Top 10 Female Superheroes Hollywood Should Cast Next

Behind every successful superhero there is a female superhero

Top 10 Female Superheroes Hollywood Should Cast Next

Female superheroes, or superheroines, have taken a bit of a back seat to their male counterparts when it comes to big screen appearances. But following Gal Gadot’s explosive performance as Wonder Woman in 2016’s Batman vs Superman and subsequent solo movie in 2017, the path is paved for more female superheroes to break out onto the silver screen. With this in mind, let’s look at 10 female superheroes who Hollywood should cast next.

10. Squirrel Girl

Superpowers include:

  • Harnessing her awesome squirrel-like abilities
  • Superhuman strength, agility and senses
  • Claws and retractable knuckle spikes
  • Prehensile tail
  • Ability to communicate with squirrels

Some may laugh, some may groan, but you’d be nuts to dismiss The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl. Born with a squirrel-like mutation, Doreen Green is one of the most likeable, amusing, and surprisingly powerful superheroes in Marvel Universe, having defeated Doctor Doom one on one. Whilst the chances of a big screen debut are relatively slim, Squirrel Girl would make an awesome onscreen addition to the MCU or added to the Deadpool roster.

9. Cat

Superpowers include:

  • Proficient hand to hand fighter
  • Feline like agility
  • Able to manipulate a foes’ experience of bad luck

Fans of the Spiderman universe are no strangers to Felicia Hardy a.k.a Black Cat. Perhaps a contentious subject for a superhero, Black Cat has indeed been a wily character, sometimes playing the villain and sometimes playing the hero alongside Spiderman. Daughter of a world-renowned cat burglar, Felicia Hardy trained herself in martial arts before taking up the moniker of Black Cat. Although the character has appeared on screen in several of the Spiderman reboots, the Black Cat has yet to show her claws. Adding a touch to the Spiderman storyline that would finally bring some female strength, the Black Cat is long overdue for her silver screen debut.

8. Batwoman

Superpowers include:

  • Proficient marital artist
  • Skilled detective
  • Access to high tech equipment and weapons

Like many superheroes, there are a few re-imaginings of Batwoman, and for the purposes of an onscreen debut, the later conception of this superhero makes for an exciting addition to the DCEU. Kate Kane, the female counterpart to Bruce Wayne’s Batman, these two crime fighters share similar circumstances; both fighting evil whilst maintaining alter egos of high-flying social elite. Not only would she be the first openly homosexual superhero to make it onto the big screen, but she would certainly make for a stirring partner in arms to Ben Affleck’s Batman.

7. Polaris

Superpowers include:

  • Electromagnetic manipulation
  • Flight

Born Lorna Dane, the young mutant was orphaned at a young age after allegedly losing her birth parents in a plane crash. It is later revealed that Lorna is in fact the child of Magneto, owing an explanation for her mutant abilities. Although Polaris has not always fought for the side of good, and not necessarily through any fault of her own, the young female superhero is an enticing character to add to the X-Men universe. With Quicksilver’s realisation that he is the son of Magneto, the possibility of an on screen family reunion would certainly add to the MCU’s X-Men movies, and Polaris would certainly make for an eye-catching female mutant for audiences to get behind.

6. Raven

Superpowers include:

  • Telepathy and telekinesis
  • Teleportation
  • Soul self projection
  • Flight
  • Healing
  • Occult knowledge

The half breed daughter of demon, Emperor Trigon and human mother, Angela Roth, the young child Rachel Roth was taught at a young age to control her emotions in order to keep her evil side under control. After joining the Teen Titans, Raven fought consistently with them not only to defeat her father’s attempts to seize earth but any other evils the group faced. Although Raven has had frequent animated incarnations, to see her on the big screen would take DC down the mystical path of the DCEU. A dark and brooding character, Raven brings that element of the supernatural to the superhero big screen.

5. Zatanna

Superpowers include:

  • Powerful and skilled magic user

The daughter of the magician Giovanni Zatara and Sindella, Zatanna follows in her father’s footsteps and is capable of casting magic through incantation and controlling the four earthly elements. A member of the Justice League, Zatanna mostly swings in favour of the good guys although she’s not remiss to using her powers for her own gain. If the DCEU were to consider an exciting  onscreen female presence, no one would bring as much character, personality, spark, and magic as Zatanna.

4. Spider-Woman

Superpowers include:

  • Superhuman speed, strength, agility, reflexes, endurance and durability

The original Spider-Woman was born Jessica Drew in London, England. At a young age, she and her parents moved to the fictional country of Transia. There the young Jessica is continually and unknowingly exposed to uranium radiating from the surrounding land, and the young girl falls ill. Her scientist father injects her with an experimental spiders’ blood serum and places her in a genetic accelerator, allowing the young girl to heal but leaving her with amnesia. Whilst Peter Parker has enjoyed numerous big screen outings and various reboots, Spider-Woman has yet to be given such good grace. With her ties to S.H.I.E.L.D, there’s no reason to not see Spider-Woman appearing on the silver screen in the future.

3. Starfire

Superpowers include:

  • Superhuman physical capabilities including strength, speed, stamina, reflexes, and near invulnerability
  • Ultraviolet energy projection
  • Flight
  • Ability to survive in outer space
  • Language assimilation meaning she can learn a language solely through contact

The beautiful princess and heir to the throne of the planet Tamaran, Starfire, or Koriand’r (Kory Anders on earth), is a formidable superhero with the ability to harness the power of the sun. After fleeing her home planet, Starfire found herself on earth where she became a member of the Teen Titans. With her sultry looks and sole TV representation being only in the animated series, Starfire would make a smoking hot superhero to appear on the big screen.

2. She Hulk

Superpowers include:

  • Superhuman strength, speed, durability and endurance
  • Regenerative powers

Jennifer Walters gained her hulk abilities after receiving an emergency blood transfusion from her cousin, Bruce Banner. With his radioactive blood in her system, Jennifer began to undergo a hulk-like transformation. Possessing super strength, speed and endurance, the She-Hulk’s notable difference to the Hulk is that when transformed, she retains her personality and intelligence.  With the prevalence of the Hulk in recent years, not only in solo movies but as a member of the Avengers, time is nigh for his female counterpart to take her rightful place on the big screen.

1. X-23

Superpowers include:

  • Animal-like sense, reflexes and agility
  • Accelerated healing and regeneration powers
  • Adamantium plated extendable claws in hands and feet
  • Expert in armed and unarmed combat

The cloned daughter of Wolverine and Sarah Kinney, Laura Kinney was the result of a top-secret project that wished to recreate Weapon X. Being the 23rd and final successful attempt to extract Wolverine’s DNA, the infant was labelled X-23. As a child she was subject to accelerated mutation and cold and cruel mentors. With her breakout appearance in 2017’s Logan, X-23 is yet to enjoy her own eponymous big screen feature. One thing is for certain, a movie dedicated to the fiercely impressive young mutant is guaranteed to see a female character in a combat-themed movie that will wow audiences worldwide.

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