FF16 Best Ultimates [All Ultimates Ranked Worst To Best]


One good thing that Clive has in his arsenal is that the wide array and selection of Clive’s Eikon abilities make him a force to be reckoned with. Surely, he’s got a lot of tricks up his sleeves. That goes for his Ultimate attacks, aptly named as Area of Effect (AoE) Attacks. We’ll just call it Ultimates for now.

Each Eikon has its unique ability that gives off different effects when in use; we’ll discuss below as to which ones are the best amongst them. Let’s go; here are the best ultimates that you can choose from, ranging from worst to best


7. Earthen Fury – Titan Eikon Slot (OK)

Earthen Fury.

First up, we have Titan’s Ultimate Eikonic Ability, which is Earthen Fury. In previous iterations of the Final Fantasy series, this move is also known as “Gaia’s Wrath,” so the two names sound really similar in this case.

This one is the weakest out of all the 7 Ultimates present in Final Fantasy XVI. That’s not to say it’s not a strong attack! It’s an effective attack that can be used on many enemies, but they can sometimes be a hit-or-miss.

Earthen Fury Review:

  • Works perfectly against a group of enemies for crowd control.
  • Has a very high damage rate but minimal stagger rate, not ideal for large enemies unless upgraded, which costs more AP Points.
  • Sometimes lands hit on enemies, sometimes misses.
  • Has a large cooldown time of 135s.

Earthen Fury details:

  • The Ultimate Eikonic ability of Titan where it damages all enemies within the user’s vicinity.


6. Aerial Blast – Garuda Eikon Slot (OK)

Aerial Blast.

Next up, we have Aerial Blast, Garuda’s Ultimate Eikonic Ability that engulfs enemies within its vortex summoned by Clive.

It summons a tornado for 15 seconds and has great stagger damage but a very poor HP damage system. What’s more is that when summoned, there are visibility issues, and when attacking, Clive can’t see properly as to who he’s hitting.

Aerial Blast Review:

  • Delivers great stagger damage to enemies, bringing them down quickly.
  • Delivers low HP damage to enemies, leading to prolonged battles.
  • 15s tornado is summoned where visibility is affected, leading to more confusion during gameplay.

Aerial Blast details:

  • Conjure a 15-second tornado that tracks enemies and damages them when it comes into contact with them


5. Judgment Bolt – Ramuh Eikon Slot (Good)

Judgment Bolt.

Moving up, we finally have Judgment Bolt, which is Ramuh’s Ultimate Eikonic Ability, also a recurring ability of the previous entries.

A Levinbolt is thrown into the sky, damaging all the enemies surrounding Clive. Two are thrown into the sky if upgraded, and with a 90s cooldown, this is an optimal option to keep it well within the skillset of Clive during your gameplay!

Judgment Bolt Review:

  • Has a great HP damage effect on enemies, bringing them down quickly.
  • Has a decent amount of stagger damage, which stunlocks enemies quicker than usual.
  • Has a 90s cooldown, which can be a long time to wait during combat.

Judgment Bolt details:

  • A Levinbolt is thrown into the sky, severely damaging one target and delivering minor damage to adjacent targets surrounding Clive.


4. Flames of Rebirth – Phoenix Eikon Slot (Good)

Flames of Rebirth.

On #4, we have the Fire Eikon Phoenix’s Ultimate move, Flames of Rebirth which is available to buy since the start of the game thanks to the Blessing of the Phoenix imbued to Clive by Joshua himself.

Just as the name itself would subtly apply, the attack damages surrounding enemies but it also heals Clive’s health bar during the attack, which makes it reach amongst the top spots of the list compared to others. Also, the fact that it’s available for purchase since the beginning of the game. It does have the longest cooldown time, though.

Flames of Rebirth Review:

  • A moderate amount of both HP damage and Stagger damage that decimates enemies quickly.
  • Heals Clive’s HP during the attack, proving ideal during situations where Clive is about to fall in battle.
  • The longest amount of cooldown time makes us think twice before selecting it on the loadout.

Flames of Rebirth details:

  • Damage enemies around Clive and restore health to him depending on the amount of HP regen currently available.


3. Gigaflare – Bahamut Eikon Slot (Excellent)


On #3, we have Bahamut’s Ultimate and most powerful move in his loadout, which is the Gigaflare!

Clive launches a huge beam of light toward his enemies and deals massive damage to all the enemies caught within its area of effect. It has a low stagger rate, but it definitely makes up for the massive HP Drain of enemies!

Gigaflare Review:

  • Has a great HP damage effect on enemies, bringing them down quickly.
  • Has a decent amount of stagger damage, which stunlocks enemies quicker than usual.
  • Has a 60s cooldown, which is fast enough to use during combat.

Gigaflare details:

  • Fire a massive energy beam that deals continuous damage to all enemies it comes into contact with.


2. Dancing Steel – Odin Eikon Slot (Best)

Dancing Steel.

On the #2 spot, we have Odin’s Ultimate Attack, Dancing Steel.

In this move, Clive summons two blades of darkness and launches a combo that starts to hit enemies and charges the Zantetsuken meter in Odin’s loadout, provided he doesn’t get interrupted at all. Once done, cast Zantetsuken to obliterate all enemies.

Dancing Steel Review:

  • A flurry of combos gets delivered to either one or multiple enemies charging the Zantetsuken meter.
  • In ideal use, One Dancing Steel is enough to charge the whole Zantetsuken meter.
  • Has a very low HP as well as Stagger damage but makes it up for the Zantetsuken meter.

Dancing Steel details:

  • Dual-wield two blades to deliver a flurry of attacks, all strikes charging up Zantetsuken


1. Diamond Dust – Shiva Eikon Slot (Best)

Diamond Dust

On the top spot, we have Diamond Dust, the recurring Ultimate move from the recurring Eikon of the series, Shiva!

This one is probably Clive’s strongest and most massive stagger-delivering attack yet! What it does is that Clive traps his enemies in a blizzard and attacks him further with the use of ice, and increases the already massive stagger multiplier rate!

Diamond Dust Review:

  • Delivers a massive amount of stagger damage, the highest in-game.
  • Delivers a devastating HP drain on all existing enemies.
  • Stops the Stagger Bar regeneration of enemies during the animation time.

Diamond Dust details:

  • Massive stagger damage and instantly maximize stagger multiplier on a staggered foe.


And that’s about it with the best ultimates. I really hope it helped. See ya next time.


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