The 30 Best Lara Croft Cosplays We've Ever Seen (Sexy): Page 5 of 7

sexy lara croft
A very hot Lara Croft (cosplay by Ash Watt)

12. Alanah Pearce​

Cosplay by Alanah Pearce
Alanah really nailed with those boots and make-up! She is a battle-ready Lara ready to take on the world! ​

11. Maria Hanna ​

Cosplay by Maria Hanna
The detail in Maria Hanna’s make-up to her hair to her body is just astounding! She is very much one of the top Lara Croft cosplayers out there. ​

10. Anastaysa Zelenova ​

Cosplay by Anastaysa Zelenova
Lara Crofts shadow brought to life! Anastaysa did an amazing job with attention to detail on the costume. But, she also took the time to make sure her make-up was lighter to really give this cosplay that shadowy edge. Very well done! ​

9. Alyssa Loughran ​

Cosplay by Alyssa Loughran
When I first saw Alyssa Loughrans version of Lara Croft my jaw dropped. She looks fantastic! The battle-worn clothes, the dirt on her skin and not to mention those incredible muscles! She is ready to raid some tombs! ​

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