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If you haven't heard of the Final Fantasy series by now, you might be living under a rock. It's become a staple in the JRPG genre .It's given us the beloved tropes of unrealistically spiky hair, big-ass swords, and epic boss battles for over a decade. While nothing can truly compare to the original console experience, many of the main titles were recently ported to the PC. Now even if that PS4 is a little too pricey for your budget, you can still enjoy one of the biggest franchises in the industry.

10. Final Fantasy VI

What It's About: Magic, rebellion, world domination, and evil Jesters, oh my! Final Fantasy VI's strongest feature is it's story. It follows the mysterious Terra Branford as she joins an underground rebellion to not only stop the corrupt Gestahlian Empire—and the villainous, Joker-esque, Kefka—but also discover her true origins.

Why It Deserves the Spot: While VI is considered a true classic by both fans and critics alike, its PC port is one of the weakest entries on this list. Players complain about the overly-cutesy remake of the art style and the inferior choice of HUB design. Thankfully, mods were created to bypass most of the drawbacks, so it's still worth checking out this staple of the series.

Two Most Unique Features: VI's intense story brings a large cast to match, with over 14 characters to include in your party. The gameplay matches each character's personality, with some having unique transformation abilities while others can straight up suplex a train.

Bright and Brand New: The PC port of VI comes with updated HD graphics, but many players don't think the new art style fits the theme of the game.

Everything but the Kitchen Sink: VI comes with a large and customizable cast, so you can play how you want.

9. Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

What It's About: XII follows Vaan, an orphan who dreams of being a sky pirate, in a kingdom ravaged by corruption. His wish is granted after he steals a piece of magicite and two sky pirates, Fran and Balthier, find him taking their desired loot. The group escapes from the kingdom and inevitably joins the resistance against the false king.

Why It Deserves the Spot: XII is one entry that was skipped over by fans who were still clutching onto X or were too excited by XIII. However, XII has a deep story and innovative gameplay that led to the open concept battle system we find in the most recent entries. It took valuable risks that the series needed for it to reach the milestones we see today.

Two Most Unique Features: The “gambit” battle system that lets players to preset attacks for characters to use. This game also has the first instance of an open battle system instead of random encounters.

To Fight or Not to Fight? Choose for yourself with an open battle system.

Who Doesn't Like a Pirate? Follow along with the story and indulge your inner sky pirate.

8. Final Fantasy XIII

What It's About: Like VI, Final Fantasy XIII follows Lightning Farron, an ex-military who chooses to rebel against a genocidal government. She meets other misfits and together they form an unlikely team, even when they become targets of the purge themselves.

Why It Deserves the Spot: XIII—or more specifically, Lightning—has become one of the most recognizable entries of Final Fantasy in recent years. It's kinda like the Frozen of the franchise—it was everywhere for years, even spawning two sequels. Despite it's popularity, many players had a serious problem with the linearity of the game. Fans often argue that it's the worst in the franchise, but you'll have to play for yourself and find out what all the fuss is about.

Two Most Unique Features: The graphics of this game are absolutely gorgeous. While veteran fans of the franchise find it annoying, the scaled-down battle system and its “auto” feature are a lot easier for newcomers.

Press X to Win: A simplified battle system is great for new players.

A Game with A View: XIII's stunning graphics is one of its biggest assets

7. Final Fantasy IV

What It's About: Final Fantasy IV follows Cecil Harvey and his air-force, the Red Wings. After Cecil is stripped of his ranking, it's up to him and his best friend Kain to stop the evil Zemus and Golbez from destroying the human race.

Why It Deserves the Spot: VI is an earlier entry so it gets stuck in the shadow of the later heavy-hitters. But when it comes to PC ports and remakes, the game proves how underrated it is. The PC version is a direct port of the DS remake, which was one of the rare instances that fans and critics praised the additions and updates made. The graphics fit the tone and the gameplay features the first instance of what's now an FF staple: the Active Time Battle system.

Two Most Unique Features: You like witty dialogue? Square Enix pulled no punches in IV and delivered hilarious, dynamic lines. As a bonus, the improved 3D graphics look just as crisp as they did on the DS.

Crisp and Clean: Updated graphics bring the game into the modern age.

Don't Cut Yourself on That Sass: IV is well known for its sharp dialogue and the remake doesn't disappoint.

6. Final Fantasy IX

What It's About: IX takes on the bold task of mixing thieves and theatre for a compelling story. Zidane is the loveable scamp protagonist in a group of thieves called Tantalus. They planned to steal and hold Princess Garnet hostage...until they realized she was more than willing to leave with them on her own to escape Queen Brahne.

Why It Deserves the Spot: IX holds the highest rated Meta-Critic score of any Final Fantasy to date. It's often argued by fans and critics to be the best Final Fantasy. With its loveable characters and beautiful world to explore, there's no better time to pick this up if you haven't already.

Two Most Unique Features: The art style of this game is unique to the franchise and fits the aesthetic of the world perfectly. If the dramatic opening sequence doesn't awake your inner kid, you might wanna get your heart checked.

Enguard! Enjoy fun, cinematic elements in gameplay.

The Finest Aesthetics You Have, Please! Enjoy the lively atmosphere created by the game's art style.

5.Final Fantasy X

What It's About: Tidus is a famous Blitzball player that has the world in his hands...until the apocalypse happens. Instead of dying with the rest of his city, he is sent to the far future where he meets the summoner-in-training, Yuna, and swears to protect her on her journey.

Why It Deserves the Spot: Who doesn't know the iconic entry that is Final Fantasy X? It was the first in the franchise to spawn enough popularity for a sequel. While its dialogue may not always be the strongest in places, the compelling world and characters keep you wanting more.

Two Most Unique Features: This game is full of mini-games and side quests to immerse the player in the world. Final Fantasy X focuses on bringing the game to life in every way, including its breathtaking graphics.

Play Ball! Enjoy the scenery and get to know the world with all the mini-games.

A Real Beauty: Stunning graphics will keep you coming back for seconds.

4. Final Fantasy VIII

What It's About: VIII was the last of the angsty boys until XV arrived. It followed Squall Leonheart and his military group “SeeD”. Squall falls for the beautiful and passionate Rinoa Heartilly, but in the midst of their romance they have to save the very fabric of time from the evil Ultimecia.

Why It Deserves the Spot: VIII is a lasting classic, improving on everything VII began. However, it has a reputation for its focus on romantic relationships instead of adventure, which is a drawback for a lot of players.

Two Most Unique Features: VIII's focus on romance and relationships is a unique turn for the series. This is also the first game where realistic graphics and proportions are used.

Fancy a Little Romance? VIII has a prominent love story for all you hopeless romantics out there.

No More Blocks. VIII was the first game to introduce realistic proportions for their characters.

3. Final Fantasy VII

What It's About: I hope most of you know what FFVII is about by now, but just in case: Cloud Strife is a genetically enhanced mercenary working for the group AVALANCHE. After Aerith is captured by Rufus Shinra and Sephiroth is revealed to be alive, the group begins their mission to rescue Aerith and stop Sephiroth.

Why It Deserves the Spot: VII is the most iconic entry on this list. Cloud Strife and Sephiroth are arguably the most recognizable characters in the franchise and the story of VII has the most memorable twists in gaming history. With the updated remake somewhere on the horizon, there's no better time than now to catch up on this staple of gaming history.

Two Most Unique Features: All the characters in VII are recognizable and easy to love. Also, for the newcomers out there: there's a hilarious crossdressing scene. You're welcome.

All Your Faves: Play along with characters you already know and love, even if you're new.

Didn't See That Coming! Enjoy an engaging and memorable story.

2. Final Fantasy XV

What It's About: XV is all about the good ol' boys. Noctis Caelum is heir to the throne of Lucis. He goes on a quest with his three most trusted men at arms, Gladio, Ignis, and Prompto, to retrieve the magic Crystal protected by his family and defeat the evil that stole it in the first place.

Why It Deserves the Spot: XV is the most recent installment to the franchise and is hailed as having the best gameplay. While the story can be confusing at times, the close interaction of the characters and the stunning open world design is enough to make you forget there's supposed to be a story in the first place. Make sure your PC is rigged to handle this one: he's a big boy.

Two Most Unique Features: The open world leaves you with hours, and I mean HOURS of content to explore. There's something for everyone in this game. Paired with the beautiful graphics and atmosphere of chilling with your squad, it's an experience you'll enjoy coming back to.

Selfieeee. Enjoy the lively characters and the bonds they develop along their journey.

Road Trip! Explore as much or as littleas you want with a completely open world.

1. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (FF Online)

What It's About: XIV is a MMORPG that takes place in the world of Eorzea. The player's character has to join one of the three Grand Companies to save Eorzea from an invasion by the Garlean Empire.

Why It Deserves the Spot: XIV had a rocky start with its original release in 2012, but the re-release improves on every complaint the fans had and then some. Time and time again it has been voted as one of the best MMORPGs to play in 2018, and this list is no different.

Two Most Unique Features: The player can choose from six different races and has the option of being male or female. One of the best features is that there are no “alts” to bother with. It's as simple as changing your weapon if you want to be a different class.

Choose your character. Customizable character creation with six races to choose from.

Easy Swap: Want a different class? Just change your weapon and you're good to go.

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