[Top 10] MK11 Best Beginner Characters That Are Fun

Best Beginners Characters That Are Fun
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Mortal Kombat 11 is a simple, but excellent game for any newbie to pick up and play. While all fighters require time and effort to master their move set, some fighters are easier to maneuver than others. Check out the Top 10 MK11 fighters that every newcomer should choose:

10) Terminator

While Terminator lacks the speed of many fighters on the roster, his close-range attacks and combos are some of the most powerful in the game. The Terminate ability is an excellent weapon that can be abused to great effect, though keep a side-eye for a flying fist because this move will annoy the fuck out of the person you’re playing against. Once you’re able to work around Terminator’s lack of agility then the T-800 can nearly be unstoppable and his variety of combos are fun to pull off.

What makes Terminator great:

·        Terminate ability

·        Brutal and cool close-range attacks

·        Sawed-off shotgun

9) Kano

I know, I know, his fatalities are lame, though “Save The Last Dance” does provide a good laugh or two. However, Kano is one of the top fighters for newcomers not just based on his move set, but the hilarious interactions he has with various fighters. How can you not like a guy who’s peeing right in front of you? 

Anyways, Kano’s style of wrestling-based moves and attacks may not be the flashiest thing you’ll ever see, but that doesn’t mean he’s no fun. His stronger attacks provide a nice balance of dangerous moves as black dragon ball, optic blast, or chemical burn are highly effective special moves. There’s no rhyme or rhythm to the Black Dragon’s input as any player can kick ass with the loveable arrogant prick.

What makes Kano great:

·        Hilarious exchanges with various fighters

·        A good balance of moves

·        Devastating combinations

8) Kabal

The Black Dragon’s speed and hook swords are another combination that perfectly complements one another. Like a lot of these fighters on the list, Kabal is best when striking with close-range attacks, but moves like nomad dash and buzzsaw, even the playing field when it comes to long-distance. The simplicity of Kabal’s moves are elevated because of the brutal and gruesome nature of them. Yeah, every fighter in MK 11 has a gory and violent move, but Kabal’s x-ray and road rash are unique because they only fit his character, which can be said for a good portion of his move set.

What makes Kabal great:

·        Kabal’s speed and hook swords

·        Well-rounded moves such as Buzzsaw, Nomad Dash, and Hook Slam

·        Brutal, Gory, and Ugly X-Ray and Fatalities

7) Sub Zero

The Grandmaster of the Lin Kuei is at his best for close-range attacks, but ice ball gives you the leverage to beat the shit out of your opponent without any chance of blocking. Sub-Zero’s moves are nothing too fancy, which is why his combos’ gel perfectly together. The martial arts and ice moves can give any player a sneaky advantage thanks to maneuvers like creeping ice or slide, but a nice sense of thrill and excitement when Sub Zero is kicking ass. While his fatalities leave a lot to be desired, you’ll feel like a grandmaster yourself after playing one of the marquee names of Mortal Kombat.

What makes Sub Zero great:

·        Easy flow of martial arts and ice moves

·        Sneaky attacks that can throw off opponents

·        Iceball special move

6) Scorpion

I’m a sucker for anyone who can spit out fire like a Charizard. There’s a reason that Scorpion has been one of the main faces of the MK franchise and that’s because any regular joe can pick up the deadly assassin. Scorpion’s moves flow very easily, whether you’re going for his weapon-based attacks to shooting fireballs, these inputs don’t require any type of strategy or maneuvering. 

For Scorpion’s stronger attacks such as hell port or demon dash, these moves aren’t hard to pull off and once you master the button inputs then the crushing combos are insane. If you dig your toes into MK 11 then Scorpion is an excellent choice for any newbie to play.

What makes Scorpion great:

·        Easy-to-learn combinations that can be pulled off

·        Sweet Fire and chained based attacks

·        Fun X-Ray and Fatalities

5) Kitana

Kitana and her deadly steel fans provide an interesting mix of strikes and magic that can be pulled off by anyone who picks up a controller. Kitana’s diversity of moves help make her a well-round fighter, as fan toss is great for long-distance attacks, fan lift, and quick execution for short, and if your opponent is too close for comfort then square wave provides the much-needed distance. Kitana’s moves may not be as beautiful as our 10,000-year-old Edenia, but the smoothness of her gameplay will bring much joy to any newcomer (or series vets) to the series.

What makes Kitana great:

·        Well-rounded fighter

·        Evasive maneuver Square Wave

·        Easy transition from close-range to long-range attacks

4) Noob Saibot

What Makes Noob Saibot Great:

·        The ability to use teleportation and portal moves

·        Great combos counter combos for the ground and air

·        Excellent X-Ray and Fatalities

3) Raiden

If you feel in the mood to troll your opponent then the “Thunder God” is a strong fighter to choose. Storm Cell, Lightning Strike, and Electric Fly are great close and long-range-based attacks, which can easily throw your opponent off his/her game due to the variety of these combos, and if you’re lucky, you’ll just end up with one black eye. Though, I would start making funeral plans before the first game, just in case.

Even if your opponent is an advanced player who can counter those troll moves then Raiden’s electric-based attacks don’t require a lot of time to master. Hell, you can close your eyes and mash random buttons together that result in a couple of devastating moves. Of course, fun is also the key here and Raiden’s unique electric moves provide a nice visual that lights up the screen.

What makes Raiden great:

·        Fun special moves like Electric Fly and Storm Cell

·        Easy transition from close-range to long-range attacks

·        Heavy damages combinations

2) Frost

The Lin Kuei warrior’s ice-based attacks are one of the most unique in Mortal Kombat. Whether it’s cyber-head, blade spin, or kryo-stance, these special moves are a pure joy to pull off and they provide a nice depth in Frost’s arsenal as well. Frost’s maneuvers are great for players who love close-range beatdowns and fighters who like keeping their distance with long-range combos. Believe it or not, but drilling a hole through someone’s stomach is actually as fun as it sounds! 

What makes Frost great:

·        Fun special moves like Kyro-Stance and Cyber-Head

·        A strong balance of speed and ice attacks

·        Big combos are easy to learn and pull off

1) Shao Khan

Shao Khan isn’t the nearly impossible bastard that you spent hours trying to beat in the other Mortal Kombat games, but his diversity of attacks makes him a man that you shouldn’t fuck with. Close-range moves like up wrath hammer and annihilation will heavily knock any opponent for a loop, while merciless spear is great for opponents who would rather keep their distance. Plus, shoulder charge will quickly close the gap for any fighter trying to strategically battle from afar. Khan’s attacks aren’t pretty like Kitana’s or Frost, but the endless combinations of the tyrant’s move set make him a great starter for beginners and veterans alike.

What makes Shao Khan great:

·        Ability to use close- and long-range attacks

·        Speed and Power combination

·        X-Rays and Fatalities are gory, over-the-top, and fun

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