[Top 15] Final Fantasy XV Best Weapons (And How to Get Them)

The Niflheim Empire’s soldiers interrupting our boy bands' bonding time is a common occurrence in the game.

The Final Fantasy series is one of my favourite games of all time, with the latest entry i.e. Final Fantasy XV being released back in 2016. Hearing that sure  made me feel old!
What’s great about this game is that it has TONS of side-quests and weapons present right at the start and middle of the game which can make you pretty much Over-Powered by the time you reach the endgame.
Wanna know how to get those bad boys? Fret not! I got you covered right here!

15. Blade of Brennaere (Best Starter Greatsword)

How to get Blade of Brennaere

Pronounced as Bre-Nee-Uhh (I know, it was confusing to me at first too.), this is a Fire Elemental Greatsword that can be found as early as Chapter 1 when you land on Hammerhead for the first time! Although, it doesn’t do much, what makes it worth mentioning in this list is that:- 

  • It’s free. A starter OP Weapon and a free one at that, what more do you want?
  • 131 ATK which is significantly MUCH better than the default starter weapons Noctis and the gang have. Helpful in Night Hunts and eliminating some Daemons in the way as well!

This weapon can be found in the Western Valley of “The Three Valleys” area as a treasure but if you miss it, you won’t be able to find this until later on in Chapter 3 where it can be bought for 300 gil at the Wiz Chocobo Post and Coernix Station – Cauthess shops. I’d suggest saving those gils for good use. Be careful of using them on Fire-Elemental enemies such as Bomb or Red Giant where instead of damaging them, it’s gonna heal them instead. (Duh.)


  • 131 ATK
  • 2 CRIT
  • +82 MAX HP
  • 27% Fire Resistance
  • Inflicts Fire-Based Damage

Ain’t she a “hot” beaut?

14. Ziedrich (Best Shield in the Game)

How to get Ziedrich Shield

First appearing in Final Fantasy VII and now making its return to Final Fantasy XV, this badass shield is probably the strongest one there is present in the game. Also known as Seydlitz, this franchise-recurring shield is perfect for both Gladiolus and Noctis! (although Noctis gets to be the one to realize its full potential since he’s the main character, of course.)
Pronounced as Zee-Drick or Zee-Drikh or however you want it, this baby was mentioned in this list because:-

  • Strongest one in its class with 327 ATK. You won’t find any shield with that much attack.
  • It boosts strength when Blinking (that’s when you press the dodge button at the right time to avoid an enemy attack. Call it a last-second dodge, if you will.)

Since our Prince Charming has four weapon slots, you might want to equip this when found and switch to this weapon for the Blinking effect to successfully occur.


  • 327 ATK
  • 1 CRIT
  • +50 VIT
  • 14% Shot/Ballistic Resistance
  • +200 Strength for 3 seconds after Blinking. (Effect triggers only for Noctis.)

Gladdy sure is looking like a true Crownsguard with this shield in hand.

13. Flayer (Best Polearm/Lance in the game)

How to get Flayer polearm

First appearing in Final Fantasy VII (Again? Seriously?), this weapon makes a comeback in this game. Also known as Fang Tian Hua Ji, this polearm is a perfect fit for those who want to play like a Dragoon! (One of my favourite classes, though. If you’ve played the rest of the Final Fantasy games, you’d know what I’m talking about.)
Suitable for both Ignis (Best cook. Seriously.) and Noctis, this one was included in the list because:-

  • 337 ATK. (Enough said. Highest damage it can give amongst all polearms.)
  • Finishers deal 80% damage. (Suitable for those hard boss fights if you’re farming for more XP.)

The only drawback to this is that you only get to get this weapon in Steyliff Grove. Not in the main dungeon, no. But at the end of the menace dungeon (basically the vault doors that open up after completing the game) defeating the end boss. This sounds tough already. But you know what they say? The greater the risk, the greater the reward!

Equipping this on Noctis would make him more OP than he already is but I’d suggest giving this to Ignis for making a more balanced team and having those sweet Link-Strikes in action!

What’d I tell ya? Looks good on Recipeh Man, no?

12. Radiant Lance (Best for Early Game and Grinding)

How to get Radiant Lance

Ah, yes. Another franchise-recurring weapon, this time, it’s the Radiant Lance. Affiliated with all that is Holy, this polearm first appeared in Final Fantasy VI (Another great game. Wish we’d had its remake.) And destroys ANY Dark-Elemental enemies in your path!

Making its way back to XV, this bad boy can be equipped by both Ignis and Noctis. (No boosts this time, sorry.)

But the good news is that you can get this weapon as early as Chapter 3! Why must I insist you on getting this? Well, that’s part of the reason why it’s on this list after all. Here are a few:-

  • Particularly effective against Daemons (Duh. But would help greatly in early nighttime hunts if you want to farm some XP and AP)
  • 205 Attack Power (Not much but pretty effective in the beginning.)

The only way to get this weapon early on is via Costlemark Tower (optional Dungeon) and it’s luckily the first treasure in the dungeon! So, if you feel like you’re under-levelled, you can just grab this and get out of there! Or go down further if you’re up for a challenge.


  • 205 ATK
  • 4 CRIT
  • Light-Elemental

Beware ye Daemons and despair, for the Radiant
Lance shall bring you all to ruin.

11. Orichalcum (Also Best for Early Game and Grinding)

How to get Orichalcum

So, you decided to go ahead and dive deep into Costlemark Tower? Might as well get the Orichalcum, then. This one is also a franchise-recurring weapon which made its debut in Final Fantasy II and now making its return in this game. Why have we included this in the list? Well, here’s why:-

  • Great for farming XP, AP
  • Deals heavy damage to Daemons (Light-Elemental Daggers, here.)

They can be equipped by both Ignis and Noctis for some pretty fun combos and Link Strikes. If by any chance, you feel you’re under-levelled or get a Game Over, there’s always the option to go to Meldacio Hunter HQ where you can buy them for 10,000 gil! (You get to find the Radiant Lance there too and all other Light-Elemental weapons.)


  • 223 ATK
  • 8 CRIT
  • +9 Max MP
  • +20 Magic
  • Light-Elemental

That’s … probably the only image I found of this. Looks Holy enough.

10. Death Penalty (Best Gun for Prompto)

How to get Death Penalty

Death Penalty, huh? This name did ring some bells. This weapon debuted as Vincent Valentine’s Ultimate Weapon in Final Fantasy VII (Though last I recall, it was a Colt M1855 revolving rifle in that game.) now making its way back here in this game for some action!
Why in this list as usual? Well, here goes:-

  • 424 ATK. (Highest of all firearms out there! Now, that’s a perk.)
  • Has a chance of inflicting Instant Death on enemies. (No other firearm has this perk. I’ll tell you how to activate this in a bit.)

There are two ways to get this gun. The first one is getting this as early as Chapter 8 by defeating the Lv.99 Melusine monster. This one particular enemy is pretty tricky since you have till dawn to kill her or else she disappears and then it’s back to square one.

The other one is defeating the endgame boss of the Menace Dungeon of Balouve Mines in Chapter 15 which is arguably one of the easiest menace dungeons to finish compared to others.

This gun can be used by both Noctis and Prompto but for the effects to come in full effect, I’d suggest you equip this to Blondie here since his techniques Piercer and Trigger Happy give the chances for Instant Death to occur a big boost. (Tried and tested. Can confirm.)


  • 424 ATK
  • 2 CRIT
  • +25 Spirit
  • 1% chance to inflict Instant Death

Look at that subtle off-white colouring. The tasteful thickness of it. Oh, my God. It even has a custom-made hammer spur and top strap.

9. Soul Saber (Best Sword for Low Stamina)

How to get Soul Saber

This badass-sounding legendary weapon is another franchise-recurring sword (This is the sixth time, so Far.) which made its debut in Final Fantasy VI coming back here for some action. You must be wondering why this one in the list too, no? Simple:-

  • More damage to enemies when Noctis’s Stamina is at an all-time low. (Useful for Warp Strike Critical hits)
  • 343 Attack Rate which is pretty high compared to the rest of the swords.

To get this, you must’ve activated Randolph’s sidequest “Cursed Legend” at Lestallum (found in a back alley) in Chapter 15 (post-game). 

Randolph here gives you five quests to slay some powerful beasts just to get a new post-game reward after the completion of each. This here’s the reward for the fourth quest by killing a Phalaris monster and voila, the bad boy’s all yours for the keep.


  • 343 ATK
  • 3 CRIT
  • +12 Max MP
  • Damage bonus with lower stamina: 4% for every percentage point reduction under 50%

  Neato, don’t you think? It’s got wings too.

8. Balmung (Best End-Game Sword)

How to get Balmung Sword

Based on the Norse mythology sword, this franchise-recurring weapon (Counter just went up to 7.) which made its debut in Final Fantasy X (cue in Tidus’s famous laugh) returns to the latest installment to show off some moves.
You may have read in other forums that it’s one of the most powerful weapons in the game and rightfully so but I’m about to tell you why:-

  • Offer’s a whooping attack stat of 446. (One of the highest in the swords category.)
  • Also gives bonus damage for each attack based on how low our MP is. (The lower the MP, the higher the bonus damage chance.)

To get this sword, you must’ve gone to Steyliff Grove Menace Dungeon (the end-game dungeon that I talked about before) in Chapter 15 and fought a bunch of Tonberries (I’m shuddering already by hearing this name.) after which the sword will drop and it’s yours for the taking.

And might I add, use this for our Prince Charming only. He can draw out the best potential from this sword and arguably it's one of his strongest weapons.


  • 446 ATK
  • 3 CRIT
  • Max MP:- +11
  • Damage reduction with lower MP: -4% damage for every percentage point reduction.

 Señor Noctis getting ready to equip the Balmung to deal with some speedy rat problems.

7. Dominator (Best Two-Handed Greatsword)

How to get Dominator Greatsword

Two-Handed Greatswords are pretty good for attacking but they can be a hassle to use sometimes considering their slow speed. With this weapon around, it doesn’t feel like that at all.
This weapon made its debut in this game (and thankfully a non-franchise-recurring weapon for a change. Counter is still at 7.) And deserves a spot on our list for these reasons:-

  • Perfect for use against Daemons due to Holy Light infusion and 583 Attack (Pretty High Damage for those High-Level Daemons.)
  • Provides +32 Dark Resistance which helps fend off Higher Level Daemons (or Menace Dungeons too.)

This bad boy can be nabbed in two ways. The first is going to the buildings West of Coernix Station – Alstor which is located just to the north of Alstor Slough in the Duscae Region. But the downside is that it’s available in Chapter 15 (Post-Game.)

The other is by going to the Keycatrich Trench Menace Dungeon (again, also Post-Game.) but by camping at Dormaneth Haven where the Greatsword will be lying around nearby.

Perfect for both Noctis and Gladio, you can use this weapon however you see fit! I’d suggest giving this one to Gladio though. His Dawnhammer Technique with this weapon feels oddly satisfying.


  • 583 ATK
  • 2 CRIT
  • Max HP: +298
  • Dark Resistance: 32%
  • Light-Elemental

 It was far too big to be called a sword. Too big, too thick, too heavy and too holy.

6. Drillbreaker Plus (Best Machineries Weapon in the Game)

How to get Drillbreaker Plus

Since this game is set in modern times, what use is the weapon system without some cool machines to use? This weapon is the upgraded version of the Drillbreaker machine which you get after the infiltration at Formouth Garrison. (Fun segment. Infiltrations were amongst my favourite parts. Especially when the OST plays during this too.)
What makes this weapon unique among other machinery weapons (and part of the reason why it’s on this list as well) is that:-

  • 423 Attack. Making it the only machine-based weapon with the highest damage.
  • 13% Shot/Ballistic Resistance. (2nd Highest in this category but worth the usage.)

To get this weapon, first, you need to have the Drillbreaker weapon with you. (Mentioned above on how to get it.) For the upgrade part, you need to have a Magitek Core with you for the magic to happen. (They can be dropped by fighting Magitek soldiers or just running and exploring around.)
After you have those two ingredients, you give ‘em to Cid at Hammerhead where he’ll come up with a concoction to present you with the Drillbreaker Plus! It may take 2 days or even 3 for the weapon to be made.
By the time you’re waiting for the weapon to come, you can explore around, hunt monsters or help Prompto out with Cindy and then you’ll get a call from Cid himself telling you that the weapon’s ready. Best to equip this with Blondie the guns expert. Or Noct if you want to.


  • 432 ATK
  • 2 CRIT
  • Max HP +12
  • Vitality +13
  • Shot Resistance 13%

About the only image I could find of this weapon. True to its namesake, a drill comes out at the end releasing a powerful shockwave.

5. Apocalypse (Also Best Two-Handed Greatsword)

How to get Apocalypse

Looking for Gladiolus to finish things off smoothly or Noctis razing through the whole enemy field but can’t find the perfect sword for it? This heading here’s the answer.

First making its debut in Final Fantasy V (counter just went up to 8.) and now making its return to this game, this behemoth of a weapon was added to the list for good reasons:-

  • 597 Attack. The highest in the Greatsword category. Enough to deal deadly Link Strikes and one-shot enemies.
  • Bonus Damage when the wielder has low HP. (Perfect for those higher-level enemy fights.)

To get this, you must go to the Balouve Mines Menace Dungeon (Post-Game, yes.) and go to Cobbitrice Haven where the sword will be lying around waiting to be equipped.


  • 597 ATK
  • 2 CRIT
  • Max HP: +403
  • Damage bonus when the wielder has low HP: Damage + (30 + 9n% where n is every percentage point reduction under 30% HP.)

Looks oddly familiar to the Dominator weapon.

4. Trident of the Oracle (Best Royal Arm in the Game)

How to get Trident of the Oracle

Royal Arms are a unique case in this game. They can be used only by Noctis and tend to drain his health when used too much but adjusted with balance in your playthrough, they can prove to be quite helpful.
Everyone has their definition of having the “Strongest Royal Arm” to use but to be honest, the “Trident” takes the cake. (Although, it’s on par with Scepter of the Pious.)

It’s a non-franchise-recurring weapon and it’s one of their signature weapons of the game. (Meaning if you see this weapon, it’ll click to you immediately that it’s that weapon from Final Fantasy XV.) The other being the Engine Blade and the other 12 Royal Arms.

Originally belonging to Lunafreya Nox Fleuret, this weapon was added to the list for good reasons and why it’s so different from the other Royal Arms:-

  • Fast and Powerful moveset with 388 Attack that can effectively stun-lock enemies.
  • Only Royal Arm that has the highest DPS throughout the game. (Damage Per Second)
  • Leaves behind after-images providing an opportunity to form deadly combos.

There’s no secret method to get this, nor are there any quests/dungeons needed to be completed to get this weapon. You’ll get this in the Main Story after completing the “Breath of the Glacian” quest in Chapter 12.


  • 388 ATK
  • 5 CRIT
  • Max MP: +60
  • A polearm that produces afterimages after attacks that deal damage to nearby foes.

Taken straight from the Omen trailer, it’s Prince Charming wielding the Trident in a rare topless attire. Perfect opportunity for fangirling.

3. Ring of the Lucii (Best for making Noctis OP)

How to get Ring of the Lucii

Behold, the magic pimp ring made exclusively for use of Prince Charming. Not including this weapon in the list would be blasphemy. Trust me.
Another one of the signature weapons of this game, part of the reason why we have this bling here is that it’s OP. How so? Well, here’s how:-

  • Casts Arcana (a Special Kind of Magic that summons the power of the crystal.) It’s got three subdivisions here: -

1. Death; where the enemy is instantly killed (Duh.) while recovering your HP.
2. Holy; where you get to perform this counterattack after a successful dodge or Blinking and smite enemies all around you.
3. Alterna; where you get the chance to change the fabric of reality around you by banishing hordes of enemies or large ones. (If that isn’t OP, I don’t know what is.)

Like the Royal Arm mentioned before, no need for any quests/dungeons to be done. This is a story item and you get this once you complete Chapter 13. 

Be wary, though. You need to have full MP for the Arcana to work; especially Alterna. Make sure you have some Ethers stocked in your inventory for this.
Oh, here’s a lil’ secret. It’s great for using against the Adamantoise if you want that sweet trophy. Tried and tested. Can confirm. Took only 5 minutes for it to take effect but you got to keep trying again and again for this. Don’t give up just yet!


  • Casts Death
  • Casts Holy
  • Casts Alterna

One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to Bring them all and in the Light bind them.

2. Zwill Crossblades (Best Daggers in the Game)

How to get Zwill Crossblades

Wait … before I start, this one’s another franchise-recurring weapon. (Counter bumped up to 9.) These debuted first in Final Fantasy VI and are making a return for the latest installment as the strongest daggers in the whole game. Yep, you heard that right. And it’s on this list for good reasons as well:-

  • High Attack Rating of 345. (Highest in Daggers category.)
  • Boosts damage when the user has full HP.

Perfect for both Noct and Iggy, this slayer of beasts can be acquired only by completing Randolph’s Wondrous Weapon sidequest at Lestallum. (mentioned before for Soul Saber. This weapon’s the reward for the final quest.)

To complete the side-quest, you must be at Chapter 15 and defeat the Lv.120 Naglfar who’s fought at Fort Vaullerey. The monster’s resistant to standard attacks but weak against Elemancy spells (Fire, Ice and Lightning).


  • 345 ATK
  • 8 CRIT
  • Max MP:- +5
  • Magic:- +25
  • +80% damage at full HP (calculated from current HP, not from max HP)

Those Crossblades sure look good on Iggy’s hands. I’m pretty sure he’ll skewer up some Garula Meat and come up with a new recipeh while at it.

1. Ultima Blade (Best Overall Weapon and Best Sword for Noctis)

How to get Ultima Blade

We’re at the end now, folks. And you guessed it. Ultima Blade takes the spot. (Not to be confused with Ultima Sword that’s a similarly-named recurring sword.) This is a franchise-recurring weapon which made its debut in Final Fantasy XII (Counter just went up to 10. Congrats, peeps.)
And returning to the latest installment as the maxed-out version of Noct’s famous Engine Blade. (Another key signature weapon of the series.)

You can call this the Ultimate Weapon of his too. Since Final Fantasy XV was described by the publishers as a game that is “for fans and first-timers”, this weapon fits the concept perfectly.

What makes this weapon so special that it takes the top spot is pretty simple actually:-

  • Absorbs Elemental Energy when given the coup de grâce to enemies.
  • You can get this as early as Chapter 3. Perfect for killing off difficult monsters.

To reach the heights of Ultima Blade, you need to first upgrade your Engine Blade (Duh.) three times by giving it to Cid back in Hammerhead.
To do that, you need to follow the A Better Engine Blade questline and complete it till the end.

You know, it’s very poetic how your default weapon when upgraded properly gets to be one of the most powerful weapons in-game and you’ll be able to make fond memories with this. Know it because I feel it too. *Sniffs* All in all, this sword’s a love letter to the whole franchise.


  • 364 ATK
  • 3 CRIT
  • Max MP:- +40
  • Magic:- +30
  • Absorbs Elemental Energy when dealing the finishing blow to an enemy.

Simply Beautiful. With Noct wielding this gem of a sword with his Master Assassin Robes, it’s a perfect fit.

Honourable Mentions

There are a few weapons here that deserve a mention because using them was a BEAUT! It wouldn’t do justice to them so here are a few mentions. Some of them were my favs as well.

  • Ulric’s Kukris (Best Daggers for End-Game)

How to get Ulric's Kukris

Major Spoilers for those who haven’t completed Chapter 14 and watched the Kingsglaive movie yet. (By this point, you should’ve done BOTH of them.)

For those who don’t know, Nyx Ulric (voiced by Aaron Paul; famous for Breaking Bad’s Jesse Pinkman) was a member of the Kingsglaive; an elite group of soldiers who are sworn to defend the kingdom of Lucis. Different from the Crownsguard (who are tasked with protecting the royal family). Raised in Galahd, he was the main protagonist of the movie tie-in and sacrificed his life for Noctis to move onwards with his quest.

These daggers of his are a great callback to the movie and to the character himself as well. The reason why this was mentioned here is because:-

  • 234 Attack with 13 Critical Damage (That’s one of the highest crit stat in the game.)
  • Multiple modifiers/boosts that make you OP (See the stats later on.)

To get these daggers, you must first be at Chapter 14 and defeat the Psychomancer Daemon in Insomnia. Once that is done, equip them to either Iggy or Noct and you’re good to go!


  • 234 ATK
  • 13 CRIT
  • Max HP: +282
  • Max MP: +24
  • Strength: +8
  • Vitality: +15
  • Magic: +48
  • Spirit: +20
  • Shot Resistance: 21%
  • Fire Resistance: 5%
  • Ice Resistance: 7%
  • Lightning Resistance: 4%
  • Dark Resistance: 19%
  • +1% to HP and MP recovery rates

Never seen Iggy become this ruthless when in battle. Maybe that’s the charm of these daggers.

  • Ragnarok (Best Weapon for Warp-Strikes)

How to get Ragnarok sword

Got news for you, readers. This one’s another franchise-recurring sword. (Counter just went up to 11.) Appearing first in the original Final Fantasy and making its return here, this one-handed Greatsword works perfect for Noct only. I used this weapon regularly on my playthrough.


Why do you think this weapon is a must-mention here? Well:-


  • Boosts Warp-Attack Damage. 
  • Warp-Strike colour turns Red compared to the normal Blue of other weapons. (What else do you need?)

To get this weapon, you need to buy either the FFXV Booster Pack+ DLC or FFXV Royal Edition to get access to this weapon at the start of the game. Gives a great edge.


  • Max MP: +8
  • Boosted damage with warp-strike but the warp animation is slower.

Noct strikes an Ashura pose with Ragnarok in hand while bumping into Gladio making him grumpy. Featuring Aranea, Blondie and Iggy.

  • Final Fantasy XIV Vortex Weapons (Best Collaboration Weapons)

How to get Final Fantasy XIV Weapons

Remember that time when Final Fantasy XV was famous for having collaborations with other games? There was one with Tekken where Noctis became a playable character. In a Fighting Game of all games, at that. He got some sick combo moves though.

There was another one with Assassin’s Creed Origins where in the mentioned game, Ardyn makes an appearance with Bahamut and Bayek (who is the main character of AC: Origins) gets the Ultima Blade, Ziedrich Shield and a Chocobo Camel as part of the collaboration whereas there’s a full-fledged event in Final Fantasy XV called Assassin’s Festival (not available now since it was a timed event) where all the chocobros are wearing Assassin outfits. I mean, it was one hell of a collab.

There was another famous one with Terra Wars (An RPG game made by Hironobu Sakaguchi, creator of Final Fantasy) where Noctis gets Sarah’s Shortsword. (Sarah is the main character from Terra Wars 2, by the way.) A good event.

However, there was one event which was as memorable as the ones mentioned above and that was the Final Fantasy XIV Collaboration Event. I’m pretty sure FF14 made an event in honor of FF15 called “A Nocturne for Heroes” (Get it? Noct-urne?) whereas FF15 did the same with “Adventurer from Another World” where a girl named Y’jhimei (pronounced as Ee-Gee-May. She’s a real cutie too.) got lost into the world of Eos (FF15 world) from Eorzea (FF14 world) and needs the chocobros help.

This event contains weapons which are worth mentioning because they all pack a punch. And for all. I mean, literally, EVERY party member gets their share of one badass weapon.

Gaze of the Vortex: This one’s the Eorzean one-handed sword variant. Perfect for making a shish kebob of the monsters in your way. Suitable for Noct as one-handed swords are his thing mostly.

Pain of the Vortex: The Flashy two-handed Greatsword delivered fresh from Eorzea! This baby sure packs a punch. Suitable for both Noct and Gladio but preferably this is more of Gladio’s thing. 

Plumes of the Vortex: Behold, the daggered pairs gifted straight from Hydaelyn (the crystal in the world of FF14) that provide agility as well as sharp combos. Perfect for Iggy but Noct can use them too as usual.

Part of the reason why they’re listed here is that:-

  • Inflict great aerial damage. (Time to show some airborne skills.)
  • Reduces aerial MP consumption. (All the more time to execute some link-strikes as well!)

There’s another weapon that we forgot about. And yes, it’s part of the Vortex family as well.

Abandon of the Vortex: Voila! Can’t leave our boy Prompto hanging without a weapon now, can we? Crafted with the finest Eorzean technology, this blaster is perfect for our gunsmith! And Prince Charming too.

What makes this so special form the rest of the Vortex family? Well:-

  • Destroys Appendages with ease. (Can be useful for crafting the Ultima Blade. Mentioned above.)
  • Deals greater damage against vulnerable enemies. (A quick death for all those enemies who’re just struggling.)

But the one thing that’s common in ALL of the Vortex weapons is that they always deal critical hits. That’s about perfect, no?

To get these weapons, you need to have your copy of Final Fantasy XV updated to the latest patch and perform the “Adventurer from Another World” quest where you must be at Level 45 to complete this quest and gain access to the weapons.


Gaze of the Vortex

  • 430 ATK
  • 100 CRIT
  • Max MP: +60
  • Strength: +22
  • Vitality: +22
  • Magic: +22
  • Spirit: +15
  • Deals 50% more damage with aerial attacks
  • Airstepping and aerial warping cost halved
  • Always inflict a critical hit
  • Glows green in battle

Pain of the Vortex

  • 572 ATK
  • 100 CRIT
  • Max MP: +60
  • Strength: +31
  • Vitality: +31
  • Magic: +31
  • Spirit: +22
  • Deals 50% more damage with aerial attacks
  • Aerial warping MP cost halved
  • Always inflict a critical hit
  • Glows green in battle

Plumes of the Vortex

  • 320 ATK
  • 100 CRIT
  • Max MP: +60
  • Strength: +31
  • Vitality: +31
  • Magic: +31
  • Spirit: +22
  • Deals 50% more damage with aerial attacks
  • Aerial warping MP cost halved
  • Always inflict a critical hit
  • Glows green in battle

Abandon of the Vortex

  • 399 ATK
  • 100 CRIT
  • Max MP: +60
  • Strength: +31
  • Vitality: +31
  • Magic: +31
  • Spirit: +22
  • Strengthened enemy appendage breaking power 
  • Deals 50% more damage to vulnerable targets
  • Always inflict a critical hit
  • Glows green in battle

Keep on posin’, Noct. Keep on posin’

Hell yeah, Gladio! Work it! Put those muscles to good use!

Spec’s the latest winner of MasterChef Lucis Edition. Looking to skewer some good meat for that new recipeh.

Blondie doing what he does best. Shootin’ and posin’. And shootin’ poses.

And with that, the list concludes! Seeing as how we were having a counter during the read, there are 11 weapons here that are recurring in the franchise! If this game isn’t a love letter to the franchise, I don’t know what is, man.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a date with Iris to go to. Again. Just hoping Gladdy won’t notice. Until next time!

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