated maps, and gain new resources to help your colony grow, and discover new technologies that are imbued with both magic and technology.


Magic and Science getting along? Only in Scorchlands!

10. Pharaoh: A New Era - February 15, 2023 (PC)

Surprisingly, we are getting two ancient Egypt city-building games, but Pharaoh: A New Era has a much closer release date, so we know more about the game, and it is a remake of Sierra Entertainment's game with the same name, which was originally released more than two decades ago.

Complete the 50 missions to immerse yourself in the world of ancient Egypt. Cultivate the farmlands around the Nile Valley to propel your civilization forward. As Pharaoh, you must constantly build for the betterment of your cities, and as such, you can develop your economy by establishing trade routes with your neighbors.

Pharaoh: A New Era

A remake of a great city-building game!

9. Wild West Dynasty - February 17, 2023 (PC)

Wild West Dynasty is an upcoming survival RPG with a city-building component set in the American West.

The main focus of this game is to explore America, complete quests, and build your own dynasty. As you progress through the game, your town will become more prosperous, allowing you to assign resource management to your workers in the settlement. Bandits will be prowling around your town, attempting to steal your treasure and riches, and you will have to repel them.

Wild West Dynasty

Become the best dynasty in America and create a prosperous town!

8. Viking City Builder - TBD (PC)

Viking City Builder is a traditional city-building game with real-time tactical elements thrown in for flavor. You can build residences, longhouses, boating houses, ritual houses, and other Viking Age structures that will be inhabited by your viking brothers and sisters.

Defend your village from Europeans fighting to reclaim their lands, and pillage neighboring villages for valuable resources. To create a thriving economy, oversee daily operations, delegate responsibilities, and cultivate specialized tradespeople and farmers.

Viking City Builder

Build longhouses, explore the lands, and defend your villages from Europeans!

7. Celestial Empire - 2023 (PC)

Celestial Empire is a simulation of city-building in ancient China. The game's seasonal system allows you to follow the growth of your community over time. Use the bounty of the summer to stock up on supplies for the upcoming winter.

Take care of your people, meet their needs, and make them happy, and your tax revenue will rise. Establish and improve trading routes, participate in random events with consequences based on your choices, and share your city's development while attempting to keep your citizens safe from harsh disasters.

Celestial Empire

Another ancient China city-building game in 2023!? Amazing!

6. One Military Camp - March 3, 2023 (PC)

In One Military Camp, you must build a military base while closely monitoring costs and supplies. Set up training programs, build facilities, and hire workers to keep things running smoothly, as your enemies will send spies and drones to disrupt your camp.

Train soldiers, and as they gain experience through specialization, they will become elites, allowing you to complete various missions to reclaim territory from the enemies. You can play the entire campaign or just have fun in Sandbox mode.

One Military Camp

A unique city-building simulation with RTS elements in One Military Camp!

5. Terra Nil - 2023 (PC)

Terra NIl is a relaxing and futuristic game in which you use advanced technology to rebuild the world's ecosystem. It's essentially a reverse city building game in which you clean up the world.

What makes Terra Nil unique is its procedurally generated landscapes, which make each playthrough unique. The main goal is to leave the pristine wilderness and achieve a balance of nurturing the environment before progressing to the next levels.

Terra Nil

A reverse city-building game where you focus on creating a better ecosystem of the world.

4. The Constructors - Q1 2024 (PC)

You will be the head of a construction company in The Constructors, helping to build the city as well as demolishing old buildings, which looks like a lot of fun. Adapt your strategies in response to unexpected events that may cause delays in your business.

Allow your imagination to run wild as you design the perfect community. Check that the designs you're putting out there are appropriate for your customers. The materials of the building, the number of floors, the layout of the apartments, and the bulbs used in the common areas are all up to you.

The Constructors

Become the best construction company and design your ideal community!

3. Farthest Frontier - Full Release TBD (PC)

Farthest Frontier is already available in Early Access, but it is one of the most anticipated colony and city building simulations right now, so I'm including it here.

Enjoy a procedurally generated world in which you can collect various raw materials, grow crops, and craft items for your settlements. Build structures to help your town grow and repel invaders. Each villager has their own life and work, so assisting them in being more productive is important, as is preventing them from succumbing to illness during epidemics in the Farthest Frontier.

Farthest Frontier

Build and develop your medieval town!

2. Frostpunk 2 - TBD (PC)

Frostpunk 2, the sequel to the critically acclaimed survival game, is an excellent choice if you're looking for a challenging city-builder set in a harsh environment.

There will always be new challenges to overcome as you try to run your city and alleviate your citizens' suffering. Your city's fate is determined by the decisions you make and the measures you take to ensure its survival in the face of extreme weather.

Frostpunk 2

Survive the harshest weather and save your society!

1. Cities Skylines 2 - TBD (PC)

Cities Skylines 2 has been officially announced! Although no firm date has been set, it is expected to arrive this year, in 2023! Its immersive simulation and dynamic economy will put your decision-making skills to the test while allowing you to build the city of your dreams. It will most likely be one of the most realistic city builders ever created, just like its predecessor.

Build a small city and gradually transform it into a thriving metropolis that will attract businesses, residents, and tourists alike. Everything from quiet suburbs to congested city centers to industrial parks.

Cities Skylines 2

Enjoy the beauty and scenery of your ideal creation!.

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