MK11 Best Skins For Every Character

MK11 Best Skins
New groove meets the old groove in this Jax mirror match.

What are the coolest skins in Mortal Kombat 11?

Fighting games these days have a ton of character customization and no series is outdoing themselves like Mortal Kombat is! Even the main premise of the game’s story is about classic versions of characters meeting their older selves, and they brought their wardrobes with them. Each character has a couple different gear pieces to change up their style but the real variation comes from unlocking new skins for your character. I’m here to save you time and show you the best looks for each character!

27. Baraka - Steeled Blue

“I prefer to be called Wasteland Impaler!!” 

Starting off with the terrifying Tarkatan, Baraka looks like an orc from the Lord of the Rings in this savage skin. Which is appropriate, because this character is something straight out of Mordor. 

What makes Steeled Blue awesome?

Besides making his arm claws glow blue, Baraka is showing off customary Tarkatan tattoos in all the most vicious places along with his ceremonial war paint on his raider helmet. Tarkatans aren’t worried about protection as much as they are worried about intimidation. I also love the loin-cloth, Baraka makes it look sophisticated. 

See Steeled Blue in action:

Baraka Gameplay

26. Sonya Blade - Wargames

"It's Kombat Time!"

Wargames is not just a memorable 80’s movie, it’s also the name of Sonya Blade’s throwback MK3 costume that just released alongside Nightwolf. 

What makes Wargames awesome?

It’s nice to see corny and mean Sonya again, she’s been too curmudgeonly for the last couple games. Between costumes like this and Ronda Rousey doing the cheesy voicework, it sure seems like 90s Sonya is back baby! 

See Wargames in action: 

Sonya Gameplay

25. Skarlet - Kold War

“Ah… the perfect blood donor!”

A successor to MKX’s Kold War skins, this Russian exclusive skin has Skarlet with a Soviet style that is appropriate to her new accent. 

What makes Cold War awesome?

The Russian aesthetic was fun in MKX and it’s fun in MK11. Skarlet is a bloody bombshell in general but this style has her looking like a dominatrix! She’s sure to deliver the punishment with her Soviet skills and blood magic!

See Cold War in action: 

Skarlet Gameplay

24. Raiden - God of Thunder

“Thunder take you!”

Raiden has the title of protector of Earthrealm and with it, he’s granted mastery over lightning and thunder. This skin highlights that classic version of Raiden, as opposed to the Dark Raiden skins. 

What makes God of Thunder awesome?

This is a more regal and badass version of Raiden’s classic look, making him look like the being who embodies forces of nature that he is. Most importantly, his lightning attacks come out in the classic coloring you would expect, so this is probably the closest we’ll get to a Christopher Lambert movie skin!

See God of Thunder in action: 

Raiden Skin Showcase

23. Cassie Cage - June Gloom

"Clear eyes, hard fists, can't lose."

Cassie Cage’s default costume is truly fantastic and this alternative coloring gives it a more hipster appeal due to it needing to be unlocked.

What makes June Gloom awesome?

Cassie Cage is a Special Forces soldier with style for days and the thing that is “in” in the Mortal Kombat universe right now is kombat armor! Light weight and offering protection from conventional and unconventional weaponry, this skin is sure to help Cassie kick ass and take names. 

See June Gloom in action: 

Cassie Skin Showcase

22. Kano - Clean Sneak

“Hello Baby, did you miss me?” 

Kano is bringing back the 90’s with this torn sleeve “Vengeance” t-shirt and that amazing stache’ that would do wonders on certain dating apps. Kano is one massive hunk of scoundrel!

What makes Clean Sneak awesome?

Besides the aforementioned amazing stache’ you mean? Kano is that old guy who is still reliving his glory days from two decades ago. With his cut sleeves and outdated slang, this leader of the Black Dragon will deliver the pain.

See Clean Sneak in action: 

Kano Skin Showcase

21. Jax - Outworld Investigator

"I've got soul to spare!"

Jaxson Briggs is investigating some Outworld perpetrators in this classic style skin. Unfortunately, Jax’s classic arms are separate gear pieces so make sure to keep an eye out for them in the store or in Towers of Time. 

What makes Outworld Investigator awesome?

Jax is gonna make you feel that for days with his tried and true arm enhancements and clean shaven face. It wasn’t until later that Jax would start smoking cigars and letting his beard grow out and it’s cool to see the OG in the metal and flesh. 

See Outworld Investigator in action: 

Jax Gameplay

20. Kabal - All Business


The Black Dragon is rising with Kabal making his return in Mortal Kombat 11, and this time, he means business! Kabal has a conflicting outfit with no undershirt, a shark-tooth necklace and a coat with fur, but I guess that’s sort of his thing. 

What makes All Business awesome?

This radioactive skin flatters Kabal with green accents, which look particularly nice on certain helmets. Combine it with classic looking hook swords and you get a Kabal that looks like he could have been an alternative costume from years ago. 

See All Business in action: 

Kabal Gameplay

19. Kollector - Bull Run

"In that, there is no profit." 

This intimidating Smeagle analogue decorates himself with silver armor that is engraved with sapphires in this skin named for the stock market terminology. Be careful that he doesn’t kollect a few fatalities on you!

What makes Bull Run awesome?

Kollector is Mortal Kombat 11’s take on the treasure goblin and this skin is really playing on that style. It shows off the wealth of Kollector that he “earned” working for Shao Kahn while still giving him that ferocious and rabid appearance. 

See Bull Run in action: 

Kollector Skins Showcase

18. Jade - Larpadian Sea

"Doubting me will not stop me." 

Jade should be renamed Azure with this blue recoloring of her story mode outfit. This former winner of Maxim’s Hottest Video Game Vixens has plenty of style and grace to go with her deadly assassin skills. 

What makes Larpadian Sea awesome?

Jade’s human model is way too gorgeous not to use compared to her default/revenant costume. This blue shade named after an Edenian sea goes lovely with her green accents from her polearm and it blends with her purple shroud special move.

See Larpadian Sea in action: 

Jade Skins Showcase

17. Geras - Curious Antiquarian

"I have died a thousand deaths to prepare for this battle. My defeat is impossible." 

Geras is not an antique collector as this skin name might suggest, but he himself is ancient. This is the skin we see Geras wear in the latter half of the story mode, where Jax and Raiden are unable to kill him but successfully sink him into the depths of the Sea of Blood. 

What makes Curious Antiquarian awesome?

Geras has died and revived countless time to prepare himself for this fight, which is why he has so much armor, it’s on all of the places where he previously suffered damage! Considering how much armor the guy has, it sure looks like he’s a glutton for pain!

See Curious Antiquarian in action: 

Story Mode Gameplay

16. Nightwolf - Spiritwalker

"The Great Spirit guides me." 

Nightwolf is looking like something out of Dark Souls in this battle intro and it helps that the classic costume is so simple, yet badass. 

What makes Spiritwalker awesome?

Classic Nightwolf is just what I needed in my life. It’s a shame that we never got that rumored Thunder skin from the Killer Instinct series, but it’s great to see all of the love for Mortal Kombat 3 in this game. 

See Spiritwalker in action:

Nightwolf Gameplay

15. Jacqui Briggs - Rainbow Power

"Is there like a wiki or something?"

Jacqui’s part of the Rainbow Division with this colorful costume. Wearing all that power armor tired Jacqui out and now she’s styling out with a fresh hair dew and jacket. Just don’t ask her about what happened in Fiji!

What makes Rainbow Power awesome?

Some of Jacqui’s designs in the past have been a little generic and I feel this costume really brings some much needed personality to the young daughter of the Brigg’s family. And it’s one of the few costumes to show off any LGBT pride with!

See Rainbow Power in action: 

Jacqui Briggs Gameplay

14. Kung Lao - Nick of Time

"That was easy..." 

Kung Lao is bringing the Kung Pow in this time traveling costume that he got from the Story Mode after being blessed by Kronika. Kung Lao’s arrogance finally seems warranted in this skin that remixes his revenant style with a more divine look. 

What makes Nick of Time awesome?

Kung Lao’s animations have a lot of cool effects from his hat and this variation makes them look all the more slick, and looking slick is important for a man with such swaggy combos. The glowing blue highlights on the hat allow it to be easier to catch, and safety is extremely important for any Shaolin warrior. 

See Nick of Time in action: 

Kung Lao Gameplay

13. Kotal Kahn - Blood God

"On your knees!!!" 

This is a throwback to the fan-favorite variation from Mortal Kombat X, where Kotal would use his blood magic to buff his abilities and beefiness. You do not want to feel that grip strength!

What makes Blood God awesome?

Even though it’s only from 2015, this is the classic Kotal Khan style with the glowing red tattoos. It really helps show off his ability with blood magic and goes well with the Totemic variation with the  Blood Totem. 

See Blood God action: 

Kotal Khan Skins Showcase

12. Cetrion - Spirit World

“This IS mercy!!!”

Cetrion has the most colorful array of skins in the game and it was hard narrowing down the ensembles for this Freya-inspired kombatant. I ended up choosing this colorful alternate of her default costume. 

What makes Spirit World awesome?

The purple and pink shades of Cetrion go well with her other-worldly features. This skin looks good on both her flowery gear and her eldritch-monster gear pieces, so put together a nice gear combination to really bring out the best in her design. 

See Spirit World in action: 

Cetrion Gameplay

11. Shao Khan - Dressed to Kill

"You suck!!! Hahahahahah!!!!"

Shao Khan is literally Dressed to Kill in his hulking suit of armor that looks like something out of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. It turns a more badass Skeletor-type character into something more familiar. 

What makes Dressed to Kill awesome?

Mortal Kombat is heavily inspired by eastern culture and now that I’ve seen it, it’s a shocker that they’ve never done a samurai-style Shao Khan before. Make no mistake, this man is not wearing this out of ceremony, it’s just optimal gear for a realm-conquering Kahn. 

See Dressed to Kill in action: 

Shao Kahn Skins Showcase

10. Scorpion - Cold Fusion

"My name is Hanzo Hasashi!!!"

Cold Fusion brings together a brand new color palette for this deadly Shirai Ryu warrior.  This skin highlights the human side of Scorpion with a natural and rustic style for Hanzo Hasashi.

What makes Cold Fusion awesome?

Scorpion’s various skins consist of mostly oranges, yellows and reds to go with his more typical look and this skin stands out from among the rest. Combine with a flashy mask and sword or go for a more low key look.

See Cold Fusion in action: 

Scorpion Gameplay

9. Erron Black - Captain Blood

"I only care how much it pays."

Erron Black’s Captain Blood is a sweet looking skin that highlights his wardrobe black and red, with a nice metallic aesthetic to the red. And it’s a good color to be wearing when blood stains are just part of the job!

What makes Captain Blood awesome?

This blood-red skin is no longer unlockable by normal means, as it was a reward for ranking up during the first MK11 Kombat League season. The exclusivity just makes this skin all the more appealing for any outlaw who can brag about having it in their inventory. 

See Captain Blood in action:

Erron Black Skins Showcase

8. Kitana - Another Lifetime

"You will pay for Edenia."

This version of Kitana appeared to serve Kronika in the final moments of Mortal Kombat 11’s storyline and it’s one of the most gorgeous skins in the game. Blessed by Kronika, this revenant form of Kitana rose to greater heights then serving the lord of the Netherrealm. 

What makes Another Lifetime awesome?

Besides the glowing white walker eyes, and the solid white regalia, this skin comes with the unique take of Kitana’s face being bandaged up. When paired with one of her masks or bone crowns, it makes for a scary look that is much different than any look this ancient princess has sported before. 

See Another Lifetime in action: 

Story Mode Gameplay

7. D’vorah - Water Strider

"This one disagrees!"

This is an easily found skin in the Krypt and I equipped it the first week the game came out. I haven’t seen any reason since to change it, as it’s one of the most visually satisfying skins in the game.

What makes Water Strider awesome?

It makes her feel more powerful with her armored carapaces and her eyes being covered makes her feel even more inhuman. This variant of the armored look has a really nice contrast of blue and red that helps show the detail in her character model. 

See Water-Strider in action: 

D'vorah Skins Showcase

6. Noob Saibot - Harbinger of Death

"The dark will not abide."

The classic costumes have returned! Noob is not the only Ninja in the game with a classic look, but his may be the most satisfying. Make sure to combine it with a good classic style helmet!

What is awesome about Harbinger of Death?

Noob’s new spectre-like redesign is badass but the Noob we all fell in love with was but a simple ninja. A hidden boss-character ninja who has an another guy he beats you up with, but a ninja. Going back to that look is just nostalgia fuel. Try out the various shades of the costume, like the black one! Or the black one. Or the black one. They are all good. 

See Harbinger of Death in action: 

Noob Saibot Gameplay

5. Liu Kang - New Protector

"Earthrealm's Jinsei flows within you. Let it fuel your fire!"

Liu Kang’s merges with Raiden in the story mode for an electrifying and fiery form called Fire God. Although we don’t get to use the crazy cool lightning enhanced special moves in multiplayer, we do get access to this crazy cool costume. 

What is awesome about New Protector? 

Liu Kang’s glowing dragon tattoos and glowing eyes just scream “chosen one”! And after being the champion of Mortal Kombat a half dozen times, he’s earned that look. Combine it with a regal headband and gauntlets to add more edge. 

See New Protector in action: 

Liu Kang Gameplay

4. Johnny Cage - Rollerblader

"You got Caged!!!"

It’s tough to decide on the best for Johnny between his various multi-colored jackets, his Ninja-Mime costumes and the simple “Johnny” tattoo on his bare chest but I had to go with Rollerblader. Johnny has one bitchin’ tank top to go with his many pairs of 500 dollar sunglasses.  

What is awesome about Rollerblader?

Besides being an excellent outfitcostume to wear around venice beach, this skin is simple yet stylin’. Johnny has his classic Mortal Kombat 2 pants but with the Dragon logo on front, characters in MK rarely have it as prominent as the Cage has it here. 

Watch Rollerblader in action: 

Johnny Cage Gameplay

3. Frost - Sidereal

"Erased from history..."

This skin drops the more elegant regalia of Frost’s default costume for a more sleek and functional design. The Cyber Lin Keui certainly have some talented visual designers!

What is awesome about Sidereal? 

This cyberpunk girl animates well with Sidereal. This particular shade comes with green and yellow accents that really make the costume stand out, especially with her many blue-green gear pieces. Frost is a bit of an ego-maniac, so it’s important for her self-esteem to look good as she uses her array of cybernetic enhancements to eliminate the competition.

See Sidereal in action: 

Frost Skins Showcase

2. Sub-Zero - Dimitri Vegas As Sub-Zero 2

“THE ABILITY TO FREEZE!!!” - Demitri Vegas, 2019

Dimitri Vegas is a popular DJ along with his brother Like Mike and Dimitri somehow found his way into Mortal Kombat 11 as a skin for Sub-Zero. Unlike other skins in the game, Dimitri’s skins have all of the dialogue reworked by the lovable DJ himself.

What is awesome about Dimitri Vegas as Sub-Zero 2? 

The glowing accents are very unique for Sub Zero and Dimitri’s face is surprisingly appropriate for Kuai Liang of the Lin Kuei. Though they shouldn’t be casting him in the upcoming movie, his acting is ridiculously over the top! But that’s honestly the most fun part of this costume, it sounds like an old Saturday morning cartoon. 

See Dimitri Vegas in action: 

Sub-Zero Gameplay

1. Shang Tsung - Spirit Stealer 

"Your brother's soul is mine! You will be next!!!"

Cary Tagawa playing Shang Tsung as a throwback to the old Mortal Kombat movie is fantastic and it's great that he has a movie inspired skin as well. You really get a nostalgia rush from the “Your soul is mine!!!” win pose!

What makes Spirit Stealer awesome?

The sweet black coat with a dragon embroidered on his back makes him look more sinister and imposing, and it looks like he’s ready for some night-life. This is definitely Shang’s most unique costume and an instant fan-favorite. 

See Spirit Stealer in action: 

Shang Tsung Gameplay

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