[Top 10] Best Overwatch 2 YouTube Channels That Are Fun To Watch

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What's The Point Of Watching YouTube?

As much as it’s fun to grind video games, it’s just as fun to sit back and watch. YouTubers are a way for you to have fun with Overwatch without actually playing it. In a way, it can be refreshing to watch Overwatch instead of play it. It’s a way for you to unwind and find a new appreciation for the game. But in order to do that, you have to know who to watch.


10. Overwatch League

The official Overwatch League channel is run by the esports organization itself, which separates it from the other picks on this list. While another official account will make an appearance on this list, Overwatch League is the only one that specifically focuses on the professional side of the game.

This makes the Overwatch League channel unique in more than one way. For starters, the commentators are having a blast, so it’s hard not to have a blast with them. Then, of course, there’s the editing that hooks you right in. And lastly, you have the players and gameplay that tie it all together.

You’ll get professional gameplay and funny moments by watching the Overwatch League. There have been so many iconic and hilarious moments on this channel. One of the earliest moments that is still ingrained in Overwatch history is Profit flipping the bird to the camera. More moments like those happen all the time, which is why you should give the Overwatch League a try.

Channel link: OWL


9. Bazza Gazza

Bazza Gazza, or Brodey Rogan de Meur, is an Australian gamer. One thing Bazza does right is create unique content. When you look at the titles for his videos, you can’t help but scratch your head and click on them to see if the title is true. And even better? The title is true each and every time.

For example, one title from one of his recent Overwatch 2 videos is "Overwatch 2, but every game the settings get worse…". In this scenario, you’re probably sitting there wondering "How can settings make Overwatch 2 worse?"—which is a question I had before watching. Upon watching, oh boy, let me tell you: it can get worse.

Bazza is extremely creative with his videos and never does the same thing over and over again. He’s always trying to keep you invested in the game, which is not an easy feat considering the state OW is in. You should give him a try if you want to see a creative take on Overwatch.

Channel link: Bazza Gazza


8. TheRealKenzo

TheRealKenzo is hosted by Kenzo, and he is a popular gamer known for his skills on heroes like Widowmaker. His videos are centered around top-notch gameplay. He’s an amazing player who plays arguably the most difficult heroes in the game. Almost every single one of his Overwatch 2 videos involves Widowmaker or Hanzo, two difficult heroes.

Kenzo has a charm to him as he soars through the maps, taking down enemies. His gameplay is mesmerizing, and his thumbnails are no different. Out of all the choices on this list, I’d say Kenzo’s thumbnails are the most chaotic. There’s always a lot going on, and a lot of times you’ll see a text chat saying "no way you’re a real Widow" on the screen just for dramatic effect.

Overall, Kenzo is a great player with interesting thumbnail design choices that suck you right in. As soon as you start watching him, you won’t want to stop. You’ll find yourself binge-watching him and learning a lot about Widow.

Channel link: Kenzo


7. Your Overwatch

Your Overwatch is a channel dedicated to bringing you Overwatch news. Back in the day, I used to watch Your Overwatch all the time. Not only does he provide news to the Overwatch community, but he also gives tips and tricks to help you succeed.

The reason Your Overwatch is on this list rather than other Overwatch news outlets is because he does it the best. He uploads consistently, gives facts, and helps others. When it comes to news outlets, Your Overwatch is on top. So on top of that, even I, someone not interested in news, watched him back when Overwatch was just coming out.

Your Overwatch is not a gameplay-oriented channel, but it’s still a fun channel nonetheless. If you find joy in knowing little secrets about the game, then you’ll have a blast watching Your Overwatch.

Channel link: YourOverwatch


6. PlayOverwatch

PlayOverwatch is another account that’s run by the company itself. The organization makes short films for the Overwatch heroes, announcements, trailers, and more. The most interesting part of this channel by far are the short films. One thing that Overwatch players always praise about Overwatch is their cinematic shorts.

The cinematics are my personal favorite things to watch when it comes to Overwatch content. The cinematics depict animated versions of the Overwatch heroes. Certain heroes, like D.Va and Kiriko, have their own animated shorts, while others are yet to receive anything. It’s easy to see why not all of them have their own shorts yet: the quality is so high that it probably takes forever to make the short films.

If you’re someone who likes cinematics, trailers, and news, then PlayOverwatch is the best channel for you. Even if you aren’t into cinematics, it’s worth it to check them out just for the music and animation quality. Almost every single shot in those shorts can be turned into wallpapers.

Channel link: PlayOverwatch


5. Mr. Fruit

Mr. Fruit is a YouTuber who posts a variety of games, but he has dozens of Overwatch 2 and 1 videos you can find in his playlists. The easy navigation of his channel makes him a great choice. Not only is he funny and consistent, but he also has accessibility for people who hate having to scroll for years just to find one video they might want to watch.

The thing about Mr. Fruit that makes him stand out is that he isn’t just an Overwatch YouTuber. All the other channels on this list have been Overwatch-oriented, but Mr. Fruit plays a wide variety of games. Although he has a plentiful amount of Overwatch content, he takes the time to explore other games like Destiny 2.

If you want to watch an Overwatch YouTuber who takes the time to explore other games as well, then Mr. Fruit is perfect for you.

Channel link: Mr. Fruit


4. Jay3

If you’re a Tracer player, Jay3 is for you. Personally, Jay3 is one of my favorite Overwatch YouTubers. Although I haven’t watched him much recently, his content has always been high quality, with lots of laughs and interesting ideas. He’s another creative YouTuber who finds new ways to play Overwatch 2.

For example, he tries to get his audience involved in the videos. One of his most recent videos challenges the audience to guess who the secret high-level smurf was on a team full of plats. He encourages his audience to guess and get involved in the video. This interaction makes him engaging and fun.

If you’re someone who likes being involved in the content you watch, then Jay3 is a great choice for you. He does a variety of Overwatch 2 content that will never leave you bored.

Channel link: Jay3


3. MoreMuselk

Most veteran Overwatch players have at least heard of this channel. With almost a million subscribers, Muselk is known for his Sea of Thieves and Overwatch 2 gameplay. The thing about Muselk that’s interesting is that his videos are always dumb fun. No logic is involved, just lots of fun.

For example, his titles are always funny. One of his recent titles is "Overwatch 2 just got dumber", which is a great hook for people who aren’t up to date with Overwatch news. Along with that, his thumbnails are always ridiculous. The thumbnail for the same video I mentioned has a cropped picture of Jeff Kaplan’s head floating near the bottom right corner of the screen. It’s so ridiculous that it’s funny.

Muselk is an icon in the Overwatch community. You should strive to check him out at least once to see if you’ll like him. Beyond that, Muselk is a funny guy with good and engaging gameplay you’ll like.

Channel link: MoreMuselk


2. Salty Phish

Just like with MoreMuselk, most veteran Overwatch players have heard of Salty Phish. Salty takes Overwatch 2 and makes it fun. If you’re one of the many Overwatch 2 players disappointed with the lack of new content in Overwatch 2, then Salty will help you find joy in the game again.

Salty doesn’t take Overwatch seriously at all, and that’s evident by his whacky videos and thumbnails. His titles include whacky phrasings like "short kings" and "toxic gamer boys". These creative choices not only draw you in but also inject humor. These titles and thumbnails set the tone for the kind of video you’re about to watch.

Salty is a must-watch for any Overwatch fan. The humor, editing, and creativity are the top three reasons why you should give Salty a try. You’d really have to try to have a bad time while watching Salty Phish.

Channel link: Salty Phish


1. Fitzyhere

Fitzy is a blast to watch. Not only is he a top-500 player with incredible skill, but he’s also funny and logical. You get the best of both worlds by watching Fitzy: you have fun and you learn more about the game.

Although his thumbnails and titles are some of the tamest on this list, he has entertaining content. Even then, he does pull out some unique titles and thumbnails here and there. One of his videos is titled "Chase me ONE MORE TIME," with an eerie picture of Sombra with red eyes glaring at Lucio. If that doesn’t scream whacky, I don’t know what does.

Overall, Fitzy is an amazing Overwatch YouTuber who balances humor with logic. You’ll simultaneously have fun and learn from Fitzy. If you want to multitask while watching YouTube, then Fitzy is the best choice for you.

Channel link: Fitzyhere


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