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In a world full of fighters, some genuinely great to use, some terrifying to even attempt. Some need little to any training, while others, without years of dedication, couldn’t even manage a successful 50/50 combo. Furthermore,, here is a S-D ranking tier list included with powering rankings(1-100), and an in depth description on what makes S class characters GODLIKE.

If confused by any gaming lingo such as, footsies, 50/50s, zoning etc, the link below will get you up to speed!

Fighting Lingo

Above: Elder God of Thunder Raiden after his corruption due to his battle against Shinnok.


Substantially better, Godlike characters. Win rate projection: 90%- 98%

This class of characters is ranks above the rest. The qualifying characters have either two or more of the following:

  • OP (overpowered) damage output
  • Easy cruising blows/combo chains
  • Insane speed mechanics/frame trapping
  • Good footsies (safe), zoning (mids/long range) or ridiculous pressuring (anti-airs, hotbox size,etc)

S-class list:

Geras  [97/100]

Kollector  [96/100]

Scorpion  [95/100]

Kabal  [93/100]

Cassie Cage  [92/100]

(DLC) Terminator & Joker [94/100]


Characters in this class either have fewer of the above s-class requirements thus preventing them from moving up, or are more complicated to use to be able to actually win matches, chain combos and avoid punishments. Win rate projection: 75%-88%

A-Class list:

Centrion  [92/100]

Raiden  [91/100]

Lui Kang   [91/100]

D’Vorah  [90/100]

Johnny Cage  [90/100]

Erron Black  [89/100]

Subzero  [88/100]

Scarlet  [88/100]


This set of fighters are like A- class characters combat wise,but were either nerfed after the original release because they were broken, or went unnoticed by the developers with bad variance(s) and left with the same cheesy strings or just easy things to avoid/punish. Win rate projection: 62%- 70%

B-Class list:

Jax (Briggs)  [87/100]

Sonya Blade  [87/100]

Noob Saibot  [86/100]

Jacqui Briggs  [85/100]

Frost  [85/100]

Barraka  [84/100]

Kotal Kahn  [83/100]


C-class aka the “okay” characters are missing more than one criticical aspect to be a good character. These are also the “one trick pony” characters for when you use them, combos are short/boring, and they lack moves such as mids and cancels. A winning chance is not impossible but, much practice is needed to not get demolished, especially online. Win rate projection: 40%-60%

C-Class list

(DLC) Shang Tsung   [79/100]

(DLC) Nightwolf  [78/100]

Kano  [76/100]

Jade  [76/100]


Now these distinct individuals aren’t necessarily terrible. You just have a horrifying chance at winning. These characters are not the best choice online, I really wouldn’t recommend them for offline either. These characters are boring or slow. Some even have a terrible damage output despite franchise history. Decent at techniques such as zoning, but really get mashed on when caught in a combo because of a lack of style. These characters also have one, if not all, bad variances. Making them unusable against a veteran of the game. Win rate projection: 20%-40%

D-Class list:

Kitana  [69-100]

(DLC) Sindel  [67-100]

Shao Kahn  [64-100]


S-Class: In depth

As promised, here is an in depth analysis of the S-Tier characters in Mortal Kombat 11. Included is a description of the character, movlist, variances and what makes them over powered.

#1. Geras


  • Sand pillar 
  • Stepping it back 
  • Reverse time 
  • Reawakened sand simulacrum 
  • Lost time & spare time 
  • Quick sand 
  • Gauntlet of the ages
  • Bed of spikes
  • Shifting sands 

Fatal blow: 

  • Stasis assault


  • Pulled apart
  • Sinking feeling 


  • Phasing through time
  • Peeling back

What makes him O.P:

  • Ability to stop and rewind time, and come back to life (like Jason MK X)
  • Superior strength and damage output
  • Ability to play footsies with sand traps that lead into heavy damage dealing throws
  • Overpowered command grab that can carry an opponent across the screen

#2. Kollector


  • Demonic mace 
  • Shotel fury 
  • Damned bola 
  • Relic absorb
  • Fade out
  • Bag bomb 
  • Wall of sorrow 
  • Demonic comet 
  • War quoit toss 
  • Relic lure

Fatal blow: 

  • A slight donation 


  • The Klassic
  • Should have paid 


  • For the Kollection
  • Head lantern

What makes him O.P:

  • Ridiculous hitbox range for increase damage and range 
  • Unavoidable grabs (HAVE to jump) 
  • Crazy speed and damage output good for frame trapping
  • Great footsies

#3. Scorpion


  • Hell fame 
  • Demon breath
  • Demon dash 
  • Death spin 
  • Death spear combo 
  • Sim blade 
  • Burning spear 
  • Misery blade
  • Demon slam
  • Hell port cancel

Fatal blow:

  • Get over here


  • Ashes 
  • Burn


  • You’re next
  • Chain reaction

What makes him O.P:

  • Ungraded weapon arsenal (Functioning Kitana) 
  • Great speed and the ability to cancel teleport which keeps opponents guessing
  • Good character for footsies and zoning with hell fire
  • Good damage output with fast recovery

#4. Kabal


  • Rolling buzzsaw
  • Straight buzzin
  • Low hook grab
  • Low spinner
  • Hook grab 
  • Nomad spin
  • Slight gas
  • Flash parry
  • Extended hook
  • Gas blast
  • Dash cancel

Fatal blow:

  • Off the hook


  • The Klassic
  • Spin me right round 
  • Rollin through
  • Nowhere to run


  • Road rash 
  • Hooked

What makes him O.P:

  • Great zoning with buzzsaw
  • Incredible speed and dash spin
  • Good damage output
  • Ability to cancel dash which creates space from opponent and keeps them guessing 


  • Control BLB -118
  • Bullet barrage
  • Kneecappin
  • Flippin out
  • Shoulder charge
  • Flying glow kick
  • Air BLB-118 advance 
  • BLB-118 bullet ricochet 
  • BLB-118 energy bounce 
  • BLB-118 energy burst 
  • BLB-118 bitchin bubble
  • Dual wielding 
  • Ball buster
  • Up glow kick

Fatal blow:

  • Pissed AF


  • The Klassic 
  • Make it pop
  • Boom Bitch


  • I <3 U
  • #Girlpower

What makes her O.P:

  • Great damage input which makes her great for close combat
  • Lots of tricks including control ability of robot (BLB-118)
  • Increased speed and slight zoning with dual wield 
  • Great for footsies




  • Saw off 
  • Gorilla press slam
  • Killing machine 
  • Rolling ion grenade 
  • Cyber rift 
  • Death grip
  • Infiltrator toss
  • Endo lunge
  • Running man (tackle,punch,kick,stop)
  • Endoskeleton 
  • Ion grenade 
  • Albi back breaker


  • TDE 
  • Incapacitor

Fatal blow:

  • Chill out 


  • The Klassic 
  • Efficient Execution 
  • Target acquired 
  • Hunter killer 
  • You’re terminated 
  • Future assassin 
  • Final war
  • No bargaining 
  • Albi backbreaker brutality
  • Alternate The Klassic brutality 


  • I’m back
  • Target terminated

What makes him O.P:

  • Ridiculous damage output 
  • Great 50/50s which keep opponent guessing and deals great damage upon punishment
  • Great resilience and counters/anti airs
  • Good footsies character 

The Joker


  • Jokers wild
  • Sinister heels
  • Put it there pal
  • Bombs away
  • Magic trick (stomp, slide, bomb, pistol whip)
  • The funnyman
  • Punching bag
  • Batsy poo
  • Birdboy beat down 
  • Batsy pew pew
  • Puppet parry
  • Kapow 
  • Getting lit
  • Jumping jester
  • Jack in the box
  • Hostage hop
  • Corpse trot 

Fatal blow:



  • The Klassic
  • Playful puppet
  • Batter up
  • Together forever 
  • Magic bullet 
  • Send in the clowns
  • Blam, blam, blam, blam
  • Headcase 
  • Rocket power


  • The killing joke
  • Card trick
  • Party pooper
  • Pop goes the mortal

What makes him O.P:

  • Ridiculous combos with unpredictable moves
  • Lots of tricks to keep opponent guessing 
  • Good speed
  • Good damage output
  • Quick recovery
  • Huge combo Arsenal (all variations)

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