Top 10 Games Like Last Year (Games Better Than Last Year in Their Own Way)

Games Like Last Year
Hmm, he doesn't seem friendly...

Ever wanted to play a game again but didn’t want the same exact experience? Well, lucky for you, we have gathered some games that will give you the same feel as those games you’ve missed so much while also giving you an entirely new experience. Here are 10 games that may feel somewhat familiar but are still unique in their own way.

10. Deceit

Deceit is a multiplayer first-person shooter that’ll test both your instincts and your perception.  Players play in a group of up to 6 survivors who try to escape from a strange, unknown area. Everything would be cut and dry, if not for the fact that one or two members of your group is trying to kill everyone. You must either escape or try not to be the slowest runner in your group. Or maybe, you’re the one they should be watching out for . . .

That's your friend btw

Too slow: A survivor tries to escape from an infected

9. Secret Neighbor

An all-too-creepy game, Secret Neighbor is a social horror game where you play as a kid in a group that sneaks into a house attempting to infiltrate the basement while thinking your neighbor is away. It’d be an easy task – except for the fact that one of your “friends” is the neighbor in disguise! Will you and your friends make it to the basement before he snatches you all up?

If he catches you, you're gone

Squad up: the kids get ready to break into the basement

8. SCP Secret laboratory

A multiplayer horror game, SCP is based on its own creepypastas. Players are allowed to play as one of 5 roles: laboratory prisoners, nine-tailed fox (a security team, not the anime), scientist, an unidentified SCP object, or as foundation traitors. The facility and roles are generated at random at the start of each game, so it makes for an interesting playthrough each time. The winner is determined by whoever finishes their designated tasks first.

Egghead's gonna get ya!

On patrol: players make their way down an empty street

7. Murderous Pursuits

In this sneaky game, players must hunt down and kill a designated player called a “quarry” before they fall prey to someone else. Additionally, players must do it without being detected by the ship guards, or they’ll stall you, leaving you defenseless. There are many ways to get rid of your designated target You even have abilities that make your job easier. Keep your exposure low and outsmart your enemies to win the game.

Or just hang out with your friends

Nothing to see here: A guard makes his rounds on the ship

6. SpyParty

SpyParty is a competitive spy game about cunning human behavior. You play as either a spy, who has to complete objectives or as a sniper, who is responsible for putting a bullet in the spy’s head. As a sniper, you have to watch all the party guests to determine who your target is. As a spy, you can’t be detected, or you’ll end up failing your mission. If you’re sneaky enough, maybe you’ll make it out. Think you’re the right one for the job?

Who's watching you?

Master of disguise: the spy blends in with the crowd

5. Dead by Daylight

A 4v1 multiplayer game, you either play as a survivor or as the killer. If you’re a survivor, your only goal is to escape. If you’re the killer, make sure NO ONE escapes. To break out, survivors must restart generators to open the escape doors, all the while, running, sliding, and hiding from the murderous killer. As the killer, you’ll have a set of abilities that’ll help you in your murderous activities. This game is a thriller right up to the ending, because even if the killer kills 75% of the survivors, there’s still a chance for last survivor to escape!

Welp, looks like he's dead

Peek a boo: A player hides in a closet, hoping the killer doesn’t notice him

4. Hide or Die

Play as a survivor and scavenge the first area for supplies, traps, and even “the darkness”, if you choose. Then, survivors have to traverse a dangerous environment, finding and activate fuse boxes. Survivors continue until they are either eventually killed by the “environment” or consumed by the “darkness”. The last survivor has a chance to use an equalizer to face off against the hunter. Bravery is one thing this game will test.

Time to die, HUNTER!

Oh no: another players corpse left mutilated, almost like its on display

3. White noise 2

Be a part of an investigator team of 4 as you attempt to complete your mission by finding 8 tapes. Or play as the monster and pick off unsuspecting survivors before they can complete their mission. Survivors are armed with a bunch of tools to stop the monster, like lights that can stun it, But, the monster also has skills to get the job done too. Even if you die as a survivor, you can assist living ones as a ghost. It’s an asymmetric horror experience through and through.

Like mulitplayer Slenderman!

Surprise:  A monster sneaks up on an unaware player

2. Crawl

Taking a step back from the horror genre, Crawl is a dungeon crawler where your friends can control the monsters. The dungeons are randomly generated with clever traps and maniacal beasts for you to defeat. You can even evolve monsters individually, and with 60 monster choices, you’ll have plenty of options. This game can also be single player, so you can either play with 4 friends or on your own whenever you’d like.

Is... that a dragon?

Multitasking: The main character faces off against 3 monsters at once

1. Friday the 13th

The franchise returns with a brand-new installment of gory executions, stomach-churning kills, and a heart thumping experience for anyone involved. Play as one of the kids at summer camp, whose vacation was literally cut short by Jason walking in and ruining the party. There are several ways for the survivors to escape, but most require teamwork to be executed before the campers are, well... executed. Play as one of several Jason style options where you have a multitude of executions at your disposal. From slamming those annoying hormonal kids down on a tree stump to squeezing the life out of them with your own hands, this game is a thriller for everyone. It’s a heart racing experience from start to finish.

Relive your favorite movie moments!

Strike: Jason swings his pickaxe into a camper’s face

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