Overwatch 2 Best Gold Guns Revealed (All Gold Guns Ranked)

Overwatch 2 Best Gold Guns
Flex the best Gold Guns in Overwatch 2

Let's rank the worst to best gold guns in Overwatch 2!


Overwatch 2’s gold guns are a way to show off your playing time in the game since it can only be bought by playing competitive games and earning enough coins after a season depending on your last rank.

Each gold gun costs 3000 competitive points, and for instance, a platinum skill tier only gives 500 competitive points after the season. Winning a match earns you 15 competitive points, so you can see how grindy it gets just to purchase a single golden gun. However, it is like a badge that you have played so many matches, so it has an intimidating factor as well.

In this article, we will rank each gold weapons in Overwatch 2, as some seem incredibly cool while others may be a little monotonous.

36. Moira

As a Moira main, I hate to put her at the last place of this list. However, her golden gun is really nothing to boast about because you can barely see it considering her clothes hide his weapon pretty nicely. It does look decent when you are playing as Moira, but if you are playing against her, you probably will not even notice her golden gun. It would be even better if her backpack was gold as well.

35. Wrecking Ball

Wrecking Ball is a massive tank, therefore having only a little portion of his body gold-plated is merely the reason he ranks lowerr on the list. He'd be higher if his entire arm was golden, but it's not.

34. Kiriko

Kiriko's golden gun or arsenal skin, like Moira's, is scarcely visible because her weapons are modest in comparison to other heroes. All of her abilities, including Protection Suzu and Healing Ofuda, will benefit from the golden skin. Unfortunately, you will scarcely see it in action because Kiriko throws her weapons as a projectile attack. It looks good, and I'm sure other variations would look wonderful on different skins.

33. Echo

Echo's golden weapon is simple but effective. It is ideal for her and stands out in a fight. She is on the lower side on the list because it is too basic, and other heroes have better golden guns. However, if you equip her skin, it will look amazing during highlight intros.

32. Pharah

Pharah's weapon is straightforward, which presents the same challenge in terms of its design as Echo's did. If her boosters, left arm, and the sections of her barrage that come out are all golden as well, then she would be much higher up on the list.

31. D.Va

Similar to Wrecking Ball, D.Va's mech is massive, and as much as the golden gun looks decent enough, I wish it could take the complete arm rather than just the blasters. Her pistol in Baby D.Va form, on the other hand, has been enhanced and looks much better.

30. Ramattra

Ramattra's staff is actually quite good for a newcomer in Overwatch 2. However, he also uses his fist to attack, just like Doomfist. I wish they made it golden as well, as that would really make Ramattra’s golden gun stand out more in the ranking.

29. Mei

Mei, like other heroes in the lower levels, possesses a simplistic weapon, and the golden gun skin, despite its flashy appearance, is actually quite straightforward. In spite of this, one of the things about the weapon that I liked was how much of it was covered in golden skin.

28. Torbjorn

Torbjorn's weapon with golden skin looks very good. However, I wish his turrent had a golden skin because you'll be using it more often and fixing it with your forge hammer rather than your primary weapon.

27. Mercy

Mercy, like Pharah, has a simple design for her staff, but unlike Ramattra, the golden skin covers the majority of the staff. However, this is dependent on the skin, as the default Overwatch 2 skin has a better-looking golden gun than the other Mercy skins.

26. Junkrat

Junkrat is the same as Mei’s weapon, simple yet I love the fact that the majority of the skins are golden as well. Although I wish the frags had been gold when I shot it out, It would look cool or his Rip-Tire, which is a missed opportunity in my opinion.

25. Bastion

In my opinion, Bastion's weapon is a fantastic design. He has a huge weapon at the back that can turn into a rotary cannon or artillery, and it looks decent with a golden gun skin. However, his ultimate does not show the golden gun skin, which makes his ranking lower than intended.

24. Roadhog

As for Roadhog, he has a simple gun and a simple hook. With the default Overwatch 2 skin, the golden gun skin can be too gold for the eyes, despite retaining the reds from the basic skin. However, with another skin, such as Frosty, it retains the blue color that fits perfectly for the skin, while the golden gun skin part of the gun adds a little bit of flavor. The golden skin works great on his chain hook, though, and that is with any hero skin.

23. Baptiste

Baptiste’s gun is kind of simple in design. It is a semi-burst shotgun with a scope and a foregrip. I would say that the golden skin for his weapon is quite decent, but I like that it retains some of the parts that are not gold, like the foregrip, as it perfectly balances out the gold in the gun. This is the Spec Ops legendary skin, though; the default Overwatch 2 skin has the golden gun skin, which is way too gold.

22. Soldier 76

Soldier 76’s default skin for Overwatch 2 is a little bit too gold in my opinion to be rated higher in the rankings; however, the legendary Strike Commander Morrison skin has the perfect golden gun skin as it is perfectly designed to have a gold skin, and it does add too much gold to the gun.

21. Sojourn

A gold and red combination for its color works perfectly for a gun, especially on a design such as Sojourn’s primary weapon. It has a great gold, black, and red ratio in its design, so it is quite pleasing to the eyes. I do hope her legendary skins also have a good golden gun weapon color scheme.

20. Winston

Winston’s weapon in its golden form can be quite intimidating. It is very noticeable during fights, especially when he dives toward your team. The Werewolf legendary skin has a great design for the weapon with its wooden design, and I think adding a mix of golden gun skin to it makes it look great.

19. Reaper

As far as dual-wielding weapons go, Reaper’s golden gun looks sick during highlight intros or even in-game. Even with legendary skins, the golden skin is a pretty nice touch to add. although it can be a little bit too gold. For the screenshot, it is under the Cursed Captain, which kind of adds the golden gun skin nicely, lore-wise. Although, as for the default Overwatch 2 skin, it has a great balance of gold for the skin.

18. Cassidy

Cassidy’s revolver is a well-designed gun, even if you do not have the golden gun skin. It still looks amazing. If you add the golden gun skin on top of it, I like that it retains the handle color, so the color is not too gold but blends the gray perfectly with the gold. A legendary skin was used for this, and the default skin for Overwatch 2 does look decent as well.

17. Lucio

Lucio, despite having a small weapon, actually has great golden gun skins, even for default skins. This one is under the Ribbit legendary skin, and it perfectly blends the green and blue with the gold skin. The same is true for Lucio's other skins. 

16. Ana

Ana’s golden gun skin is well done, and it actually blends nicely with the blue overlay that remained from the basic skin. It is not too gold to hurt the eyes; it is just very nicely done for the most part. It is also a definite step up from the Overwatch 1 golden gun skin.

15. Zenyatta

With a golden skin, Zenyatta's Orb of Destruction looks stunning. To be fair, he may have a little weapon like Kiriko, but golden skin always fits best with Zenyatta. Furthermore, charging the orbs with a golden skin looks fantastic in action.

14. Sigma

For the same reason as with Zenyatta, even if, as an opposition team, it is likely that you will not notice the golden gun skin that Sigma has, it is still a well-made design that has been given a golden gun skin. It would be worth it to purchase this skin if you are a Sigma main.

13. Hanzo

Hanzo’s bow is simply amazing. It does not lose the accessories of being a ninja archer, but it definitely adds a certain wow factor, especially when used in highlight intros. I like that it complements very well the other colors of the skin of the bow.

12. Widowmaker

Yup, Widowmaker has one of the coolest guns in the game, and adding a golden gun skin to it adds more to the design. The hint of purple fits well with the golden gun design. This golden gun skin should at least turn the grappling hook gold as well.

11. Zarya

Zarya’s weapon overall design, even without the skin, already looks perfect. With the golden gun skin, I think it is just more about flexing that you are a Zarya main, but it also blends perfectly with most of her skins, especially the legendary skin, Weightlifter.

10. Reinhardt

Reinhardt with a golden skin and legendary skin is a great combination to have, as they actually complement each other in terms of design. It is not higher than any of the heroes listed before because it lacks gold on his shield, which he frequently uses during a match.

9. Orisa

Orisa’s golden skin is one of the better skins, especially in the tank category. Her javelin's design may not change that much, but a hint of gold actually looks really nice on it. I wish her other arm would get the golden treatment considering she also uses it during a game.

8. Tracer

Tracer’s pulse pistols are amazing to look at if they have golden skins. They actually add this premium feel to it. Yes, your enemy will probably not see it, but wielding dual golden pulse pistols just sounds and looks great.

7. Genji

Genji’s sword and shurikens look tight, to be honest. Utilizing the highlight intro with a golden sword is always a treat to the eyes. I'm sure a golden gun will be even more amazing if you bought the Season 1 battle pass and got his cyberpunk skin. 

6. Symmetra

Symmetra’s weapon has always been nice, regardless if it’s golden or not. However, having a gold skin just really adds amazing detail to Symmetra. I wish her skills would also benefit from it, but we can only wish for that to happen.

5. Sombra

Sombra’s Overwatch 2 default skin probably has one of the coolest-looking golden guns in the game. It has these purple lines that actually work perfectly for the looks of Sombra’s primary weapon. She would be a lot higher if her other skills benefited from the golden gun skin as well.

4. Junker Queen

As for the Junker Queen, I love the golden design on all of her weapons. Her shotgun, axe, and blade all benefit from golden skin, and it looks amazing. Despite being a new member of the Overwatch 2 roster, she is listed in the top 5 for golden gun skins.

3. Brigitte

Brigitte with a golden shield and golden flail is amazing to look at. All of her skins work amazing with a golden gun skin, and her shield is what makes the shield worth buying, to be honest. Plus, it is the only shield in Overwatch 2 with golden skin, as most have barriers.

2. Doomfist

Doomfist with a golden gun skin is truly a showcase that you are a Doomfist main. It is large, and thus, it is very visible during matches. Nothing beats intimidating when a doomfist uses his huge golden weapon to push enemies backwards. Also, some of his emotes make the golden skin pop out, like the Seismic Slam emote.

1. Ashe

Ashe has the best golden gun skin among the heroes in Overwatch 2. I think the picture says it all, to be honest. All of her skills, such as dynamite, her primary weapon, coach gun, and even her ultimate, B.O.B., have benefited from a golden skin, which makes spending 3000 competitive points worth it. Imagine a golden B.O.B. running towards enemy lines to destroy them. Amazing.

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