The 30 Best Lara Croft Cosplays We've Ever Seen (Sexy): Page 4 of 7

sexy lara croft
A very hot Lara Croft (cosplay by Ash Watt)

18. Eilaire ​

Cosplay by Eilaire 
If I didn’t know any better, I would think this was Lara Croft out hunting artifacts. Seriously! Look at that background, the costume, the poses, the dirt. Just a beautiful recreation by Eilaire! ​

17. Lisa Marie ​

Cosplay by Lisa Marie
Lisa Marie manages to capture the dark side of Lara Croft from the modern series. And she does it very well! ​

16. Amy Nicole ​

Cosplay by Amy Nicole
Not only am I super impressed Amy Nicole is able to use her natural hair for a Lara Croft cosplay but, the detail work on her belt and holsters is pretty outstanding. ​

15. Tanya Croft ​

Cosplay by Tanya Croft
As you probably guess by now, I’m a sucker for lesser-known Lara Croft costumes coming to life. This one blew my mind! Tomb Raider Legend Special Forces by Tanya Croft. It is everything I hoped for and more! ​

14. Jenn Croft ​

Cosplay by Jenn Croft
The make-up work by Jenn Croft in this classic version of Lara is jaw dropping! I’m pretty sure she, literally, stepped out of the video game! 

13. Monika Lee ​

Cosplay by Monika Lee
Monika Lee is probably one of the best cosplayer in the industry. And her version of Lara Croft does not disappoint! 

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