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Overwatch 2 Lineup
Overwatch 2 best lineups to get you out of bronze rank!

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Overwatch 2 is a 5v5 team-based action game in which squad lineups and outstanding teamwork are both required to win games. Whether you are defending your team as a tank, healing or boosting your squad as a support, or dealing all-out damage with a DPS hero, each role requires complete dedication because missing even one player would most certainly ruin the team.

If you are new to Overwatch 2, the large roster can be intimidating because each hero has their own set of skills. However, after you get into a groove after a while of playing, it is truly enjoyable, especially if you play with others.

Here are some of the best team lineups for Overwatch 2.

5. Moira + Winston/D.Va + Sombra + Reaper + Junkrat/D.Va (Open Queue)

This is what I call a Solo Healer Team Lineup, and it actually works quite well in open queue, since I achieved platinum V as a solo support in Overwatch 2. Due to the fact that you have two tanks or three DPS heroes, this lineup works only in Open Queue quick play or competitive matches.

This team's main tactic is to keep pushing and diving with D.Va or Winston, both of whom are quite mobile for a tank. D.Va can put pressure on characters like Widowmaker, Junkrat, or even the opponent team's support. Sombra and Reaper excel at attacking the enemy from behind. A good Sombra can even play the entire game without dying if she knows when to withdraw. Reaper, on the other hand, possesses the most powerful ultimate, Death Blossom. If properly positioned, this can wipe out the entire opponent team, but if he is still filling up his ultimate, he can also flank with Sombra.

Junkrat and D.Va, the remaining characters in the team composition, can truly put pressure on the opposing team because these two heroes are very annoying to be up against. Moira will be the most important hero for this team because she is still the only one capable of healing her teammates. Her approach is to heal both the tank and the retreating DPS with Biotic Orbs, but it is also a good way to damage other foes, which are highly effective when they are low health.

As long as you don't run against heroes like Pharah or Echo, your squad should be fine most of the time.

Solo Healer Team Lineup excels in:

  • Constant pressure from this team Lineup.
  • Full of Flank DPS such as Sombra and Reaper that work well with two tanks and one healer
  • Moira can do damage and heal, she only needs to focus on the two tanks (or Junkrat) since Sombra and Reaper can easily escape.
  • Winston or D.Va can be great for diving towards the objective. If you plan to use one tank only, Junkrat can shoot from afar to provide additional pressure.
  • Two tanks with good heals from healer are basically unstoppable in Open Queue.

Solo Healer Team Lineup details:

  • Moira (Healer) - The most important hero in this team. Highly recommend to throw Biotic Orbs that heal teammates as her heal gets emptied out easily on clashes. Chip away enemies with her damage, and be patient with her ultimate as it can be crucial in healing the whole team, or destroying the other team.
  • Winston and/or D.Va (Tank) - Winston and D.Va are great for diving. If the team is planning to use both, they can add tremendous pressure against the other team, especially with Winston since despite the range of his weapon, it is pretty powerful in close combat. As for D.Va, she can easily maneuver on higher ground to chase away DPS or healer that is hiding. Her ultimate is essential in clearing an objective as well.
  • Sombra (DPS) - Sombra is one of the best heroes in Overwatch 2 as she can flank very well, and escape unharmed most of the time. She can disable enemies’ skills, which can open up many openings for the team to dive.
  • Reaper (DPS) - Another hero that can flank well is Reaper, and his ultimate is possibly one that can wipe a team if done correctly. He can easily escape after flanking with his wraith form.
  • Junkrat (DPS) - If the team is not planning to use two tanks, Junkrat has a versatile skill set. He can lay traps to avoid flanks, and he can fire while being hidden from view. His ultimate can also wipe a team. He is very good at pressuring the other team.

4. Orisa + Sigma/Roadhog + Soldier 76/ Mei + Moira/Baptiste + Ana (Open Queue)

This team lineup is another Open Queue game mode exclusive. It is well known as the Unstoppable Two-Tank Team Lineup, and it is very adaptable, but the team composition in this article is the most optimized.

The core tactic consists of two tanks, two support tanks, and one DPS. Why, you might ask? If you are defending a checkpoint or an objective, having tanks that can be backed from afar by Ana will make you the team invincible, and Orisa's Fortify skill and Sigma's Experimental Barrier are both quite effective at preventing attackers from advancing to the checkpoint.

Again, this team lineup is fairly customizable because Sigma and Roadhog can be swapped out. Furthermore, whether to use Soldier 76 or Mei is dependent on the situation. Mei excels at protecting and flanking opponents. Soldier 76 is a self-sustaining DPS who might be useful with his auto aim ultimate, Tactical Visor. Moira and Baptiste are interchangeable as other supports aside from Ana, but Baptiste can be a superior support while Moira can be a better attacker.

This is one of the greatest defensive team compositions you can utilize, especially on payload matches because the two tanks can easily contest a checkpoint. Ana's Sleep Dart and Biotic Grenade can even prevent flanking. The other support can focus entirely on healing the tanks and DPS on the frontlines.

Unstoppable Two-Tank Team Lineup excels in:

  • Two tanks, enough said. Orisa and Sigma can complement each other, while if you choose Roadhog, he can sustain himself with his skill set, and push away enemies with his ultimate.
  • Two supports to heal the two tanks. Ana can support from far away and make flanking enemies to go to sleep. Baptiste can support Orisa with his Immortality Field, but if Moira is chosen, she can do damage or heal the DPS and tanks as well.
  • Having a self-sustained DPS that confuses on flanking or killing off the other team support. Mei is very good at defending, while Soldier 76 is great at attacking or if the other team has Echo or Pharah.
  • A versatile Lineup that has a lot of compatible tanks and supports depending on the situation and map.
  • Defending checkpoints and objectives. All of the heroes here are best at defending an objective and keeping the enemies from taking it over or getting the payload to reach the objective.

Unstoppable Two-Tank Team Lineup details:

  • Orisa (Tank) - With her rework from the first Overwatch game, she became a very powerful tank that can hold an objective on her own. Keep spamming her Energy Javelin, although it is best used to stop enemies from using their ultimate. Javelin Spin enemies to push them off the objective.
  • Sigma/Roadhog (Tank) - Sigma can be used to support Orisa with his shield and can negate incoming projectiles. Roadhog, on the other hand, is mostly used to pressure enemies. He can be self-sustained with his Take a Breather skill, and his hook can kill the support from the other team easily. 
  • Soldier 76/ Mei (DPS) - Soldier 76 is best used against enemies that are far away. It means the team is up against Widowmaker, Echo, or Pharah, then Soldier 76 is needed to be in the lineup. On the other hand, Mei can be great at flanking enemies and be an annoying hero since she can turn into ice with Cryo-freeze, and her ultimate works well with Moira.
  • Moira/Baptiste (Support) - Moira, as seen on the other lineup, is a great support and can be a great DPS as well. She can support Mei or chip away from enemies from behind. On the other hand, Baptiste can support both tanks very well, and his ultimate can be quite a team wiper if done right.
  • Ana (Support) - Ana is great at healing both tanks and the other support. Her Biotic Grenade can do AoE healing, while enemies that are caught in the bomb cannot be healed. She can also perform anti-flank with her sleeping dart. Her ultimate can complement Moira's ultimate.

3. Lucio + Zarya  + Baptiste + Genji + Sojourn

Moving on to the role queue, it is actually more difficult to win in this queue than in open queue because compatibility with the team is required, and each member must be able to play their role very well.

This lineup is known as the Ultimate Killer Lineup because Zarya's ultimate, Graviton Surge, is excellent at controlling the opposing team and keeping them in one location for an extended amount of time. Both Genji and Sojourn are strong DPS, and their ultimates, Dragonblade and Overclock, are particularly compatible with Zarya's ultimate.

In terms of support roles, Lucio is a fantastic hero because he can survive even the most brutal battles and, thanks to his speed bonus, he can assist Zarya in moving quicker. Baptiste adds to Lucio's skill set, particularly the Immortality Field, which can help the team in a pinch. Lucio can easily counter some of the enemies' ultimates, whilst Baptiste's ultimate may easily support a push and wipe a team.

This lineup's main tactic is to be extremely aggressive. Because Zarya is slow, Lucio must be near her most of the time in order to use speed or heal boost, whereas Genji may flank enemies, do damage to other DPS, or assassinate enemy support from behind. Given from the name of the lineup, Genji and Sojourn should consider using their ultimate whenever Zarya uses hers as it can wipe two enemies at once, or even the full team. Sojourn can be more confident as she can use her ultimate to pressure enemies from afar, but Genji will undoubtedly benefit alongside Zarya's ultimate. Baptiste's skill sets are excellent at holding a checkpoint, and the immortality field is a welcome addition given Lucio's slow heal if not boosted.

Ultimate Killer Lineup excels in:

  • High output damage from both DPS. Both Sojourn and Genji can wipe a team easily with their ultimate.
  • Zarya is a great tank for both attacking and defending, so she is very versatile on any map. Her ultimate is great at controlling enemies as well, which works well if she has a 100% particle cannon as she can wipe the team as well.
  • Lucio is one of the most used heroes as he can be played by anyone, and his skill is AoE so all you have to do is shoot and use his skills to speed up or heal allies.
  • Baptiste complements the team very well. His skills can stop his allies from dying, while his ultimate can wipe the other team.
  • This team composition is highly compatible with each other considering Zarya and Genji ultimate combo, for example, can easily wipe a team with ease.

Ultimate Killer Lineup details:

  • Lucio (Support) - the main point of Lucio is to survive. His speed boost can help his allies to reach objectives faster, while his healing boost can sustain everyone inside the circle.  Ride the walls as much as possible to evade enemies’ attacks, and spam Soundwave as much as possible, especially if people are on edge to push them away successfully.
  • Zarya (Tank) - a highly versatile tank, which can create barriers for herself and others. These barriers can increase the damage output of her particle cannon as long as it is being shot at by enemies. Make sure to reach it until 100% before she starts firing to release the maximum damage output. It can actually wipe out a team if Zarya manages to kill the support first.
  • Baptiste (Support) - Baptiste complements this team very well. For one, his immortality field is really handy once Genji retreats back to the team’s location. His ultimate can increase the damage output of all allies.
  • Genji (DPS) - a very powerful DPS that can wipe teams with his ultimate, Dragonblade. Flank enemies from behind, then retreat swiftly. Do a hit n’ run tactic, and avoid engagement against heroes that can lock their aim at you. Keep using deflect and aim it towards the enemies to try and kill them instead.
  • Sojourn (DPS) - although a new character, Sojourn skills are very helpful, especially her Disruptor Shot that can deal AoE damage, and it is quite powerful. She is best played to complement Zarya and your healers. Her ultimate, Overclock, can wipe a team, especially if each charge is a headshot.

2. Junker Queen + Lucio + Brigitte + Genji + Sojourn

Overwatch 2 is a fast-paced game, a swift team will undoubtedly have an advantage, hence this is known as the Aggressive Team Lineup.

The key strategy is to move fast and overwhelm the opponent side with swift attacks, while maintaining overall team sustainability. This lineup performs best on attack payload and pushes the robot game mode in the role queue. Junker Queen will be the main hero because her abilities can buff her teammates as well, therefore having Lucio as a support would be fantastic. Her abilities also cause wound damage, triggering her passive healing. Brigitte must stay close to Junker Queen in order to heal her as much as possible, as Junker Queen has lower health than other tanks.

Genji and Sojourn's strategy is similar to the Ultimate Killer Lineup in that they are both extremely powerful DPS in their own right. If you are playing as the DPS, keep in mind that Brigitte and Lucio's heals aren't always as quick as others. Lucio and Brigitte ultimates can help both teams defend and attack, which is ideal for an aggressive composition.

Another approach for this team is to use Brigitte as a small tank alongside Junker Queen. Her skills and shield can certainly mitigate some of the opponents' damage, but Junker Queen should body block shots away from Brigitte. Lucio's survivability is constantly high. This team is one of the finest in clashes since Genji, Brigitte, and Junker Queen are all excellent in close range confrontations, and Sojourn and Lucio can apply pressure to the enemies effectively behind Junker Queen.

Ultimate Killer Lineup excels in:

  • Going quick and taking over the objective once the initial battle is done. For the payload objective, it can easily push the payload as you keep pressuring the enemies.
  • Junker Queen, Brigitte, and Lucio complement each other very well with their own buffs, and it actually trinkles towards other allies as well.
  • Powerful DPS to wipe out the team, and with the help of Lucio and Brigitte, you can easily win clashes of ultimates.
  • Brigitte can work as a mini tank, thus, it is like having two tanks in the lineup. This works well considering this team works best on being aggressive attackers, and Junker Queen and Brigitte both excel on close-range battles.
  • Being one of the best attacking lineups, if you want to keep pressuring enemies off, while they are regrouping. Unfortunately, it may not work best as a defending lineup considering Junker Queen has a lower health than other tanks.

Ultimate Killer Lineup details:

  • Lucio (Support) - Lucio will be great at supporting all allies with his healing boost. Counter enemies with Sound Barrier when they use their ultimates. Use speed boost when retreating, and keep riding the walls to avoid getting attacked.
  • Junker Queen (Tank) - Keep attacking and spam your skills to wound enemies. Wound damage triggers your passive healing. She is a very powerful close range battles, and her skills actually buff other heroes.
  • Brigitte (Support) - Get close with Junker Queen as much as possible, while supporting Lucio. You can be a mini tank by using your Barrier Shield and Shield Bash. Use the ultimate, Rally, to buff your allies when attacking key objectives.
  • Genji (DPS) - Genji is one of the most powerful DPS out there if done right. His ultimate, Dragonblade, can be used to wipe the team, and with buffs coming left and right, it increases that chance to dominate a battle.
  • Sojourn (DPS) - Similar to Genji, Sojourn has high output damage, especially her secondary fire. She can also slide, which helps a lot when trying to retreat. Spam Disruptor Shot on locations where enemies may push or defend.

1. Winston + Kiriko + Lucio + Sojourn + Reaper

There is a lineup that has recently dominated the Overwatch 2 League (esports), which we will refer to as the Pro Team Lineup. The majority of the heroes in this lineup have an usage rate of around 90%, and they dominated the league tournament a few weeks ago.

However, this seems to stem from the fact that this team counters each other. Winston can counter Sojourn, while Reaper can counter Winston. Lucio and Kiriko can support Winston's dive since Kiriko can teleport to a nearby ally, and Lucio has always been a staple in Overwatch with his high survivability.

The main strategy with this team is to dive with Winston while Reaper flanks the enemy from behind. Kiriko has a Swift Step, which makes her very mobile to support her teammates, so she can support both Winston and Reaper, although it is best to utilize Lucio for healing everyone within his range while Kiriko is focused on priority healing or whoever has low health. Sojourn, as seen on the list above, can hold her own considering she can slide away from conflict to get better positioning and that her skills are quite powerful and can disperse enemies.

Given that this is the lineup that the majority of pro players used during the esports Overwatch 2 league tournament, it is safe to say that this will be the meta until major changes are implemented after this season.

Pro Team Lineup excels in:

  • A perfect balance considering Winston and Reaper are great at close-range battles, while Sojourn works best on midrange and long-range battles.
  • The supports can heal allies such as Lucio with his own healing boost, which is an area of effect. Kiriko, on the other hand, focuses on debuffing allies and healing one ally, and it is usually the one diving or flanking.
  • Diving and picking off enemies one by one. Sojourn’s Disruptor Shot can scatter enemies quickly as it can be quite overpowered, then Winston and Reaper can pick them off easily.
  • Lucio speed boost and Kiriko’s Kitsune Rush can help the team be aggressive attackers, especially on clutch.
  • A straightforward team that can be used in all maps, and can easily be mastered even by new players

Pro Team Lineup details:

  • Lucio (Support) - As one of the best support out there, Lucio has a very high survivability, which is great when you are contesting objectives. His buff in speed and heal can really affect the outcome of the game, especially the Sound Barrier. Stick close with Sojourn and Reaper since Winston will be diving a lot.
  • Winston (Tank) - This tank can counter most of the long-range heroes such as Widowmaker or Sojourn. His Barrier Projector is quite sturdy and can block multiple attacks to defend a spot as well. His attack can disperse enemies quickly, which can help Reaper kill them off one by one in a flank maneuver.
  • Kiriko (Support) - Despite being a new hero, Kiriko is a great support with her Protection Suzu skills, and Swift Step that teleports her directly to an ally.
  • Reaper (DPS) - Reaper is great in close-range battle, and he is a great hero for flanking. He can self-sustain himself since he steals health from enemies every time he damages them. His wraith form can help him escape or go to an ideal placement to do his ultimate, Death Blossom, to wipe the team.
  • Sojourn (DPS) - is currently one of the most popular DPS right now, and it is because she is quite overpowered right now. She can powerslide, which makes it fun when maneuvering around your enemy. Her Disruptor Shot is powerful enough that enemies run away from it as it can easily kill them. Her secondary fire and ultimate, Overclock, can wipe a team.

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