[Top 10] MK11 Best Characters That Are Fearsome

Best Characters That Are fearsome
Our favorite anti-hero is ready for combat.

When it comes to Mortal Kombat, every fighter is dangerous in their own right. However, ten of these elite warriors possess a danger to them even before the fight bell rings. This Top 10 list will highlight the imposing figures of Mk 11 and explain why these fighters are dangerous soldiers overall. Let’s start with our first MK fighter:

10) Terminator

The pretty boy has entered the list. Look, this is a freaking Terminator. Behind the cool shades and the sawed-off shotgun is a cold killer who can easily turn you into juice if his machine hands touch you. What makes the MK 11 version imposing is his ability to terminate, meaning that the machine with a heart of gold can temporarily ignore an opponent’s attacks. The Terminator’s weakness is speed, but that’s what his shotgun is for. Even if you manage to get The Terminator down to a low-level, he turns into his true T-800 form and becomes an unstoppable machine (the Model 101 form only). While not an impossible figure to beat, it’s still one of hell of a task to defeat The Terminator.

What makes Terminator an imposing force:

·        Terminator’s shotgun attacks

·        Terminate ability

·        Unstoppable T-800 transformation on the Model 101 form

9) Joker

The Joker doesn’t rely on strength and devilish magic to make his foes cower in fear, with the “Crown Prince of Darkness” using his zany antics and trusty knife to satisfy his homicidal tendencies. Joker’s move set is composed of weapons you’ll see at a clown show such as a Batman Ventriloquist Dummy or Extended Boxing Gloves; The odd combination of moves is great for short-range attacks, though the Tommy gun can fill the gap nicely for long-range opponents.

What makes Joker an imposing force:

•             His demented smile and laugh

•             His off-kilter use of comedy props

•             Joker’s skinny frame that allows him to move quickly

8) Mileena

It should be no surprise that the deadly vixen who chows down on human flesh is on this list. Mileena is a sexy hybrid of Tarkatan and Edenian, but once she reveals her full face then the woman becomes straight-up terrifying. However, it isn’t just Mileena’s looks that kill, as the skilled warrior’s move set revolves around her powers of transportation (which makes her fast), her trusty sais (an expert at weapons), and Mileena’s overall ability to naw your skin off the bone with her razor-sharp teeth. This versatile fighter has more than one way of putting any man or woman down, which makes her one of the deadliest before and during the match-up.

·        Razor-sharp teeth and tongue

·        Mileena’s sais

·        Mileena’s ability to transport and cloak

7) Spawn

The devil’s favorite angel came to Mortal Kombat heavily armed and ready to kill. We never see Spawn’s face in the actual video game (except in the story ending sequence), but the devilish anti-hero’s demeanor and gameplay scream a person that no man should ever fuck with. Whether it’s guns, chains, or a necro blast, Spawn’s abilities rely on his speed and imposing figure. The Anti-hero is best used for close-range attacks; however, a little gun power should do the trick when it comes to long-range foes. Spawn’s move set is meant for two things: Brutality and pain.

·        Spawn’s black costume and devilish eyes

·        The ability to use guns, chains, and necroplasm in a fluid motion

·        Spawn’s strength and speed

6) Shao Khan

·        Shao Khan’s intimidating stature such as his height

·        The ability to use power and strength seamlessly

·        The Wrath Hammer

5) Sheeva

In Sheeva’s first three appearances in the Mortal Kombat franchise (MK3, MKA, and MK9), the outworld soldier was about brute strength and sex appeal. However, the MK creative scaled back on making Sheeva look sexy in MK 11 and the fighter is all the more dangerous for it. Of course, the four arms make for incredible strength for Sheeva, but the murderous soldier is also known for her high jumping ability that can crush her opponents with just one stomp. Menacing, fast, and powerful, this Shokan warrior’s presence will make anyone tremble in their boots.

What makes Sheeva an imposing force:

·        Sheeva’s incredible strength thanks to her four arms

·        Sheeva’s devilish eyes

·        Her amazing speed and jumping ability

4) Noob Saibot

The original Sub-Zero has one of the more tragic backstories compared to the other villains of the MK franchise. Murdered by the legend himself, Scorpion, Bi-Han was reborn with an evil soul that has stripped him of pride, compassion, and everything else that made him human. The warrior who uses darkness and phantoms to destroy his foes is another fighter who uses the combination of speed and black magic to his advantage. Combos like tele-slam are great for dodging attacks and throwing off your opponent’s game plan quickly; The raising shadow kick can also stop any aerial assault in its tracks.

What makes Noob Saibot an imposing force:

·        Noob’s ability to use dark magic and teleport

·        The all-black wardrobe and sickle

·        His lack of emotions

3) Kollector

What makes Kollector an imposing force:

·        Six arms

·        Demonic frame and eyes

·        His thirst for wealth and the fact that he’s willing to kill anyone for a taste of it

2) Baraka

The general of the Tarkatan Horde has always been one of the scarier creations of the Mortal Kombat realm. While Baraka doesn’t possess the power and strength that Shao Khan and Sheeva have, the Outworld warrior’s elite use of speed and Tarkatan Blades make for a deadly combination. Of course, let’s not forget the razor-sharp teeth and spikes sticking out of his body, which help combat off aerial maneuvers thanks to spine burst. Baraka may not be the handsome devil that Johnny Cage is, but he can easily fuck up any pretty face that crosses his path.

What makes Baraka an imposing force:

·        Razor-sharp teeth and Piercing eyes

·        Tarkatan Blades and spikes sticking out of his body

·        Baraka’s bulker build

1) D’Vorah

The most unique and terrifying fighter in Mortal Kombat 11. From her yellow skin to the four wings/pincers on her back, D’Vorah’s creepy bug attacks are equal parts disgusting and grotesque. Of course, these types of attacks are great for the strategy players who can nail down the right time to use moves such as infested and bombardier beedle. However, D’Vorah’s bug-based moves can be used in a variety of ways, whether its straightforward attacks like katipo rush to long-distance combos such as fireflies.

What makes D’Vorah an imposing force:

·        Yellow skin and four pincers

·        Ability to shoot out insects

·        Piercing black eyes

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