10 Upcoming RPG Games That Look Awesome

Upcoming RPG Games That Look Awesome
It's so beautiful...

Upcoming releases in gaming get even the most casual of gamers riled up. There’s a little something for everyone, whether you’re into stylish, comp shooters, narrative-focused action-adventures, or multiplayer family-oriented party-esque games. Now when there’s a really cool, shiny, brand new RPG looming on the horizon, however, you really get the most rabid of fans, hungry for just a little more info, a little more hope. You must be curious about what’s new and soon to come, right? Well, read on, dear gamer, and see a world of enchantment just within reach!


10. Star Ocean: The Second Story R (2023)

Star Ocean The Second Story R - Gameplay Trailer

Square Enix, lately, has been dabbling in remasters and remakes of some of their most popular games. Between their Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series, Final Fantasy VII Remake, Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion, the Kingdom Hearts ReMIX series, and a slew of other games, they’ve been showing that they can make even the most outdated games feel like new with a fresh coat of paint, as well as with some technical reworkings. Originally coming out in 1998/1999 on the PS1, Square Enix brings us the second entry in the Star Ocean franchise, Star Ocean: The Second Story.

Star Ocean: The Second Story takes place 20 years after the first game’s events, however is a standalone story that can be enjoyed without prior knowledge of the franchise. In a space fantasy setting, you can take on the roles of either Claude, a lieutenant in the federation, or Rena, a mysterious village girl with healing powers, and see just how the game plays out based on the perspective you choose. No matter who you choose, an ancient prophecy is still destined to unfold, with a looming threat and a warrior of light.

One of the most captivating and charming aspects of this remake is that, while the surrounding settings are remade in 3D, the characters and enemies are still 2D sprites overlaid on top of them. It’s a fresh take on how remakes can be handled, not to mention it’s a fun concept, that “2.5D” style only having been utilized a handful of times. Keep an eye out in the near future and be taken on a space adventure!


9. Like A Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name (2023)

Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name | Second trailer

The first thing you think of when you hear the name Sega is definitely everyone’s favorite fast, spiky mammal, Sonic the Hedgehog. However, in recent years, they’ve other franchises and titles of merit such as Persona, Catherine, Judgement, and, of course, Yakuza (now known as Like a Dragon). Speaking of Like a Dragon, this next spin-off game is sure to be a return to form.

Following the events of Yakuza 6: The Song of Life and between the events of Yakuza: Like a Dragon and Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth (another upcoming game), we follow Kazuma Kiryu who’s gone into hiding after faking his death so as to protect his foster children. After signing a pact with a prominent faction, he becomes one of their disciples, operating under them as a special agent codenamed “Joryu.” He soon comes out of hiding, however, after a mission goes south and is ousted by an unknown figure, and thrust into yet another struggle.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon was a fantastic game that introduced new characters, as well as introduced a new way to enjoy the Like a Dragon franchise in the form of turn-based combat. The return to form I mentioned in this game is that Beat ‘Em Up style of combat that Yakuza 1-6 started and carried on for several years. Don’t worry, however, because where fighting game style combat may not be one’s forte, there are plenty of side stories and minigames to explore, contributing to that overall RPG aesthetic that people of the franchise know and love.


8. Persona 5 Tactica (2023)

Persona 5 Tactica — Announcement Trailer | Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows PC

From the minds of P-Studio and through the powerhouse of Sega, we’ve been given many iterations of the Persona franchise. Whether that be through the traditional dungeon-crawling turn-based dating sim amalgamate we all know it to be or as a grandeur tournament-esque fighting game or even as a rhythm game with all our favorite characters dancing along to the sick tunes the series is known for, this spin-off of the Shin Megami Tensei franchise has evolved all on its own. However, we’ve yet to experience Persona as a tactics style RPG, and Persona 5 Tactica checks that box off with style.

After 4 installments, including the definitive Persona 5 experience found in Royal, the game revolves around everyone’s favorite Phantom Thieves as they are thrust into an unknown realm after a strange set of circumstances, taking place simultaneously during the events of 2016’s Persona 5. Upon arriving, they are immediately surrounded by a military group known as Legionnaires, but, with the help of a revolutionary named Erina, they’re safe. Erina then offers an enticing deal in exchange for their help staging a revolution against this malicious group, and saving this realm from the clutches of tyranny.

The traditional Persona formula and the hack and slash aspect of P5 Strikers was and are wonderful ways to approach the gameplay, and P5T’s tactics-based combat looks to shake things up once again in a new, exciting way. The new artstyle, seemingly taking inspiration from the DS series of Persona games, also adds a new splash of style to the already groovy, jazzy aesthetic of Persona 5. If any of the other Persona 5 series of games’ high reviews are any indication, we’re sure to get yet another banger from the games’ creators.


7. Super Mario RPG (2023)

Super Mario RPG - Nintendo Direct 9.14.2023

First came the Donkey Kong arcade game, then the Super Mario Bros. arcade and console games, and a ton of spin-offs throughout. One of those spin-offs, which set the precedent for other spin-offs like Paper Mario, is the Super Mario RPG, originally released in 1996 for the SNES. Almost 3 decades later, however, the new, shiny remake is just on the horizon, coming out for the Nintendo Switch.

The game starts out like most other Mario games, requiring the titular character to rescue Princess Peach from Bowser’s clutches. However, soon after, things go topsy-turvy when the Star Road and Bowser’s Castle get shattered into smithereens by Exor, a living sword and high-ranking member of the Smithy Gang. Going forward, it’s Mario’s job to regain the Star Pieces, help the world’s inhabitants with their struggle and strife, and save Princess Peach, all with the help of the game’s colorful cast of characters he meets along the way.

Super Mario RPG plays very similarly to other turn-based RPGs, such as Final Fantasy, but with its own Mario flair. The remake adds various features such as being able to damage all enemies with perfectly timed action commands, the new “triple move” mechanic, and an easier difficulty setting so that all ages may enjoy this timeless classic. If you don’t already own a Nintendo Switch, this upcoming gem might just be enough reason to purchase one!


6. The Thaumaturge (2023)

The Thaumaturge - Official Gameplay Trailer | PC Date Reveal

Inspiration comes from a variety of places and some of those places are rooted in reality whilst others are rooted in realms outside of that reality. This next game displays a familiar world with less familiar rules, boundaries, and circumstances. The Thaumaturge shows people the outcomes of their choices and what that means in the world it creates.

Taking place in 20th century Warsaw, circa 1905, you take on the role of Wiktor Szulski who has been summoned back to these streets by family matters. As a thaumaturge, Wiktor bears the gift and the burden associated with it, able to tame “Salutors” - unearthly beings tied to the human soul. In a world teeming with people from many different walks of life, as well as these monstrous entities, it is a matter of how Wiktor’s choices affect the people, places, and things that surround him.

This game looks both unique and breathtaking, showing off a past European world in the stunning Unreal Engine 5. Turn-based combat is a big part of this game, but in the downtime between combat elements, the world is explored in a calming, story rich, isometric perspective. It very much feels like if Disco Elysium was a little less fictional, a little more dark, and had turn-based combat, and I daresay that offers a lot of promise.


5. Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth (2024)

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth | Story trailer

Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio has been busy kicking butts and taking names with the amount of AAA titles they’ve been taking on. Not only have they released a remake for Like a Dragon: Ishin! earlier this year and are about to very shortly release Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name, but are very soon after set to release Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth early next year. And let me tell you, based on the looks of these upcoming titles and what they’ve already delivered, that is super impressive!

This game follows both the original and current protagonists of the series, Ichiban Kasuga and Kazuma Kiryu, in various different settings, including their first overseas setting of Honolulu, Hawaii. Kasuga is searching for his biological mother after a tip from a former comrade and Kiryu is searching for Kasuga’s mother as part of orders from the Daidoji faction. They team up in an effort to locate her and protect her from the various criminal organizations scattered in Honolulu.

The gameplay looks as flashy and stylish as ever, not to mention, for those who aren’t keen to the real time Beat ‘Em Up stylings the franchise hails from, this installment employs a turn-based combat system. If you need a getaway from all the action, that is also a feasible option. With the plentiful bounty of side activities you can explore, there’s no limit to the fun you can have exploring the streets, beaches, and nooks and crannies Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth has to offer.


4. Granblue Fantasy: Relink (2024)

Granblue Fantasy: Relink – Release Date Trailer

Do you like the gameplay direction Final Fantasy has taken in recent years? Do you like art styles akin to the Tales Of… series or the Star Ocean franchise? Well, Cygames’ upcoming title Granblue Fantasy: Relink is sure to deliver an unforgettable and stunning experience when it releases early next year, and if you answered yes to the above questions, you’ll want to be first in line to grab it.

Taking place in the Sky Realm, you, as the Captain, are joined by a motley crew of royalty and misfits alike as you set sail for Estalucia, a fabled island that can be located at the end of the skies. The Zegagrande Skydom has many islands guarded by primal beasts and there are whispers of a secretive organization known as the Church of Avia. As you depart and set forth on your journey, you will unveil and unravel a web of intrigue that reaches far beyond the borders of the Skydom, and will battle for the fate of the Sky Realm itself.

Some of the monsters in the game look reminiscent of Final Fantasy creatures, such as Bahamut, which is featured in the trailer above, and that is a fine thing to have in a sprawling RPG like this one. The world looks vast, the different environments in the world look shiny and lush, and the real time RPG style it employs looks fluid and fast-paced. I’m certain there will be much to explore as you soar through the skies come next year.


3. Persona 3 Reload

Persona 3 Reload | Third trailer

The Persona franchise started out as a first person dungeon crawler without many of the aspects people associate with the franchise today. On July 13, 2006, however, the franchise was drastically changed when Persona 3 released. Since Persona 5 came out and hit the mainstream, Persona 3 was highly requested as a game that P-Studio should remake and, sure enough, that request is coming to fruition tenfold with the soon to be released Persona 3 Reload.

The Dark Hour: a secret 25th hour that exists between one day and the next, in which only a select few, known as Persona users, are aware of its existence. Arriving in Tatsumi Port Island as a transfer student, the protagonist, in a series of circumstances, awakens to his Persona abilities. Together as S.E.E.S. (Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad), he and his classmates attempt to put an end to the Dark Hour and its nefarious atmosphere by gaining more Persona users onto their team, eliminating shadows, and navigating the mysterious building known as Tartarus.

Persona 3, personally, is one of my all time favorite video games, and the fact that P-Studio is developing a remake that looks so modernized, yet faithful is a real treat. For those with a love for a rich narrative, exciting art styles, intense use of mythology and lore, and awesome turn-based combat, this game is shaping up to hit all the marks. Whether you have played the original game on PS2 or are new to the Persona franchise, this particular entry’s macabre atmosphere is what makes it the definitive Persona story to play through.


2. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH | Release Date Announce Trailer

In 2020 and 2021, Square Enix gave us the long-awaited Final Fantasy VII Remake and its Intergrade DLC. While the game was fun and definitely modernized both visual and technical elements of the original game, it also only gave us only one third of the massive story that is Final Fantasy VII. Fans were ecstatic to hear that there were plans to create 3 sprawling titles to tell each part of the game, so as to expand upon those sections in greater detail.

After escaping Midgar, the game spans the events leading up to the original game’s climax at the Forgotten Capital. Events to take place include, but aren’t limited to, the vast Cosmo Canyon, the easy-going Gold Saucer, and Cloud’s retelling of past events in the town of Kalm. Traverse an open world on The Planet and figure out how to save it and the Lifestream.

Final Fantasy VII Remake was loads of fun to play and that was just the drab-looking Midgar area. If Rebirth can continue the hype that Remake already brought, this next installment will be even better, simply due to the more open exploration, loads of side content to explore, and the more vibrant sceneries we’ll soon be able to access now being far away from Sector 7. I’m sure I can speak for everyone and say that the Gold Saucer especially looks to be the minigame extravaganza we’ve all been waiting for!


1. Hades II (2024)

Hades II - Reveal Trailer

Hades released in 2020 following an early access release in 2018 and went on to charm fans of the roguelite genre everywhere. The game was critically acclaimed, having won many accolades including 2 game awards, one for Best Indie and one for Best Action in 2020. Supergiant Games once again wants to bless us with boons, give us underworld baddies to fight, and show us some more Greek mythology gods and goddesses in Hades II.

Not much is known about the game, however, but what is known is that you take on the role of Melinoë, princess of the underworld and brother of Zagreus. She seeks to defeat Cronos, the titan of time, and must defeat his flunkies along the way. Gods and goddesses will aid her in her struggle and, through every victory and every setback alike, she'll be one step closer in doing so.

Hades II looks to be as fun, if not more than the original game. It would be pretty awesome if Zagreus made an appearance, at least in the form of a cameo, so as to acknowledge his presence within the universe Supergiant Games has created. I'm sure whether you're deep in the narrative of another game or are needing another game to spend countless hours on, Hades II can support both those mentalities, having such an awesome story to tell as you excavate and fight your way through its procedurally generated dungeons.


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