MK11 Best Fatalities For Every Character (Ranked Worst to Best)

MK11 Best Fatalities
Jax Has Still Got It

What are the coolest ways to finish off my opponent?

Fatalities have been a huge part of Mortal Kombat since the very beginning and MK11 is no slouch when it comes to providing over the top gore! There’s a great variety of ways to filet or dismember your opponent and with over 50 fatalities in the game, it's tough to decide on a favorite, but that's exactly what we're here to do. Here's the best fatalities in Mortal Kombat 11, from worst to best: 

54. Raiden - Alternating Current

Raiden has the dubious honor of worst fatality in Mortal Kombat 11. For a Thunder God who’s been in almost every Mortal Kombat game, you would think that he could have come up with something more creative then “shoot the guy with lightning”. I expect more out of such an experienced kombatant! 

53. Shao Kahn - Kahn-Sequences 

Serious kahn-sequences fall to those who defy the true Kahn of Outworld but there are much worse deaths you could have in the Mortal Kombat universe. Maybe putting one of his fatalities so low on this list will motivate Shao to come up with better kills in the future. 

52. Kollector - For The Kollection

The Kollector is a new character to the series and he has a unique design, but his fatalities leave much to be desired. This fatality is sort of a knockoff of Mileena’s fatality from last game but with less personality. The best part is that Kollector keeps some of the opponent’s body parts for his kollection, talk about a hoarder!

51. Erron Black - Melted 

This is definitely the weaker of cowboy’s fatalities but it’s nice that Reptile’s acid made its way into the game somehow. I just wonder about Erron’s boots after smashing the opponent’s face into a pile of said acid. Those look like designer brand Erron, be careful out there!

50. D’Vorah - Can’t Die

D’vorah makes use of her extra appendages to pull the opponent in half, leaving us to wonder what she’s going to do with it… I suppose the ambiguity adds to the charm but this fatality doesn’t have much of a fun factor. 

49. Cetrion - Maintaining Balance

Cetrion uses her mastery of the elements to basically cook the opponent, washing them off, cooking them with fire and cutting them into pieces. But somehow this goddess of life doesn’t seem like a meat eater to me. 

48. Kollector - Head Lantern

This is one of the dumbest fatalities in the game and not in a good way. But I give it points for the eyeballs flying out in slow motion, it’s a nice touch. Poor Kollector might have the worst set of fatalities ever!

47. Kotal Kahn - Totem Sacrifice

This is one of the gruesome fatalities in the series and this writer has to admit that it’s a little too much for him. Good concept but too brutal and not enough goofiness. 

46. Kabal - Hooked

Kabal uses his hook swords to slice and dice the opponent, but he doesn’t make use of his superspeed! With Kabal, I need 90’s references and super speed and this fatality didn’t have nearly enough of either. 

45. Jacqui Briggs - Spider Mines

Jacqui is a well armed soldier of the Special Forces and she makes great use of her spider mines. But not enough to reach too high on this list, her other fatality is way cooler. 

44. Kano - Last Dance 

Come on Kano, this one sucks. You're just going to get blood in your eye right after the slow motion ends. And what is this music, polka? We still love you Kano, or love to hate you. 

43. Nightwolf - War Ritual

Nightwolf decides to use the opponent’s heart for tomahawk targeting practice with mixed results. His aim is certainly good but the fatal seems like a missed opportunity with the guy’s moveset. 

42. Erron Black - Death Trap

Erron Black has a new toy in MK11 in his bear trap, and he somehow found a way to hide in on his person for this brutal sequence. And then he decides to go all revolutionary war on the opponent. A brutal finisher but the judges can only reward so many points when the fatality is a mishmash of ideas. 

41. Cassie Cage - I Heart U 

Cassie kicks a hole in the opponent's chest before blowing a kiss to her adoring fans, what a cutie! 

40. Scorpion - You’re Next 

The first fatality shown for MK11, it might just be that I’ve seen this one a hundred times, but it doesn’t do it for me anymore. Scorpion remains one of the more badass characters, but perhaps I’m just tired of seeing Scorpion players land this one on me!

39. Liu Kang - Burn Out

The Bruce Lee knockoff continues to reference the old fighter with this five inch punch destruction. 

38.  Kitana - Royal Execution

Kitana is regular show performer with this fatality, leaving serious questions about the physics behind how she controls her fans. Is she just that good at spinning those things? Is she dancing for style points or are her movements controlling the fans? Inquiring minds have to know!

37. Geras - Phasing Through Time

Geras is a brutal new comer to the Mortal Kombat series with a whole lot to say about kicking ass and breaking bones. I wonder how he would do in a Boxing career. With the punching force of a hundred Mike Tyson’s, he’s bound to get plenty of TKO’s!

36. Liu Kang - Belly Of The Beast

This fiery fatal has Liu using the opponent’s body parts as Nunchaku practice. The ever diligent warrior needs to keep up his craft and he sure knows how to do it in style!

35. Jade - Pole Dance

This fatality is far less sexy the name may suggest, only making the 35th spot. It’s just unnecessary and shows a lack of foresight on Jade’s part. Her pole is going to be filthy after this! 

34. Kung Lao - Headed Nowhere 

Kung Lao shows off his precision in another fatal that leaves the opponent without their head. You have to wonder at this point, how many thousands of victims did Kung Lao have to practice these fatalities on to get them just right? This is some creative stuff! Is our favorite Shaolin sidekick secretly more sinister than he appears!?

33. Baraka - Rock, Paper, Baraka

Playing simple kid’s games with Baraka can have dire results. You’ll need a hell of a big rock to be able to beat his scissors!

32. Shang Tsung - Kondemned To The Damned

This sinister sorcerer summons revenants from the Netherrealm to claw out the opponent in this brutal finisher, but in all honesty it’s a weak showing for Shang Tsung who normally has top-tier fatalities. 

31.  Cassie Cage - #GirlPower 

Cassie Cage knows how to do a serious **** punt when she needs to. And she makes good use of this talent in “#GirlPower”. I have a sweet spot in my heart for any fatality that uses the goofy horror-movie Skeleton. 

30. Kotal Kahn - Kat Food

Kotal Kahn is a bad kitty in this animality-style fatality, like something out of Mortal Kombat 3. A very cool use of his new Jaguar morphing ability. 

29. Noob Saibot - Split Decision

Noob is apparently a talented magician who can makes scythes appear out of thin air. He’s also a talented Spectre who uses his portals to rip the opponent in half after he defeats them in kombat. A nice fatality, but certainly outclassed by Noob’s other finisher. 

28. Scorpion’s Chain Reaction

We've never seen Scorpion morph into the floor before but it makes for an exciting kill when combined with his burning spear. I especially like the final slow motion shot of Scorpion in the air, it's super badass! 

27. Skarlet’s Bloody Mess

Skarlet makes it rain spears in her “Bloody Mess” finisher for the lesser of her two creative fatalities. This is one of the several eyeball related fatalities in MK11, Netherrealm Studios has really raised the bar on what to expect with virtual gore!

26. Sonya Blade’s Supply Drop

Sonya(occasionally called Drone-ya) brings us a brutal fatality with broken limbs, smashed faces and a straight up execution via military drone. You do not want to get on this General’s bad side!

25. Sub Zero’s - Frozen In Time

The Ice Clone is actually in the game!!! That alone earns a top 25 spot on this list. 

24. Shao Kahn - Back Blown Out

I was really hoping for a bit more from the return of the fan-favorite Kahn of Outworld but he still brings a respectable fatality with his big ass hammer. Something tells me the developers originally envisioned this one with more toilet humor but the end result is a cool finisher anyhow. 

23. Nightwolf - Komo-tose

Nightwolf’s raises the opponent up for his bear buddy to maul. Komo is a true Spirit Animal and knows exactly what his boy Nightwolf was looking for.

22. Raiden - Direct Current

I usually think Raiden’s fatalities are stupid but he actually surprised me with this one. Very badass, he turnt up the volume at the club to 1000 for an electrifying finish!

21. Kitana - Gore-Nado

Kitana is an ancient princess and she’s trained to be a merciless warrior, draining the opponent of all hope… and blood. Perhaps they would have gone with Blood-nado if they hadn’t already used the name for a special move in Injustice 2. 

20. Sonya Blade - To The Choppa

Sonya Blade marksmanship defies gravity in this fatality who’s namesake is a reference to the famous scene from the Predator. Just one of many Arnold Schwarzeneggar references that were hinting at the Terminator’s inclusion long before he was revealed as future downloadable content. 

19. Kano - Face Like a Dropped Pie

I have no idea where Netherrealm Studios got all of these obscure Australian idioms for Kano’s move list but Kano certainly turns the opponent’s face into what looks like a dropped pie in this headbutt heavy finishing move. A simple fatality but a well earned spot in our top twenty.

18. Frost - Ice Sculpture 

Frost brutally eliminates the opponent with her arm drills before turning them into a frozen icicle statue. I like to think Frost is an avid fan of alternative art and she keeps her own collection of frozen opponent's corpse. 

17. Jacqui Briggs - Nothin’ But Neck

Jacqui evidently played some ball in her time with a clean trick shot like that. And there’s a nice reference to Thir13en Ghosts with that beating heart on the wall, a shame that it wasn’t good enough to make top 13 on this list. 

16. Jax Briggs - Coming In Hot

Jaxson Briggs uses the most creative clothesline I’ve ever seen, making good use of some rocket pad device that we have never seen before for some reason. 

15. Johnny Cage - Mr. Cage’s Neighborhood

Johnny Cage channels his inner ventriloquist for our 15th spot. I'm not sure if his jokes are intentionally terrible to earn the tomato or it's just his sense of humor, but it makes for a good show! There’s even multiple jokes that Johnny’s “dummy” can tell! So keep trying it out until you hear Johnny’s full comedy album! 

14. Baraka - Food for Thought

Baraka loves healthy servings of fresh brain food, he believes it’s an essential part of any Tarkatan warrior’s breakfast! Outworld continues to be metal!

13. Skarlet - Heart Condition

Skarlet performs closed heart surgery on the opponent and literally breaks their heart before it explodes out of their chest. A shame that she chose to use her blood magic to support the evil Shao Kahn, she could have done wonders for cardiovascular medicine!

12. Sub-Zero - Ice-Cutioner 

Sub-Zero puts you on the chopping block in this fatal that’s sure to be an instant classic. The developers really had fun with the facial animations in this one, you can still see the tongue moving around towards the end… Gross!!

11. Cetrion - Good and Evil

Now this is a fatality! I’m not sure why she doesn’t always make herself the size of planets while fighting but Cetrion is one plus sized deity. Perhaps just a bit too big for our top ten as she makes number 11, but this is a really great fatal.

10. Frost - Cyber Initiative 

As Raiden often likes to say, some fates are worse than death, such as being cyberized as part of the Cyber Lin Kuei! Frost removes the opponent’s spinal cord and brain with surprising precision to send it on its way to the factory. 

9. Kabal - Road Rash

I love me some Looney Tunes and Kabal must be a fan too because he channels his inner Road Runner in this one. The slow motion at the end can really help you understand anatomy better too.

8. Jax Briggs - Still Got It

Take Jax out to the ballgame because he’s still got in on the plate. This hilarious fatality is another throwback to Jax’s many sports related fatalities and even in his old age, he’s a regular Mr. 3000!

7. Geras - Peeling Back

Ouch!!! This one is tough to watch. I’ll never look at sand paper the same again. 

6. Shang Tsung - Shokan Reborn

Kintaro!? A throwback to Shang Tsung’s classic fatalities, Kintaro shows up inside the opponent to make an explosive cameo. Shang must have been holding on to his soul for years!

5. Jade - Bow Before Me 

This may be a controversial pick. After all, this is hardly the most gruesome or flashy fatality in the game. But something about how short and sweet it is is perfect for a character like Jade. Sweet being a relative term here, because she does completely dismember the opponent!

4. Noob Saibot - Double Trouble 

Something out of Japanese horror movie, “Split Decision” is not for those with queasy stomachs. It starts out simple enough as these go, and it almost teases Rain’s fatality from MK9 before going into darker and more badass territory. Hands in mouth in definitely a no-no for me! This is one of Noob’s best fatalities in the series, and definitely one of the more creative. 

3. Kung Lao - Meat Slicer

Over the top, ridiculous and with a disturbing attention to detail, this fatality is what Mortal Kombat is all about. Kung Lao fatalities always have creative uses of the hat but it’s the camera angles that really get me on this one. There’s a certain guilty pleasure behind a close up shot of a man spinning to his gory death. Well done Netherrealm Studios. 

2. D'vorah - New Species 

D’vorah’s New Species really turns this whole thing into a new artform, deserving of its own reward show. Watching new life being born can be beautiful and horrifying… Especially horrifying, as D’vorah likes to remind us. This is one of those fatalities that are a little too memorable...

1. Johnny Cage - Who Hired This Guy 

Johnny Cage has been delivering on great fatalities since back in 92’ when his creators first ripped off Claude Van Damme, and this time around he brings one of the best ever. This hilarious fatality is a throwback to his classic “triple uppercut” fatality, where he’d mysteriously punch three heads off one opponent’s body. This time around, it’s done as out-takes, showing that Mortal Kombat 11 is really just one of Johnny’s TV shows. It’s not real kids, don’t try it at home!

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