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The Best Witcher 3 Cosplays
Some of the best cosplays from The Witcher. Spoiler: Roach was not cosplayed.

21. Danderee

Like Geralt, Ciri knows the importance of meditation. Taking the time to meditate will help revitalize your stamina, allowing you to hop back into battle. This Ciri doesn’t seem to be in any rush to slay monsters, though.

Cosplay by Danderee

20.  HydraEvil

While Syanna is branded by the feigned Curse of the Black Sun, she is certainly skilled in swordsmanship. Syanna is beautiful, but don’t be mistaken…learn her backstory before disdaining this pretty face.

Cosplay by HydraEvil

19. elliria

Duchess of Toussaint, and admired by her people, Anna Henrietta stands as a beacon of hope and peace for those who follow her. Cosplayer  Enayla shows Duchess Anna Henrietta swapping her usual gowns, crown, and jewels for something a little more incognito.

Cosplay by Enayla

18. fenixfatalist

While Triss Merigold is your lovable fiery redhead with a kick in battle, she can also become a polar opposite. Triss certainly gives Yen a run for her money in her teal and gold gown.

Cosplay by fenixfatalist

17. Kuromaru-dono

Through harsh terrains and deadly environments, nothing is too much for Geralt to handle. Cosplayer Kuromaru shows that a witcher can face anything head on, even with a smirk. 

Cosplay by Kuromaru-dono

16. Blink005

As Geralt’s childhood companion, Eskel often found himself treading the same path along Geralt’s side. However, Eskel never gained the fame his childhood friend did.

Cosplay by Blink005

15. RenShuher

Avallac’h is an elf with many titles; Fox, Mysterious Elf, just to name a couple. His motives are curious, but unknown. What could this peculiar elf be plotting?

Cosplay by RenShuher

14. ClarianaCosplay

Orianna is no stranger to opulence and splendor. Living as an incredibly wealthy philanthropist, Orianna prides herself in her estate and orphanage. But while she keeps friends in high places, her good intentions may be more than what they appear.

Cosplay by ClarianaCosplay

13.  Tinkerer-Works

As the eldest witcher at Kaer Morhen, Vesemir acted as a father figure to the very Geralt of Rivia. Vesemir is easily one of the most skilled witchers, having trained Geralt himself.

Cosplay by Tinkerer-Works

12. idromy

This creature is a leshen. It is found mostly in forested areas, where its tree-like body can stay obscured against the trees. This creature may be slow, but it packs a powerful hit.

Cosplay by idromy

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